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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cerita-ceriti Bukak Posa - Part II

There are heavy rain outside there and I seems to be stuck here at school as there are strong wind too instead.. Well, if so, let's continue the story about Cerita-ceriti Bukak Posa yang semalam tak dan nak sembang habih tuu kan...hihi..

Well, just only last Sunday we had a small gathering with the hubbies colleagues and that time I had a chat moment with DM and AreShie..We get to know each other since the hubster are the co-worker during in Dell..and meanwhile the sons and daughter of us are bonding each other too..What a sweet friendship that we have.. :-)

and here was the place been chosen for iftar..cool gathering, nice meal but the most sweetest was the time being spend together.. :-)

And there was a time when we had our break fast at Queensbay Mall Secret Recipe..the lovely place that we always been masa zaman dating-dating lepas bertunang dolu..well me and hubby tak sempat dating-dating cintan cintun pun..kenal as friend, then got engaged and after not so long, we tied the knot.. :-)
 The little boy's fave ~mushroom soup~

and of course my fave dish.. ~noodle in tom yum kung~

And we had once put on a try to have our break fast moment at China Muslim Restaurant D'Piazza Bayan Baru..Nice light meal cooked as Chinese style but the little one was requesting to have nasik twiangle (nasik impit) from Ah Basri Satay.

 The gummy mommy with her gummy bear.. :-D

hmm...the yummy funny face from the little boy..sedap sangat laa tuu kengkonon..huh! 

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