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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

SRK - Tak Kesampaian..Nur Cemerlang is More Than Good Enough

Today's activity, tak dak apa yang menarik..masak pun tidak..main tunjuk-tunjuk jaa menu lunch hari nii..but the most important thing is all about fulfilling the son's expectance since these few weeks talking about school..So today I brought him to his school that we had enrolled him to to get his uniforms..

Tak tau nak cerita macam mana as he was really excited about school...kadang-kadang sampai Achiknya ngusik kejut bangun as early as 7 in the morning kata nak pi skul pun dia terus bangun...but here I left it to the picture to tells you all the story about his excited-ness.. :-)

As promises a loong-day ago to go and get his uniforms from school, therefore today we went to Nur Cemerlang and collect them from school..balik balik terus laa 'menerai'..pastu terus takmau bukak-bukak dah...

Dan mulaa laaa berlakon pi skul laa konon-konon..habih semua koleksi buku Enfagrow dia kluarkan...

Pastu explore from one book to another...bagusss...bagussss anak Mummy niii.....

Uishhhh.....study.....!! Mantap u... ;-)

He told me.."Mummy tak boleh disturb tau! Boboy nak read book..nak pegi school nii.."
Baiklahh anak...!! :-P


Kita tunggu lagi apa laa pulak cerita si budak kecik niii pasal skul dia tuu...hikhikhs...

Cheers ;-)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Birthday Surprise Gift from Mr. Darling

Macam tak sangka that this year I would get a surprise gift from Mr. Lovely Hubby after the very last one which was on 2006..I got a bouquet of flower and a box of gift from him..hadiah tuu dah turun ke anak sekarang :-)..

Since we tied the knot, I knew that hubby will hard to make any surprise during my birthday even I did. He would always ask to what I want for my birthday, but way different from this year. I was too busy to invigilate the examination even the school was in holiday mode, but what else to say..saya yang menurut perintah..

Know what, when the day come and I was still on invigilating mode, he invited me to go out just the two of us..I knew that he is going to celebrate my lovely day with such a lovely treat just like years before, tapi tak sangka! SUMPAH tak sangka that I am gonna to get this lovely box from him..

I seems can guess what will be inside when I open it up...but it's really surprising me when he was silently bought this lovely stuff without my knowing..Well, I really love this to the bits..

Yes I do love it so much..
He seems to knew that I really envisioned to have the new watch since my watch that I wore now is the one that I got since 2006..

Melaram sekejapp.. ~wink~ sori erk, plastik pon tak cabut lagi terus nak ambik gambaq! ngeee

To my dear Mr. Hubby...
Thank you so much abang...
Thank you for being my half...
Thank you for lending me your arm for me to lean on...
Thank you for being truly patient with me throughout his 5 years...
Thank you for lending me your ear to be my good listener...
Thank you for making my life so wonderful all the while we've been together...
Thank you for being a mirror to all of my wrongdoings...
Thank you for being a mommy to our the one and only son when I was away...
Thank you for being a light that lightened my heart at all time..
Thank you for being my comforter during my soleness moment...
And thank you for being my everything in my life...

 I love you Darling till the end of my breath..Abang..1..4.3... ;-)

Cheers ;-)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Blueberry Cheesecake for Our Birthday Warming Up :-)

Just to say that it's a wonderful month when the November has come. It's tells that there are so much of meaningful celebration had fall in November..Yes they are of course my memorable date of our big day fall on November..It is our anniversary that fall on 18th of November..

And..my birthday fall on November too as well as my lovely little son..Therefore we are sharing the same birthday month..Since I am so passion on baking..just turning out the ciput skill yang tak seberapa that I have, this is the warming up birthday cake by my own..

A homemade blueberry cheesecake by my own..

 Internal look

The slice of it

Waiting for Mr. Hubby to come back from work..Danish a.k.a Boboy really cant wait to cut the cake off..tak berenti2 duk tanya pukul berapa papa nak come back..hehe..Nice one I bet...love it to bits..Dah nama cheesecake..waktu bila yang aku akan kata tak sedap taktau laa..incik hubby dah mula bising..huhu..

The recipe..?? you may want to check it here...The different only that I put the blueberry the topping and the filling I dropped a few blueberry filling inside before I pour all the mixture into the baking pan...Daaa...It that simple..?? Happy baking peeps....!!


Saturday, November 5, 2011

My First Ever Attempt in Chocolate Paraline

I had a sooooo much in desire to make chocolate paraline by my own rather than just only ordered from friends. I did google around with the information but only as usual when it comes to the matter of time, thing been delayed and delayed.

And come to this good thing of me, nak jugak buat and therefore I came across with this stuffs first before I started all over the task..Since I always have too limited of time to go all the way to the store and find for the molds, I turn out with online shopped..takpa laa mahai sikit but at least cover laa jugak duit petrol and masa aku..hihi..

Got these from here and I bet you could get anything as your needs in baking from them..It's easier...no need to think when and where to go and find them..

Mainan masak-masak aku..yeayyy!!! boe start dah...!!!!

And tailing from having these stuff in front of my eyes...I made up my mine and my time with my little guy doing this, and here you go the outcome even though still lacking in many areas..but in my case, at least I got to know how the process goes to make it.. :-)

Friend suggested to use Collata compound milk choc but since Collata milk choc asyik habihh jaa..
So I turned my mind to choose other brand..apa nama ntah tak ingat but it tasteway better than Collata..

Please disregard the lubang-lubang bubble due to unwell melted compound chocolate.. :-) so hopefully lepas nii tau dah where to correct..and where to improve..All in all..sedapppp!!!! Itell youuuuu....

Way to do it, simple! you may want just to melt the milk choc until well melted, then pour or piping them into the molds as you like...E.A.S.Y..!! Have fun to try... 

Cheers ;-)

The Busy-ness of Me

Too bad of me sampai nak update blog pon sebulan sekali..itu jaa yang berkesempatan..Seems too  many things come and go in my life these lately sampaikan tak terlayan dek kepala otak ni kadang-kadang..tsk tsk tsk...

I am actually have bunch of stories to tell here, all about my baking and baking passion these lately, about my lil boy that growing as big boy dah sekarang..nak masuk skul dah..my lovely day..my...my and myy...semua laa nak diabadikan..but it is all the matter of time..Macam tak bersyukur pulak Allah bagi 24 jam masih tak cukup2 to handle and even settle things..huhuhuu..my bad

By the way, before we move over to that bunch of stories that might bring you to the mad, come let me show you of my baking skill that improved I bet in pastry...yeehaaa...ayat tobat perasan tak hengat..

Peeps, here you go my next attempt of baking..my egg tart.. ;-)

What you say compare to my first one..?? better right..

 So agak-agak sesapa yang rasa confident nak tempah..sila-sila laa majukan diri yerk..hihihii ;-)

I am so doesn't realize of myself since when I end up with this kind of passion..I learn of myself and bake one after another. It's all just because I just in insist to know how to make them  but if things could turn into business, nothing is wrong kan..rezki Allah tuu ada kat mana-mana just only if we put the effort to find and get it, then we will get it InsyaAllah..

To all people out there, jom laaa main masak-masak nii...besssss....As my old friend said, I am tuning myself into 'fattening hobby' lahh...Am I... ~thinking mode on.. :-P~

Cheers ;-)