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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Learning Time Could be Anywhere

Who would wanna agree with me as learning for toddler could be anything..anywhere..anytime..

Mummy : Boboy read this..nombor kereta mummy sat..
Boboy : ~while pointing to the plate~ Mummy apa nii..
Mummy : P
Boboy : Peeee... ~cam biasa, suka meleret2 klu mbaca~
Mummy : G
Boboy : Geeee
~ until finish ~
He then leave..biasala..bole concerntrate 1 minit jaa..

Then mummy call again.."Danish..come and read this.."
Mummy : Boy read number kereta Mummy nii satt..
Boboy : Haaa.. ~sounds forgotten~
Mummy : P..
Boboy : Peee...Geee....Heach..wannn..wannn..tooo...wann..Yeaaaa...!! ~tepuk tgn suka~
Mummy : Pandaiii...skali dua ajar dh igt..
~dan mcm biasa dia akan tersengih galak~

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Monday, April 4, 2011


Back to two weeks' ago of our outing activity with the mission of seeking for birthday gurls' birthday present..Boboy as usual will get some for him too..

Since we had decided to get somethig for learning for those girls, so Boboy got his too...2 wipe-off books for him..one was the ABCs writing learning and the other one was learn to write 1 to 10..provided with wipe-off marker..And starting from then, he started to learn how to write numbers..

Proud as he is now able to define the numbers 1 to 5..Counting..?? 1 to 10 is just on his lips since his age at 24 months..Clever boy of mine.. :-) ABC..?? Baru kenal huruf A, O and Y..aku pun tak sure cmna bole jd gitu..But boleh plak nyanyi ABC, cuma pelat ja laa..hahahaa

"Mummy..tengok jadi 'O'..jadi ONE...jadi katun..."
Yg panjang2 tu ONE, yg bulat tgh2 tu 'O', and yang kt tepi2 'O' tu katun he said :-D

But anyway..layan ja laa pic kat atas tuu..since the entry being posted using blog-droid where all the pics will always be on top and alligned to the left :-( sorry for not well formated post..
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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dah Bosar Dah Anak Mummy :-)

Actually nk habaq and nak cerita yang budak kocik I nii dah bosar..dah pandai nak duduk sendiri kat belakang kalau naik kereta..pastu nak kena pasangkan seat belt..bagusnyaa dia.... :-)

Ok by now..nak pegi shopping for grocery sat..Next time will continue the story lagi kay..

Cheers.. ;-)
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