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Monday, March 28, 2011

Hari Dating-dating Hari Ni

It has been so long since we dated together, having an outing moment for only the two of us without the little one around, dining while looking to each other eyes, walking wandering and holding hand.. :-) so sweet and we had it today since my youngest sister took the little boy out for the groceries shopping with mom..

Well, dapat jugak laa habuan as all this while, everything shopped just only for the little one..sampai tak sempat nak intai untuk mummy..It's not because everything were just not crossed my interest..it might be too when I was sooooo ghalik hambat si kecit nii.. ;-)

 Yeaaa...baju sekolah baru...i'm lovin' it ;-)

Dan pouch untuk henfon cumil ku.. ;-) sweet...
Thank you Darling...I love you to the bit..mmuahhss..

Hmmm...so, it seems I could melaram with my new baju sekolah tomorrow..yeayy..!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Turn On Your Speaker to MAXIMUM Please..


Labah laaabah cuba panjat pewigi..
Bila hujan tuuuwon labah cepat waaawee..
Telbit matahaawee ayey takdak laaagi..
Labah-labah panjat..sekali lagiii...heee... :-D

Cheerrsss... ;-)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bukan.,......!!! Tu Baby Nureen Laa....!!!

The conversation goes this way...

Mummy : ~Going through some of the old post in this story page~
Boboy : "Ehhhh...mummy..tu sapa tuu..??" ~pointing to the screen~ "Baby Nureen kaa..?"
Mummy : "Bukan..tu Boboy laa.."
Boboy : "Bukan laaa...tu baby Nuween laaa mummy..."
Mummy : "Bukan..tu Boboy laa..Bukan Baby Nureen..Boboy small..."
Boboy : "Ishhhkk..Baby Nureen laaa...owang kata Baby Nuween, Baby Nuween laaa owang kata....!!"
Mummy : OK lahhhhh...baby Nureen pun baby Nureen lahhh..."
Boboy : ~ tersengih puaih hati ~

Ok laa..Boboy menang laa..dia lupa diri sat yang ni sbnrnya dia sendiri..chehh..
Well..have a pleasant weekend.. :-)

Cheers.. :-)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's Twainnn..!!??

I was late to get home today as there was a short meeting at school..And once I reach home, there was no mess as I used to see everyday when I came back..Huh! What a such heaven day rasanya.. :-)

While entering the house, as usual the little boy will reply to my greet with his 'pelat'ness..maklekomsalammm.. :-D and straight away drag me to his doing today..

MUMMY : "Ehhh..apa tuuu..???"
BOBOY : "Mummy..!! Cantik tak boboy buat..?? Boy kemas-kemas..jadi twainn (train)...panjanggg..."
MUMMY : "Hmmm..pandainyaa sayang mummy kemas.."
BOBOY : ~tersengih gedix~

Lega mak dia tengok dia tak sepahkan his transports toys.. "Baguihnyaaa ank mummy niii..mmuahhsss.. :-* "
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Friday, March 18, 2011

Aku pun Taktau

Actually aku pun taktau nak namakan menu nii dengan nama apa..yang pastinyaa memang aku mereka-reka jaa asal jadi...but tak sangka rasa dia sedap...hihihiii...

Bahan-bahan dia semua yang simple simple belaka..seems more to vege but still there are some shrimp being added in since they are the boys' fave..

  • Shrimps
  • Fish ball
  • Carrots
  • Capsicums
  • Curly flowers
  • Garlics
  • Onions
  • Ginger
  • White egg
  • parsley + leek (tiny cut)
  • cornflour (to thicken the gravy)
Well...have a good try and happy cooking... :-)

Cheers ;-)

Happy 34th Birthday My DARLING..!!

Wishing you Muhamad Fadzil Arshad a very blissful BIRTHDAY today..!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH DARLING TILL THE END OF MY BREATH..And may Allah blessed all your days now and forever.. ~one four three~

happy birthday...to you...
happy birthday...to you...
happy birthday...to MY DARLING..
happy birthday...to you....

cheers ;-)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Story of Our Holiday

Lumut had been chosen for this time around punya holiday..Here we go the story behind the moment.. ~wink~

On the way..Sorry for the huge shade for the little guy..dia yang pilih sendiri hokeyh..!
habis laa my coach glasses...

Thank God..inisiatif papa to buy one for him..demi menyelamatkan COACH haku..!!
Thank you darling... ;-)

Yes it's nothing much there..Many people would say that Lumut is kind of a dead-town especially at night..I feel the same too but the other side you may like to be there as they have a wonderful seafood treat at a most reasonable price..And the taste..definitely mouth watery i bet walaupun tak setanding kat Penang ;-) ..

The first day lunch treat at Horizon Restaurant, Lumut..4 stars meal I could rate..hihihii..besttt...

The second day dinner treat at Bakau d'Muara Restaurant, Lekir..6 stars I could give..
terlebih satu bintang laa plakk..kihkihkihhh...

Well, we had been to Bukit Merah before and now and we are looking for other water park for our little one for this time holiday and therefore Marina was the one been decided..And since..pics always make a great story than words..here some of the pics of our happy moment..

The first day, no much place in plan just about Marina Island..sunset..wandering around and sight-seeing..remote-control car ride for little boy and a little stuff shopped for him..arm floater as mummy really forgotten to prepare one for him..tsk tsk tsk..

Arm floater for him..duk melaram sendiri and berpura-pura berenang...hahahahaa...

Marina Island beach..staring at the sunset

 Remote control car ride for little boy..

And the next day is the time for the water park and of course the one whom was really enjoyed the fun time...DANISH WAFIQ laaa...sapa lagi...

 Bestttt....!!! ~kata si kecik tuu~

Marina Water Park Entrance..cool..

This is the view from the room..sea view where the little boy keep on staring towards the boats and ships passing by the area.. :-)

The last day lunch treat at Nasi Ayam Mama..not bad but not that great..so and so tapi ramai betoi orang singgah..

 These are meal for three of us.. :-)

Anyway..if in the next time we have some time in mind to visit Lumut again..I would rather to have seafood here as they are much to my satisfaction in term of their taste, volume and price..jom....cuti-cuti d'Lumut..cool-peaceful place to be I could say..