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Monday, August 15, 2011

Wake Up Again...

Dah lama tak update blog...Banyak kerja yang perlu dihambat and diselesaikan..SUP, SAPS, SPM RC PBS..haish macam2 lah..tahun ni I was wayyyyy busy than the past year...tsk tsk tsk..

Berapa lamanyaaa aku tak sedaq yang 'rumah' ni dah lama terabai without the spaces being tidy up..Sooo bad of me..Until when a friend of mind came and told me that I have no new update of the stories here since my very last entry..

Cikgu Shahabudin, thanks a bunch for being a loyal to fan to this mess blog of mine.. :-)

Therefore, fulfilling the request from friends esp cikgu Shahabudin, here I come back to make this home awake again just like before..I hope I can make it again..Ok, till here first..see ya to the next entry..daa..

*off to bake raya cookies*

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