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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Blueberry Cheesecake for Our Birthday Warming Up :-)

Just to say that it's a wonderful month when the November has come. It's tells that there are so much of meaningful celebration had fall in November..Yes they are of course my memorable date of our big day fall on November..It is our anniversary that fall on 18th of November..

And..my birthday fall on November too as well as my lovely little son..Therefore we are sharing the same birthday month..Since I am so passion on baking..just turning out the ciput skill yang tak seberapa that I have, this is the warming up birthday cake by my own..

A homemade blueberry cheesecake by my own..

 Internal look

The slice of it

Waiting for Mr. Hubby to come back from work..Danish a.k.a Boboy really cant wait to cut the cake off..tak berenti2 duk tanya pukul berapa papa nak come back..hehe..Nice one I bet...love it to bits..Dah nama cheesecake..waktu bila yang aku akan kata tak sedap taktau laa..incik hubby dah mula bising..huhu..

The recipe..?? you may want to check it here...The different only that I put the blueberry the topping and the filling I dropped a few blueberry filling inside before I pour all the mixture into the baking pan...Daaa...It that simple..?? Happy baking peeps....!!



Papakeechee said...

OMG!! Sedap nyer ... Happy birthday to both mother and son =)

Imma said...

Thanks Kak Rina...this one seriously sedap...huhu..klu minat meh laa try..kekekekee...