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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Marble Shortbread

OK then..finally I had made up my time to upload this to share with you guys..
My first attempt on baking this ever..
But all in all, it's simply simple cookies that I had never thought before..
And what was the most simple that came to my mind was..it is super duper yummy and I only managed to buy it..therefore it's came to the very simple that I can do..hahaha..org utara kata baloq 'pe-nye-gan'..

Here you go the look of it and so sorry since saya budak baru belajaq kann...please excuse me with all the messiness cuts on it and the presentation..lepaih nii konfem haku buat yang paling cun punyaa lahh :-D

Marble Shortbread versi Mummy's Stories

Well guys, it super simple task on making and baking it..you may wanna put your try on this yummylicious cookies..Here you may wan to find the way of makin' them.

Happy baking moms and gurls..
Cheers ;-)

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