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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Laksa Janggus @Balik Pulau

Penang is always know with it's famous signature dish which is nasi kandar but it wont be complete if there is no laksa Penang of course.

There are so much of spot people selling laksa here and there but it is not that every where of the place of laksa will be the favorite. JJCM had once visited this place where people always said that this is the great ever laksa in Penang and therefore we went for a try last Friday..

Have you peeps ever heard about 'Laksa Janggus' which was stated in Balik Pulau. People said that this laksa was so tasty but not really I for me and Mr Hubby..But well..different people may have their own opinion and preferences and for your own satisfaction rather than listening to what people saying..have your own try and let your tongue make the judgment ;-)

The taste is so and so but there are a lot of people make their choice to have it there but I bet there are still other spot which are way better than this but only people did not know..Takpa..tak kenai maka tak cinta..and cinta mesti dicari.. ~wink~


Lady of Leisure said...

hehe betul la laksa ni macam unik skit some people said kat satu tempat nun sedap sangat tak semestinya kena ngan citarasa kita kan.. i mysekf tak berapa gemor laksa penang, lebih suka laksa kuala perlis hehe

Imma said...

Lady..laksa Perlis tu mcm mana plak erk..bukan lebih kurang gak kaa..laksa utara kann.. :-)