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Thursday, February 3, 2011

FarmVille vs FarmReaL

This is one of our activity in the evening..well since the exercise activities were always failed to be done..tsk tsk tsk..

So with this land space like sekangkang anak kera niih..we use it to plan such like vege kinds of plants..Is farming interesting..?? No doubt I tell you especially when they starts to returned you for all sorts of your efforts all these while..hihihiii..

The tomatoes terrace and chillies

The mustard and spinach terrace as well as the corn  terrace yang tak berapa nak menjadi..hikhiks
And just look at that little creature..sangat tekun hokeyh..
Habis batas aku dia sodok....

It is merely because I am so bad of planning for jogging or what not, so at least this kind of thing could make me sweat and feel better..weiii...penat jugak wooo menyangkoi..menebass..tapi bessttt....!!! Since the petrol price is keep on hiking up and up..at least jimat duit incik Hubby tak yah beli sayoq-sayoq dan yang ditanam pon are his fave vege too..

Deretan ubi kayu yang sering menjadi mangsa montot dia..

And yang sedang diusahakan nii is for chinese kale ;-)

And to your knowing..this little kiddo really can't just stay not doing anything..hari2 ajak mak a.k.a his grandmom nak pi kebon..nak pi kebon...!! and that tool is belong permanently to him okeyh..nak pinjam sat pon tak mau bagi..

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