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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Episod Sambungan

OK here the continuation from the previous episode of the 4-day workshop which had filled with all the extreme activity..My Goodness can't believe that I'm still this active..ngeeee..!!

Pics tells the story better..I am not good enough in playing with the words these days so here you go with the piccas.. :-)

Day 1 : abseiling from about 65m height.

Morning exercise on every early in the morning

Hiking and jungle tracking on the 2nd day:
@1st check point after 1 and a half hour tracking and hiking..tiring track but still fun
@3rd check point, the peak of the hill at 905m above sea level.

@the most highest point of the hill..meragaih batu ni setinggi 3m just to be on the most highest point..alang-alang dah berpenat lelah..biaq penat sungguh.. :-P

Kayaking on the 3rd day:
Way to the beach, Pantai Pasir Bogak for kayak activity

After beach telematch..waiting for turn to kayak after 1st group were back..

assemble by rafting..tengha lawot nii..tgh hari rembang..huhuu

done for the day activity..tgu malam pulak..
Night workshop..still there is a space to pose.. :-D

Presentation of certification by the Director of Penang State Education Department, Tuan Haji Ibrahim Zainudin

Pictorial moment with the Director of Penang State Education Department, Tuan Haji Ibrahim Zainudin

And finally the end of the story..presenting all the participants of the 4-Day Fitness Workshop @Pangkor Holiday Resort, Pangkor Island for all the newbie teachers of whole Penang Island..

All The Best..!! and Happy Teaching.. :-)

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Lady of Leisure said...

wow u buat abseiling? tabik spring i kat u hehe