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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tart Gulung (Tart Nenas)

Alamak..kenapa boleh lupa nak cerita pasal tart nenas / tart gulung yang aku buat sendiri tahun nii erh..sebabb selama nii tart gulung kakak aku yang adun..aku tukang gumpal jem nenas and bakaq jaa..but this year punya cerita tart gulung adalah dari adunan tangan sendiri..and well...still not that bad..the kids and the adults were seems could not stop themselves to come and go having it..kagumm gituhhh..


Gilaaa...!!! macam tak percaya tahun ni semua cookies aku buat sendiri..but boleh laa sementara ada yang nak membantu sikit2..tak dak laa bosan sgt aku duk sorang2 kat dapoq tuu baking for all alone..but tahun depan klu dipanjangkan umur and dimurahkan rezeki masuk rumah baru..with full of hopes..boys boley laa present with all their piling keen and kindness to help..ahaks..

And by the way, below are the ingredients and way how to prepare it:

- Nenas (2 biji saiz sederhana diparut)
- Gula (as how you wish your jam to be sweet)
- 1/2 sudu teh cuka masak
- 2 kuntum bunga cengkih
- sedikit kayu manis
- 1 sudu teh esen vanila
(masak nenas yang dah diparut sambil dikacau sampai kering air..kemudian masukkan semua bahan-bahan lain dan kacau lagi hingga jem pekat..gunakan api sederhana sebab kalau api kuat nanti jem cepat hitam / hangus)

250g tepung cookies
25g tepung jagung
30g tepung castard
25g tepung susu (optional, klu nak bole letak, klu xnak pun takpa)
250g butter
1 biji telur
1 sudu besar minyak sapi
1 sudu teh esen vanila
1 sudu besar gula - (untuk doh saya tak letak gula sebab jem dah manis  (menu sihat laa konon-konon)

- kuning telur utk hiasan

Cara nak buat:-

  1. Pukul gula dan butter hingga sebati. Masukkan telur dan esen vanila dan pukul lagi sampai sebati
  2. Masukkan tepung-tepungan semua dengan minyak sapi then uli
  3. Tekan dengan acuan, letak jem then gulung
  4. Masukkan dalam dulang pembakar then bakar dalam oven pada suhu 160 darjah selama 15 minit atau sampai masak laa erh..
  5. Setelah masak, kluarkan dan sapu kuning telur cepat2 masa tart tengah panas lagi..ada orang sapu masa sblm bakar..ikut laa mana2 u all suka..
  6. Biarkan sejuk dan bole laa disimpan dalam bekas or dalam perut.. :-)
Selamat mencuba
Happy baking moms and gurls out there..
Cheers ;-)

Marble Shortbread

OK then..finally I had made up my time to upload this to share with you guys..
My first attempt on baking this ever..
But all in all, it's simply simple cookies that I had never thought before..
And what was the most simple that came to my mind was..it is super duper yummy and I only managed to buy it..therefore it's came to the very simple that I can do..hahaha..org utara kata baloq 'pe-nye-gan'..

Here you go the look of it and so sorry since saya budak baru belajaq kann...please excuse me with all the messiness cuts on it and the presentation..lepaih nii konfem haku buat yang paling cun punyaa lahh :-D

Marble Shortbread versi Mummy's Stories

Well guys, it super simple task on making and baking it..you may wanna put your try on this yummylicious cookies..Here you may wan to find the way of makin' them.

Happy baking moms and gurls..
Cheers ;-)

Friday, August 26, 2011

My Marble Shortbread in the Making

My very first attempt with this cookies of my fave..Selama ni asyik beli jaa..so this year around,  as my wish to celebrate the hari raya with all my hand made cookies, it's finally come to real.. :-)

Here we go with the base ingredients:
- 120g cookies flour
- 50g of castor sugar mix with brown sugar
- 40g of fine almond
- 100g of butter (melt)
- 45g milk powder

- 200g of bar cooking chocolate + choc shine
- 65g of white choc + choc shine

How to prepare:
- mix all the base ingredients and  knead them gently until it perform into dough
- press them into the brass with cutter and prick with a fork
- bake in the oven at 180 degrees for 15 minutes
- once well cooked, take them out and press the cutter to cut them into pieces then take the cutter out

- melt the cooking chocolate with the choc shine. Use either to double boil or melt them in the microwave (- easier) for 90 seconds. Same goes with the white chocolate

- pour the chocolate onto the base.
- and align evenly to cover all the base

- Piping the white chocolate on it. The decoration can go as how you like

- use a stick to strike out the topping chocolate to produce the decoration. You  may want to decorate the marble pattern spirally

- put back the cutter and keep into the fridge for 15 minutes to harden the chocolate.
- Then take them out, pull out the cutter carefully to prevent broken to the cookies

That is all...Quite a simple and easy way to perform..
Wait for the next update for the ready of it
Happy Cooking

Cheers ;-)

Lady Barber the Return

I had previously told about the lady barber that had make over to her son for new haircut, but if you remember the story all about..here you may got it..

And to your knowing, she had now return again for the new make over...and of course as a preparation of rambut raya the little boy of hers..muahahaha...

Just look at down here..as the usual, the pictures tells better...please excuse the photo quality as it was taken by my cameraphone plus that little munchkin tak reti duk diam, macam beluncaih.. :-D

BEFORE ~ The beginning of the progress...nasib baik rambut jenis halus and lurus..therefore it was not that difficult..senang aku trim-trimkan jaa..cuma takut sbb dia tak reti duk diam..turning here and there...

AFTER the make over!! padahal tak seberapa pun but anyway...anak aku sudah hensyem...yeayy!! boley raya dahhh...bole pakai songkok..!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cerita-ceriti Bukak Posa - Part II

There are heavy rain outside there and I seems to be stuck here at school as there are strong wind too instead.. Well, if so, let's continue the story about Cerita-ceriti Bukak Posa yang semalam tak dan nak sembang habih tuu kan...hihi..

Well, just only last Sunday we had a small gathering with the hubbies colleagues and that time I had a chat moment with DM and AreShie..We get to know each other since the hubster are the co-worker during in Dell..and meanwhile the sons and daughter of us are bonding each other too..What a sweet friendship that we have.. :-)

and here was the place been chosen for iftar..cool gathering, nice meal but the most sweetest was the time being spend together.. :-)

And there was a time when we had our break fast at Queensbay Mall Secret Recipe..the lovely place that we always been masa zaman dating-dating lepas bertunang dolu..well me and hubby tak sempat dating-dating cintan cintun pun..kenal as friend, then got engaged and after not so long, we tied the knot.. :-)
 The little boy's fave ~mushroom soup~

and of course my fave dish.. ~noodle in tom yum kung~

And we had once put on a try to have our break fast moment at China Muslim Restaurant D'Piazza Bayan Baru..Nice light meal cooked as Chinese style but the little one was requesting to have nasik twiangle (nasik impit) from Ah Basri Satay.

 The gummy mommy with her gummy bear.. :-D

hmm...the yummy funny face from the little boy..sedap sangat laa tuu kengkonon..huh! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cerita-ceriti Bukak Posa

al-kisah berbuka puasa untuk bulan puasa tahun nii..rasa macam banyaknyaa tempat yang dijelajah untuk berbuka instead of berbuka kat rumah, tapi banyaknyaa tak tersempat nak ambik gambaq..

So kita layankan jaa laah setakat mana yang ada nii...hmm..of course the very first day was the most excited day for break fast. Hence this is the menu of that day..roti jala dengan kari daging..great yummylicious..
image googled (sebab pic sendiri taktau ke mana..huhuhuu)

Lepas few days berbuka kat rumah jaa..mula laa memenuhi jemputan dan tuntutan-tuntutan nafsu berbuka kat luaq..Been to few places such like Seoul Garden Gurney Plaza, Secret Recipe, Pizza Hut, China Muslim Restaurant @D'Piazza, Pen Mutiara Batu Maung and etc..There we go through the story with the pic..as pics could tells better than the letters..ahakss :-)

@Gurney Plaza Seoul Garden..While waiting for the iftar time, this little boy is enjoying his new color pencils..Good boy..

@Queensbay Mall Pizza Hut..one of the pan pizza ordered..Island supreme of my fave ;-) and while waiting for azan to break fast, this little boy will always with his own business..

Please disregard about the pipi yang so tembun itu yerp...

 Tu tengah nak observe and discover apa plak dah tuu...ada laa tuh satgi...

Hmmm...nyum nyum...yummy yummy...his fave jajan..
cup corn

Do check out the way how this little boy hold the spoon..
Orang kata..kreatip.. :-D


Peace gitu..aci tak..??

Till here first..please excuse me for prayer first and lepas ni nak pi pasar ramadhan sat..nanti-nanti continue lagik erh...

Selamat Berbuka..

Biskut Makmur Resepi Tradisi

Nothing much to blog about but no but here I am generously share the family's tradition Makmur recipe. Since I have been so tight in schedule, let me put some of my little free gap to share this with you guys..

Biskut Makmur

Ingredients for the dough :
- 300g cookies flour 
- 300g ghee oil (as necessary)
- 150g margarine
- 1 pc of egg

Ingredients for the core (mix):
- peanuts (baked & finely mashed)
- sesame seeds
- sugar

- Powdered sugar (for coated)

Steps how to make:

  1. Melt the ghee
  2. While the ghee been left for melting, break the egg and stir with the margarine until well blended
  3. Pour the flour and the melted ghee, mix them all well. Make sure the dough are not too soft or too hard, therefore it would be easier to be malleable.
  4. Shape into a round shape and put the core
  5. Bake them with 180 degrees for about 10-15 minutes.
  6. Once cooked, roll them in powdered sugar
  7.  Ready

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

1st One for Warming Up ~Peanut MazoLa Cookies~

Dalam duk bz dan kemalasan serta keletihan yang berganda-gan da nih..akhirnya siap jugak cookies pertama haku untuk raya nii..

And introducing the turun-temurun recipe from nenek moyang atok nenek kitorg dolu-dolu..so now being passed down to me dan ini lah hasilnya...

Biskut Mazola Kacang

No secret recipe, NO special ingredients, NO extraordinary tips to bake this up..Super duper simple..As I am yang agak malas kurang rajin nii..suka yang all the simple one..

600g Kacang Tanah (goreng and blend halus)
400g tepung gandum
Gula (ikut suka nak letak banyak mana, nak manis letak banyak, nak sedang2, agak2 laa..rasa laa doh tuu nak setakat mana)
Mazola Oil (nak guna utk uli..pon main agak2 tuang..boleh gitu..??)

Baking Steps:
Memula, mix all the peanuts, tepung, gula then gaul laa sampai serata...baru tuang minyak Mazola..
After all uli laa sampai doh tuu boley dibentuk sesuka hati rupa apa..I like the basic look..legend..

Bake them into the oven with the temperature of 180 degrees for about 10-15 minutes..dah siap... :-)

Simple..??Have fun on baking...
Till then..see ya in the next entry which I sure all about the cookies again ;-)
I wish to make real for my very 1st attempt baking the shortbread for raya this year...TUNGGUUUU...!!!

Cheers :-)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Wake Up Again...

Dah lama tak update blog...Banyak kerja yang perlu dihambat and diselesaikan..SUP, SAPS, SPM RC PBS..haish macam2 lah..tahun ni I was wayyyyy busy than the past year...tsk tsk tsk..

Berapa lamanyaaa aku tak sedaq yang 'rumah' ni dah lama terabai without the spaces being tidy up..Sooo bad of me..Until when a friend of mind came and told me that I have no new update of the stories here since my very last entry..

Cikgu Shahabudin, thanks a bunch for being a loyal to fan to this mess blog of mine.. :-)

Therefore, fulfilling the request from friends esp cikgu Shahabudin, here I come back to make this home awake again just like before..I hope I can make it again..Ok, till here first..see ya to the next entry..daa..

*off to bake raya cookies*