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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Episod Sambungan

OK here the continuation from the previous episode of the 4-day workshop which had filled with all the extreme activity..My Goodness can't believe that I'm still this active..ngeeee..!!

Pics tells the story better..I am not good enough in playing with the words these days so here you go with the piccas.. :-)

Day 1 : abseiling from about 65m height.

Morning exercise on every early in the morning

Hiking and jungle tracking on the 2nd day:
@1st check point after 1 and a half hour tracking and hiking..tiring track but still fun
@3rd check point, the peak of the hill at 905m above sea level.

@the most highest point of the hill..meragaih batu ni setinggi 3m just to be on the most highest point..alang-alang dah berpenat lelah..biaq penat sungguh.. :-P

Kayaking on the 3rd day:
Way to the beach, Pantai Pasir Bogak for kayak activity

After beach telematch..waiting for turn to kayak after 1st group were back..

assemble by rafting..tengha lawot nii..tgh hari rembang..huhuu

done for the day activity..tgu malam pulak..
Night workshop..still there is a space to pose.. :-D

Presentation of certification by the Director of Penang State Education Department, Tuan Haji Ibrahim Zainudin

Pictorial moment with the Director of Penang State Education Department, Tuan Haji Ibrahim Zainudin

And finally the end of the story..presenting all the participants of the 4-Day Fitness Workshop @Pangkor Holiday Resort, Pangkor Island for all the newbie teachers of whole Penang Island..

All The Best..!! and Happy Teaching.. :-)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's Finally Thursday

Thank God as finally the Thursday that I have been waiting for has come..I really can't wait to be back to meet with my love ones..of course the boys that I had been missing for these days..Yess..tomorrow will be the last day to be here in course.

I've been in Pangkor since last Monday for 4-day workshop..Too much of stories to be share but I just have no idea from which point to start..And the most thing that I really want to say is I am infinitely miss my boys..a lot..

The faces that I miss so much..
My dear Darling..I miss u..and my dear cheeky boy..Mummy miss u too..a lot..infinitely..one four three both of you ;-)

It was a million dollar experience of being here..The activities organized went all well even though we had all the pain everywhere..the leech bite the most horrible oh my Goodness..but all in all this would be the nice and memorable moment of attending the course..

Day 2 - extreme jungle tracking

~to be updated~

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rendang Resipi Tradisi

It was in the making about few hours ago but sorry for the proper ready cooked photo of it since I was like can't wait to have it..hmmm yummy yumm yumm..

Rendang Recipe from Mak vs Lemang

Me and Mr. Hubby has been craving for lemang since these few days..semangat raya tak habih lagi kann..So last night when came back from MIL house, we went to get a lemang and this morning we went to the wet market to get the beef to prepare for rendang.. :-)

For 1.5kilos of beef:
* 5 pcs of onion (med size)
* 5 pcs of garlic
* 2 pcs of lengkuas (~2 inch each piece)
* 1 pc of 2inc ginger
* 3 stalks of lemon grass
* 2 small pack of kerisek
* 2 small pack of meat spice
1 pc of turmeric leave (sliced)
few pcs of lime (kaffir) leaves (sliced)
350ml coconut milk
** Blend together few pcs of cili api if you need the spicy in flavor

  • Blend all the ingredients with * and pour into the pot that filled with beef.
  • Pour the coconut milk.
  • Put in the sliced ingredients and stew on the medium heat.
  • Keep on stir the rendang until the beef turn soft.
  • Don't forget to provide enough salt and flavor.
  • Turn off the stove once the beef turned smooth and its ready to be serve..

I'll be off to Pangkor again for the 3rd time..tsk tsk tsk..but this time around, I'll be attending the course for 4 days..Hopefully I will have some time to blog while being there..I will definitely missing my boys so much.. :-(

Well friends..Happy cooking :-) and have a good time being with your love ones..

Laksa Janggus @Balik Pulau

Penang is always know with it's famous signature dish which is nasi kandar but it wont be complete if there is no laksa Penang of course.

There are so much of spot people selling laksa here and there but it is not that every where of the place of laksa will be the favorite. JJCM had once visited this place where people always said that this is the great ever laksa in Penang and therefore we went for a try last Friday..

Have you peeps ever heard about 'Laksa Janggus' which was stated in Balik Pulau. People said that this laksa was so tasty but not really I for me and Mr Hubby..But well..different people may have their own opinion and preferences and for your own satisfaction rather than listening to what people saying..have your own try and let your tongue make the judgment ;-)

The taste is so and so but there are a lot of people make their choice to have it there but I bet there are still other spot which are way better than this but only people did not know..Takpa..tak kenai maka tak cinta..and cinta mesti dicari.. ~wink~

Friday, September 17, 2010

Of Boboy Shopping Spree

Last two days we (me and Hubby) took Boboy for jalan-jalan after quite some time we had never have our leisure time window shopping while jamu-jamu mata because of the fasting month and the BZ-ness of raya celebration.

And as usual, where else of our fave spot place than Q'Bay Mall as there are my fave spot, Jusco..First of all for the day out activity..we went for walking around and mengisi perut. Since I have a very cheap KFC's voucher, we went for it..payah-payah sgt pikir mana nak makan..

Right after meal..The Brands Outlet was the next to get the new socks for our little boy..Toy's R Us after that as Mr Hubby was so insist to get one new toy for Boboy..

And while papa was busy with his business of seeking for what to get for the little boy..Yoy's R Us will be such a playground for Boboy wandering around, looking and testing this and that and running here and there..

Finally he get to this stuff which I interested too..Papa kata mummy yang lebih sebenaqnya..hikhiks..
  Look at the little hand..it was his.. :-) excitedly testing..membakar jiwa mummy utk membelinya.. :-D

OK Boy..you may get it as a pre birthday gift from Mummy.. :-) Hopefully you'll grow up as a person that love to learn :-)

And instead of the above stuff..these were the additional to the collection that we had grab for him..The yellow one papa yang pilih..hihii..

OK..end of the stories..that's all for now..Demikianlah ke-excited-an si kecik Boboy nii..dapat koleksi mainan baru..Wait for the other stuffs coming up next..Sakan si kecik haku nih..!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Menu Raya Tradisi Keluarga Zaman Berzaman

Menu yang dah menjadi tradisi keluarga kitorang sejak berzaman lamanya..They will always be a MUST meal or main courses during hari raya..Will get you to share and know the recipe when the time allow..especially the Javanese style of kuah lodeh ;-) huhu..
  1. ketupat nasi yang dah dimodenkan sekarang ni..before was prepared by using the shoot of the palm leaves
  2. ketupat pulut / ketupat palas
  3. lemang (beli jaa setiap tahun)
  4. rendang daging
  5. kuah lontong (org jawa kata kuah lodeh)
  6. kuah kacang

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bila Buah Hati Tak Sihat..

I had went through the hard time when after years been together, it started to fall sick at the first time and I feel the sickness too..

Well peeps, please don't  misunderstood..I meant about my dear Matrix..It was about the 'distress' that happened few days before raya when it broke down half way.

While I was busy with the raya cookies business, the rang from my sister told that it could not be started..OMG..!!! It was suspected due to the battery..Huhu..

Thank God as after some rescue from my Dear Mr Hubby, it recovered..but then it still returned me the impact as this is the second time. Tengok laa..terpaksa 'jump start' baru bole hidup and drive balik..

The worst part was during my convo few months back when it was overheat while we were on the way to Ahah Alam..I was so sad when it was undergoing for treatment..tsk tsk tsk

The course was due to the water in radiator did not smoothly running and therefore it cause to overheat..This is the photo when the radiator been took off..huhuu..

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hey You "C"

Hey you C....!!!
I finally got you..

Yee haaa... ~wink wink~
Plastik pon belom cabut lagi from the brand logo..hahaha.. 
saayang gituu..baru sampai kannnn :-P
Thanking a friend's of mine Encik Faizi for all the effort to help to bring this back from far far awayyyy..... ;-)

Yeaaa...!!! my beg raya youuuu..hikhiks.. :-D

Ehh..!! Dah Dah Laa Rayaa..!!

Tsk tsk tsk..
Ok..after being off for days from blogging due to the bz-ness of celebrating the hari raya..I finally came back with the story of the great holy days..

This is the 2nd time celebrating the hari raya with my beloved boys..the sweet three of us and yet to come to be four but don't know yet when..hikhiks..next coming raya perhaps.. ;-)

My beloved boys of my lovely family

After a week of school breaks and on top of it the raya break continued and today finally I am back to work..back to school even though I believe many of us are still being in holiday mode..huhu..

Anyway..I bet it's not too late to wish all to have a wonderful and memorable moment during this Hari Raya.. For me it was soooooo meaningful as after many years we have no as such this year's opportunity of gathering all the family members and siblings..esp my eldest brother whom that not being with us in family for so many years of hari raya..Thank you Allah for this great moment given to us..Alhamdulillah..

Back : Abg Syam (BIL), Abang (Big Bro), Mak, Mr Hubby
Front : Kakak Icha, yatie (Elder Sister), Adik Nasuha (on sis lap), Illa (elder Sister), OG (eldest sister), Boboy, Myself

Adik-beradik, ipar-duai..sepupu-sepapat

And finally...presenting my little photographer....oh makk aii...little Boboy......!!!!!

Hope to have this kind of hari raya in years to come as I love my family..my big family so much..

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mission Finally Accomplished..!!

Yess..!! Mr Hubby was craving for lemang since two weeks back when he was seeing people had started to set up the coal fire to burn up the lemang.

And tonight, right after Isya' prayer, my brother asking for the accompany to go out to pay for fitrah and we (me and Hubby) head out together to make the last mission of this year raya shopping accompliseh..seeking for lemang..

Thank God finally we end up with the successful after several stop seeking for it..sampailaa si kecik haku dah terlentok mengantuks..hakhaks...

Selamat Hari Raya Yang Mulia From Boboy

Ok...look here peeps...since the raya is closely reaching..I am presenting you guys the wish from my little one in the way of singing.. :-) He has been singing this song since last week when his mummy was so excited turning on the raya song..mode raya awai sikit..so anak pon ikut sama..hihi

Come and let me clarify the lyric of his song..
"...Selaamatt Hari Raya Yang Muliyaaaa..."

Adapted from the song "Selamat  Hari Raya...Aidil Fitri Mulia..Ampun Maaf di Pinta..Mensuci henging Dosa..." But then these are the only words that came from his singing..muahahahaha...

Al-Fatihah Untuk Arwah Ayah

All Muslims, Eid's is just near to the corner..We are celebrating it in this less than 24 hours and sad to say good bye to you the lovely of Ramadhan.. :-(

This morning, we were just came back from visiting the grave of my late father that was left us a very long time ago although I still feel that he is still just near to us, be by my side always and all time..We were preparing him the peace and nice place for him to get back to his origin place once the takbir started to echoing this evening..tsk tsk tsk..sayu dan sedihnyaa teringat ayah..

image googled

"Ayah...May your spirit continued to be placed in peace among those who are blessed and loved by Allah..Amin.."

Al-Faatihah to my late father that had left us on 1st of January 1997 which equivalent to the 21st of Sya'ban 1417 Hijrah..

With God's wills, we will be visiting again tomorrow morning right after Raya prayer to contribute for Yaasin and Tahlil for you 'there'..

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Selamat Tinggal Ramadhan Mubara'

"...Mudah-mudahan Allah panjangkan usia kita untuk bertemu lagi di tahun hadapan...InsyaAllah..."


".....Selamat tinggal Ramadhan..Hadir mu dinanti..Pergi mu ditangisi..Semoga segala amalan kita selama melalui bulan yang penuh hikmah ini dipenuhi dengan keberkatan serta keampunan dari Allah S.W.T InsyaAllah..Aminnn..dan Selamat Datang SyawaL mulia :-) ....."

Monday, September 6, 2010

Minal 'Aidil WalFaizin 1431H

As this is the very first entry on this month, here I started with the wish to all fellow and dearie friends..

"..Moga kita semua mendapat keberkatan daripada amalan
bermaaf-maafan di Syawal nan mulia.."
I would like to seek for all the forgiveness from all readers, friends, followers
as well as the silent readers of this blog of mine if I had
unintentionally offended you all by my writings.
Wishing all of Muslims out there to have the most blessed
'Aidil Fitri this coming Syawal..Amennnn...

Salam Aidil Fitri Tulus Ikhlas dari:
Mummy Imma, FadziL & Wafiq (a.k.a Boboy)