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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mengecewakan Laa...Tsk..Tsk...Tsk...

Yesterday was my last day settling the puasa enam...Syukran as at least I made it in the month of Syawal. Well, since I will be celebrating my raya enam, hubby took me for break fast at Sri Payung Mee Udang, the place where we were always visit to have prawn noodle.

It was the one of our favorite place amongst the stalls in Teluk Kumbar but the yesterday's dish was really really made us (hubby and I) so frustrated. The taste was no longer tasty like before..tsk tsk tsk...sangat sedeyhh..huhuhu..But still the huge shrimp had made my little one to sounded excitedly.."Wow mommy..!!! big-nyaa pownn (prawn)..!!"

"Kak Sri Payung..tolong laa kembalikan rasa macam dulu balik..uwaa..we olls frust taww..!!"

So for those that insist to try on this Penang Signature famous dish..you may want to go and survey from few mee udang stalls around Teluk Kumbar to find the better one..

Selamat makan-makan... :-)


Drama Mama said...

teluk umbar kat mana ni imma?


Imma said...

Drama Mama:
Bai...teluk kumbar ikut jalan nak ke gertak sanggul tuu..kedai ni sebelah kiri dekat ngan lorong masuk Jalan Cikgu Abu..tp rasa dia dah tak best laa smlm..

But kalau nak try yang lain2 tu banyak jaa..xkan Amin taktau..Pusing2 kat dalam tuu mesti ada jumpa..dekat2 jaa kedai2 dia..

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