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Monday, October 11, 2010

Kids With Lego

Lego bricks helps in developing children mind and IQ..How far do people would agree about this..I am one of them..

Usually when we look on the lego packing, there will be the warning stated that it is suitable to the kids at age 3 and above but most of parents tends to buy them as early as the kids could sit by them self and hold thing and perhaps the kids would stay for long 'studied' on it.

My little angel is getting two very soon. He got the brick pieces from his aunt during his 1st birthday a year back. And what I did recognize on what is he doing all the while with the bricks was associating the bricks each other regardless what are the shape, color of course or even the size as long as they are assembled. That was the improvements many months ago.

And these few weeks lately, he started to know on recognizing the shape..the size as well as the same colors then only plug them together. And only last night was the time I had came across of taking picture about his improvement when while I was busy ironing the shirt for Mr Hubby, he came and pile them all in front of me..

Look at them which has been assembled according to its size of bricks..hikhiks..pandainyaaaa anak mummy... :-D


Drama Mama said...

pandainya boboy! hehehe. irfan dulu masa gila main blocks camtu la gak. susun ikut warna, susun ikut size...semua lah depa nanti explore. memang good for brain dev. :-)


Imma said...

Haa..kann..kdg2 kita yang letih bila depa start nak camok sbb dah borng menyusun..hihihii