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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kak Pah's Giveaway

OK...since been tagged by Idah to join in this GA..here I made it up..mana tau kut2 ada luck kali nii..but the most bear in my heart is..Yang penting hepi.. :-)

As simple as this:
  • make an entry about this GA (DONE)
  • copy the banner to sidebar (DONE)
  • tag THREE of your friend to join : Adha, DM and Papakeechee (DONE) AND
  • leave your comment to the comment box so the organizer could visit you back,  (DONE)
  • this GA is opened to anyone that visit KakPah's home :-) chill...
So what else to wait..jom join jom...twelve more days to go for the closing date on 12 MARCH 2011..

1 comment:

kakpah said...

salam imma,
kakpah datang buat lawatan. Good luck.