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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

When We Have To be in the middLe of TwO SiTuatioN..

Actually takde apa yang nak diceritakan..just a piece of story where by when we have to be in the middle of the situation which could make you feel happy but at the same time the sadness are in the picture as well..

Saturday (27 June 2009):
As usual, our (myself, hubby and Boboy)weekend activity is shopping..hanging out together..makan-makan and as what people are always said.. sambil menyelam minum air my hubby are too excited to submit his participation on the Transformers contest which had been held @Penang QBay Mall..he was really confidence to win that contest..Apa yg boleh aku buat rather than always to support him with full of my heart..Good Luck my Dear and who knows the rezeki was his on that day..

Unfortunately..in the evening, we had received the phone call from kampung. Abg Ajaq call told that mak demam..Oh my goodness..my feeling is started to feel uncomfortably. We were waiting till evening..tgk mcmmana keadaan mak. They (abg Ajag, kak cik and kak chaq) said that mak seem to be worsen and they send her to hospital Parit Buntaq, drip about 2 bottle of glucose i belive. Mak betul2 tak larat kata kak cik..We feel so bad for not going back in the evening. Hubby said to go back to visit mak tomorrow morning. Yes I do agree that. So by night time once reached home, I started to pack Boboy's stuffs so tomorrow I will not be in rush preparing everything, all are Boboy's needs..Mummy and papa sehelai sepinggnag jaa..

Sunday (28 June 2009):
As our plan, as early as 9am, punya laa berat mata ni nak bukak..What to expect..it is a Sunday morning..uhuu..nak nak last nite Boboy tido awal as early as 9pm and woke up at 3.30 am..menepuk2 muka mummy then papa, then mummy again..I thought Boboy nak minum susu..So i wake my hubby up to look after Boboy and I went to mix it for him. My goodness my dear little boy, he finished it all almost 5oz of milk but he didn't go for asleep. Dia nak sembang..adoih..then terpaksa laa pretending to sleep just to trap him to go to sleep back but it seems nothing..tak makan saman nmpk gayanyaa..Nak kluar bilik pulak..so I brought him out from the room, again dia nak bermain2 lagi..and the clocky strike almost 5.30am..my GOD, Boboy was still awake..pukul berapa nak tido pon tak tau laa..And finally at 6am, baru dia tido..itu pun setelah 3x buat susu..and yet itu laa waktunya aku baru nak lelapkan mata..

So nak tak nak bangun laa jugak..Sementara Boboy masih lena diulit mimpi..i went to get myself ready first. Right after i finished my bath then he woke up..basah kuyup dah sluaq..mana tak nyaa..susu habih kali ke-4 baru tidoq..Plan to make move before 10 but unluckily it was a heavy rain..so we wait till almost 11 then only make our move..itu pon hujan still renyai2. My mom, ila and OG are following together..Pukul 11 bertolak dari rumah and just make move..tiba2 hubby dapat message from misc number saying that.. "Congratulation..you are selected as one of the winner of *contest apa ntah, dah lupa". please be at Quennsbay Mall by 3pm today for prize presentaition or else you will be disqualified". Adoihh..serba salah jadiknya but we still stick to our plan balik kampung and proceed our journey..sampai kampung at around 12pm.

Oh my Goodness, mak..sedihnyaa..she was too weak even to say things out from his mouth..i feel it is so difficult for her..Mak nampak letih sgt..I feel like sooo frustrated when kak cik and kak chaq said Mak is only demam biasa according to what the people probably nurse at the hospital said..but i don't really believe..too bad..i had went through bad and sad experiences dealing with gov hosp..I am not kind of to condem that particular parties but it is more towards the things that me myself had experience. Rasa mcm nak ajak hubby to bring mak again to the clinic but takut apa pulak kata kak cik and kak chaq..So for the sake of mak's and everyones good, tgu and lihat jer laa..

Tengah hari, we had lunch together but so sad looking at mak yang tak berdaya nak makan..but i beg deep in my heart, please kind of force her to eat and drink at least just a little..kalau tidak of course laa takde tenaga..ksian sgt2.. :-( Time is flying..it is almost to reach 2pm, hubby pon kata nak kena make move as his prize presentation session that would be started @3pm..Kind a bit rush..pkl 2.15 bertolak and exactly at 3pm we reached QBay Mall, the organizer had called and luckily they had posponed the presentation of the prize to 4.30pm. Tapi masa nak bertolak balik dari rumah mak, rasa berat sgt kaki nak melangkah balik but what can only be done is pray to God supaya mak cepat sembuh..Rasa sebak and terharu sgt bila mak genggam tgn anak dia (my hubby) too tight and the same goes to me..she seems don't want us to leave yet..kesian mak sedih dia coz slalu we will stay at least 1 night tp kali ni mcm sekejap sgt balik..mcm semata-mata menjenguk jaa..Me and hubby rasa mcm bersalah pulak..

During the prize presentation, i feel not so happy..my hubby pon looks bad and I know he is thinking of his mom..The 3rd prize seems doesn't mean anything as the feelings is mixed up between sad and happy..no heart to cheer..Right after the prize presentation, aku ajak hubby balik as i don't have mood to even jalan-jalan or window shopping. Right at night nampak hubby termenung jer and i truly know he is thingking of his mom. Be strong my Dear, mak akan OK insyaAllah.

Mid of the night as usual, aku kena berangkat balik ke Shah Alam, tgl laa Boboy with tok dia and papa with his plan for tomorrow..Not going to work but balik kampung again for few days utk tolong jagakan mak..I feel bad again sbb tak dapat together look after her..

Monday (29 June 2009):
Hubby amik emergency leave for three days..The most sad day of today..tomorrow and probably the next day as well (but i hope this wont last that long)..where by the three of us are in the seperation of distance and condition..Papa balik kampung jaga atuk..mummy back to the study mode at Shah Alam and only weekend to come back again..Boboy as usual tinggal ngan tok kat Penang..For the first time ever kami bertiga berjauhan each other..Sedih sgt..I believe that each and everyone of us are strong enough but nor me which is always in tears..It is really a sacrifice of us..I hope mak will get well very soon..Ima sentiasa doakan utk mak..Hubby is still at mak's house kat kampung..not sure when he will get back to Penang for Boboy..probably not tomorrow but perhaps the next day and the most important is mak mesti get better..As hubby said..mak dah nampak OK today compare than yesterday and nor the previous day which i don't have the idea how to describe what the situation and condition is. Anyway..rasa lega jugak bila mak is getting better and better as for now.. InsyaAllah with God bless everything will get better to usual..Aminn..And actually I really miss my hubby and my little boy so much..

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

ToK vs AtuK

The two persons which are always manjakan Boboy..Both of them, tok and atuk are grandmas for Boboy..where ever he been, either at tok's house or when going back to kampung
atuk, Boboy will always like a diamond..seems like he is the only one cucu yang tok and atuk
ada..padahal cucu tok and atuk berderet..kalau beratur nak kasik duit raya..terbatuk jugak laa..huhuu..In anyways..they are always happy with si cilik of mine..muhammad danish wafiq da cute and sweet little boy...

Boboy tinggal dengan tok while Mummy are away in study mode at Shah Alam..And few weeks back, Boboy ikut acik..acu and tok to Bukit Merah Laketown and Waterpark..Huh..seronok laa dia..tak bawak mummy and papa pon kann..Mummy had been there once..itu pun it was some where in the year of 1999 if I am not mistaken..that time Boboy and Papa is not yet in the story..dah lama dulu..family outing..Papa also been there for few times but I belief papa tak pernah masuk pun ke water park tuu..It's still in our planning to be there again later in the future..tgu Boboy besar sikit baru berbaloi nak bermandi manda and provided adik Boboy pun dah besar laa..[kalau ada adik laa then that time.. ;-)] hehe..Boboy teman tok while acik and acu are bz entertaining kakak Icha and Cuha at the pool. (Kakak Icha and Cuha are Boboy's cousin sisters). As acik said..'seb baik ada Boboy buat teman tok..kalau tidak mesti tok boring'. At all time diorg are so happy, seems like completing each other..

About atuk, the one who is seldomly meet Boboy..once in a while bila mummy and papa ada kelapangan balik kampung..Most of the time we will bring Boboy to meet his atuk 2 minggu skali or depends on our free time as I am not always have enough time during weekend..luckily my hubby do understand on the situation but sometimes i can feel that hubby terasa teringin sgt nak balik kampung but have to accept the condition of mine..I am so sorry my Dear..Time will tell later that we will actually might spend time frequently going back to kampung..

The story is..sebelum ada Boboy..at every time we reach mak's house at Air Puteh..i am so proud bila mak sambut like I am a menantu kesayangan..salam..peluk..cium..complete enough..tp skrg semua tuh dah beralih arah ke Boboy..Once kereta smpi kat perkarangan rumah jaa..atuk sambut Boboy dulu rather than to hug or even bersalam to me..huhuhh..but it still makes me happy to see that Boboy still know his atuk even they not frequently meet..Kadang-kadang susah hati bila Boboy nangis kat kampung time tidor malam..atuk mula la gelisah tak tidoq..silap2 terpa naik atas tak senang hati kalau cucu dia nih nangis..padahal nangis nak mintak susu jaa pon.. hahahaa..Boboy....boboy...poor atuk laa sayang..

Here are some stories about Tok vs Atuk pada Boboy..All in all are in regards of my little one..Budak manja and makin hari makin banyak akai bak kata tok..Atuk always said 'besaq dah cucu atuk' at every time kitorg bawak Boboy balik kampung..hehe..Lepas ni atuk sure tak larat nak hambat dia nampak gayanyaa..hehehee..wait and see.. ;-)

Monday, June 22, 2009

~ HappY FaTheR's DaY ~

June is fast approaching and with its coming, means the coming of a very special day for a very special person in our lives. We wouldn’t be here had it not been for this person. He is one of the reasons for our existence. This special person is no other than our Dad.

Menghabiskan masa kat kampung mentua together with hubby and our little boy, jauh dari kesibukan dan kebisingan kota..Merehatkan diri dari tekanan kerja..Even we had it on a very short time but it's really valuable for us. Appreciating my hubby for being the best daddy ever for our little boy..Thanks dear..

Sepetang kat rumah mak mertua..melayan kerenah anak yang semakin lasak and even smarter..asal petang jaa nak ajak jalan-jalan mkn angin kat luar rumah..kalau dapat ronda-ronda naik kereta..lagi laa seronok dia..Papa laa yg melayan..mummy dah penat berkejaran dalam rumah..Well, Boboy is the one we have now yg sangat laa manjanyaa..nak apa semua dilayan..Papa especially..They had spent time more as mummy will be available on weekend jaa..too bad and too sad..mummy on study mode so each of us will have to sacrifice..Only for this moment and as time goes by, mummy akan balik jugak utk sama2 dgn Boboy and papa..no worries..all in all HE knows and had planned everything better..

Atuk pun tak kurang melayan..itu ini semua dibagi..Mummy petik rambutan sebijik jaa nak bagi Boboy rasa tp atuk kasik seranting buah..haa nah amik kau..macam laa nak makan semua..hahahaa..atukk..atukk..ikutkan jer laa..Tu belum tgk atuk hidang durian lagi..haha..Papa ngan mummy ja laah yg habiskan.. What a wonderful weekend that we had..Short time does not a matter..as long as we made is full of colors then surely there's nothing to regret..But kalau boleh nak selalu and as usual..manusia will never satisfied of what they have had..Apa pun aku sangat laa besyukur with what HE had gave us and what we have today..Alhamdulillahh..

Tengok jaa laa tuh apa saja laa yang disembangkan dek dua beranak nii...tak ajak mummy pon nak bergosip kann..Mummy tau papa ajak Boboy pi petik manggis kat belakang rumah atuk kann..Tu tak la
in nak ajar Boboy panjat pokok manggis laa tuh..mcm papa buat kecik-kecik dulu..jenuh atuk cari rupa-rupanya papa duk atas pokok sambil makan buah manggis..hehehee.. [Abeh pecah rahsia papa :-P]

Seharian kat kampung, time to go back..back seat penuh dengan beg-beg Boboy yang full of his stuffs..car seat dia lagi..hmm..Mummy bawak handbag satu jaa..Papa mcm biasa always never leave his gadget..[pepandai laa agak apa bandanya] memang tak muat laa nak letak kiriman atuk dari kampung utk tok Boboy kat Penang..
Naik penuh bonet mengangkut durian laa..itu ini mcm2 ada..Boboy pon sampai kepenatan dah..masuk keter jer dapat air-cond terus fall asleep..tak sempat nak babai2 beriya ngan atuk..not enough sleep..sempat tido 2 round jaa itu pon 45 menet each session..jadi laa..kalau tidak mau meragam jaa dia..balik hari so we don't think of bringing along his cradle..enough with his 'bantal obolong' buat peluk..Boboy tak banyak kerenah..klu ngantuk tidor jaa dia..Sayang mummy ni baikkk..hmm..Apa-apa pun what ever time that we had spent together it will always being a wonderful time just because there are mummy and PAPA in action melayan our cute little boy..Thanks and thanks again Dear for being by our side as a best Papa ever to our little one..We love you so much..Happy Father's Day to you..And...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Baby You

my baby you..are the reason i could fly...

and 'cause of you...i don't have to wonder why

baby you...there's no more just getting by
you're the reason i feel so alive..

Those words above are really hard for me to keep my eyes open as the tears are seems running down with no hints to stop..Adoiihh..sedihnyaa..counting the days..struggling to finish all the things here that made me so sufferring..Counting to finish a month are like waiting for thousands of years..God please bless me with the strength..

Rindunya...I miss my hubby and my baby so much..At this time i am suppose being by their side.. hugging my little boy..sitting with my hubby slurping a cup of hot coffee together tp apakan daya...HIS planning is always perfect than ours..

Hari ni kelas dismis at around 4.30pm. And i am suppose balik rumah sewa and packing utk balik Penang with Eagle Express @5.30pm..tapi esok ada microteaching assessment..so there is no way to get excuse..kena laa balik Png the next day..Since i have nothing to do and i have not in mood to do things, i planned to hang out dgn Kak Ida..We met at McD Section 18 Shah Alam..Kak Ida still mcm dulu..xbnyk yg berubah but i really respect her...super duper survival lady..nak jadi mcm dia jugak lahh..but i know myself better..i am not that strong enough..
We had meal together there..sharing the story and the most valuable motivation from her..TQ Kak..i will boost up my spirit and time will tell later in the future.. ;-)

More than half a year I was in Shah Alam..Almost give up dah of what I am going on now but my hubby is always standing by my side and make me wake up again and again and again..Jatuh dan bangun semula all is because of our future..I had choose to go this way so I will have to finish it.."Be strong my dear and always pray to God..HE will send HIS bless to you when you are always remember HIM". That is what my hubby always said to me.."Walaupun jauh tapi abg tetap di hati kann..so syg kena kuatkan semangat ok". TQ my dear, because of you i still feel so alive..

Boboy..my precious little baby..the one of him really makes my life like full of friends around..Mummy really miss u my dear boy..When looking into his eyes and i belief that he deserve to get the better life in the future..Mummy promise that and mummy wont leave you as what we had to go through now..just for little bit more time..mummy will get back to your side ok..Boboy have to be strong too or else mummy will be even worst than now. Just for this moment..Mummy papa and you will need to sacrifice..Weekend will never enough I know tapi untuk waktu nii jaa..Please and forgive me yer sayang..

People always said that time flies so fast..and for certain time i do admit it and even faaster but in this condition of mine..i really can't wait to finish even one day...it's almost a year for me..Penantian is really menyiksakan when i was alone without all my loved ones..life is soo hard..i really kind of struggle to survive..Like my course mate is always tag, "cepatlaa masa berlalu".

though these words i say are true
they still fail to capture you
as mere words can only do
how do i explain that smile
and how it turns my world around
keeping my feet on the ground

Counting the day..i have 34 days to go to get back to Penang..being together with my loved ones..I really missed them sooo much..as weekend being a mom and a wife will never never enough..I wish i still a better mom and wife..thus be the best as well. Times is flying..tick..tock..tick...tock..tick..tock.....

JusT StarteD..

Salam semua..

What a new from me here.. Dah bertahun2 intai2 jer blog org..teringin nak buat yg sendiri but my bad..ni lah akibatnya duk bertangguh jer..org dah ke mana2 kita baru nak mulakan langkah..Well its still beter than never..Intention and wish will make things comes true..yess ~thumb up~

Finally i made my time to start after thinking for years.. So di sinilah bakal bermula ceritanya...Anyone and everyone are most welcome to share thoughts, story, or anythings..feel free to drop comments to my blog..i will alwez be happy for it.. ~one eye blink~