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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy CD-ing Mommy I am

Since a few weeks back, I had started my planned of to start CDing to my little boy and it is now been started. I had a few reviews to share with but it's all the matter of time..
Tonight we will be depart to Shah Alam for my graduation this coming Saturday and tomorrow will be the day to collect the graduation mortal and the robe..

I was just able to upload some piccas in my Facebook album and you may want to visit it at HERE. With God wills after everything has been settled probably by next week, I'll update the review of it..

These are the second batch of my stock after the first one had been sold out two weeks back. Thank God, syukur alhamdulillah as the response amongst the mothers to start CDing are really positive. I am happy for making them to feel happy of the stuffs too..

By the way, will share out too about their review as well about the CD and the new experiences of using it..So just tunggu..... ;-)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Tassel was Worth the Hassle

After all the hardship I had went through out of last year..here the time is welcoming the great moment that I have been waiting for..It is my 2nd time graduation day this coming Saturday.

I am proud to wish myself a big congratulation and the most valuable moment that I am waiting for is to celebrate it with the boys of my life that I love soooo much with all my heart..They had support me a lot and even more than others can do in this world..Thanks both my dears..and my family too are not missing.. :-)

And since we will have the time to spend of being together..here the celebration gift that waiting for us a whole family..Tadaaaaaaa........!!!!!

image googled - the real one from my own lens are yet to arrive.. ;-)

We will be going to spend a whole fun cold day here over the cloud..Weeeee....tak sabarnyaaaa....

Exam..Exam..and Exam..!!

It has been a very tight time for me these one and two weeks due to the examination season that coming. It is not the feeling of the nervousness of answering the questions but it is all about the questions preparation that need to be done..aarghhhhh....!!! this are the dilemma of teachers that need to teach various of subjects from the major one instead...macam haku..tsk tsk tsk..

Well, after being in a veeeryyyyyy long day of thinking the new set of Rekacipta paper for my students, finally i came out with it yesterday..So to all my students, please please please be prepare with the questions from cikgu hampa (=korang) niiih hokeyh..!! I just don't want and I could not yet afford to answer to the administration if you are not doing so well in your examination especially for my paper..Well my dear students, I am very knew that you guys can do it..yeahh..chaiyukk chaiyukk..!! ~wink wink~

So friends, I will be on and off here for a while due to this tight time that I have lately and some more I will be attending my graduation day by this coming Saturday.. :-)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Cerita Sang KanciL

Lately Boboy has such of difficulties of falling asleep even it is already late of the night, the light was all turned off and there were no any voice could be heard unless bunyi kipas yang macam helekopter dalam bilik due to the hot weather..

And these few days, the bedtime for Boboy was always been accompanied with the story of Cerita sang Kanchil to him that allegedly it will be such a bedtime story for him laaa..I had told him the stories like about 2 nights with hope that he will fall asleep with that super bored story told by his mother but unfortunately he is NOT and the other way round..mummy yang terlelap dulu..huwarghhhhh...!! ~yawning so badly~

Yesterday, when I came back from school and was accompanying him (Boboy) playing around in the house, he suddenly nagging alone without I was knowing any one of his words. I was like trying to catching up of the things that he was nagging about and following by his back quietly..and here what I got:

Boboy sambil menunggang his motorbike and nagging alone.."tibha-tibha...... thiyaa tampakkk....... paputan pountann..."

Sooo...Anyone of you could tell me what he was saying....???

OK...come and let me help to translate it to you guys..As my story to him sounds this way.."Pada suatu hari...Sang Kanchil sedang berjalan-jaaaalan di dalam hutan..Tiba-tiba..dia ternampak..sepohon rambutan...". Yes..exactly..the only two sentences of really short story for to nights in a row..and here he could tell us back about it..hahahahahaa.... ~kan bagus kalau ada video dia..hikhiks..~

And until now, when anyone in the house asked for the Cerita Sang Kanchil from Boboy, there you go he will tell you the story about..without the pada suatu hari but then terus jaa jump to tibhaa-tibhaa..


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Contest Lagi..!! Best Vacation Photo Contest

Blog walking to BabyIbu home and came across with this contest, BEST VACATION PHOTO CONTEST by Mekchu.

Today will be the last day of joining, and hence I am taking the last minute action posting the entry. Here the photo I strongly believe the most happier, cheerful, fun, sweet, beautiful, and most wonderful holiday moment ever that being crafted into this pic.

Nama Glamour : ImmaSurya (glamour kaa)
Date: 11 December 2009
Location : Pangkor Island
This picture been taken during the family holiday trip to Pangkor in Dec. 2009 (last year laa tuu). During the trip there, we did rent motorbike instead of renting van or what not as riding motorbike was the most enjoyful especially while doing convoy to everywhere in Pangkor.

The idea of taking this pic came from my sister (yang mencangkung pakai pinky bottom) to take picture of all the family members the in order of telling people that we were renting and riding motorbike there is by wearing helmet. Therefore you will see everyone in the pic are wearing helmet. When we looked back to this photo, there definitely will be the big smile from everyone that see it..

So, these are some of the sweet, fun and enjoyable moment that we had as all of the family members a whole joining the holiday.. :-)

So peeps, what else to wait, there is still time to join. Come and visit the terms and condition HERE.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mission Finally Accomplished..!!

We will be going to Shah Alam by end of this month as I will be graduated once more time after the 1st moment that passed a looong time ago in 2003 for my degree, and this time around my Diploma in Edu is taking place.

So, since a whole family will be attending the graduation event, me and hubby had planned for some short vacation to Genting Highlands and therefore, we have to work hard towards the mission of seeking the jacket for our little bundle of joy since his Carters sweater is now getting tighter and tighter to fit on his body..sweater tuh laa mengecik..anak aku cool jaa ponn.. :-P

So after been measuring quite a few of the mall's floor, we finally end up with ORS Outlet in Georgetown to get this one for Boboy. So cool and nice to him. Without not much of bargain and nagging to Mr Hubby, I really wanted to buy this one..kalau laa ada yang saiz aku..konfem! like mummy like son.. ~wink wink~

Yeahh..soooo cool to fit him.. ;-) tak sabaq pulak nak bercuti-cutian hujung bulan nii..So, Genting...!!! do wait and here we will come... ~ chehh..!! ingatkan excited nak graduate..but then galak nak berjalan jaa lebihnyaa.. -menyampah ~

Contest Baby & CD

Sapa nak join kontes..!!! sila klik kat gambar baby cumill kat bawah inii...

Jalan-jalan ke blog kawan-kawan nak cari more info pasal CD nih and suddenly came across with this contest and jiwa terpanggil utk menjoinkan diri since Boboy dah start with his very new 1st CD..plus it has been a long time I had never join in to any contest..It's matter of time..kadang2 nal blogwalk pon tak berkesempatan..
So to those that willing to join, please welcome yourself to drop by here for all the terms and condition..Cool..masa masih panjang lagi as the closing date will be on 31st May 2010.. ;-)
OK, here the photos yang nak dipertaruhkan untuk contest nii...jeng..!! jeng..!! jenggg...!!!!!

bila pakai CD, slalu taknak sluar..

tough kan anak haku..!!! weeee..

posing baekkk punyaa..

Seluar letak tepi hokeyh..so 'owan tuwar' = (don't want sluar)



Umur anak : 18 bulan

Since I am starting of collecting CD for my little munchkin, let's preview about the prizes for all the winners..and how nice if Boboy could get it..hik hiks..

Tempat Pertama
(I wish I could get this since belum ada Minky collection yet..)
~ 1 CD Minky

2 Hadiah Saguhati
~ 1 helai Busha Legging stp seorg

So..what to wait..!!! come and support the contest..

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gotong Royong @SkewL

Picture picture on the wall, please help me to tell the stories of what was happening last Saturday at school.. :-) The collaborative event organized in conjunction to the school cleaning and beautify campaign..

Cleaning the classrooms..yer yer jaa laa bebudak nih..sat jaa nih..muahahahaa..

School Library section that involved my form students. You guys are so kind dear in helping..right after done with their classroom.. ;-)

Arranging the books and classify accordingly

And this...?? What were they doing..?? Ahaks...After finish with the collaborative works, here we been..all teachers had gathered in the meeting room..For what yeah you guys guess..Further more on Saturday..??

Haks haks...we were practicing singing the song Guruu Malaysia and Guru Pembina Negara Bangsa as a super great preparation for Teacher's Day event that held only yesterday.. ~wink~

So, just wait for the update on the event yesterday. Perhaps this time around I will not let my picture magic wall to tell you the stories..hahahahaa...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Vote Me for "KASIH IBU Contest"

I am joining this KASIH IBU Contest organized by Arked Luna with conjunction of Mother's Day celebration.
And here was the photo that being bet with hope to win with God wills...

So peeps..you are most invited to vote me at Arked Luna's facebook album HERE by clicking on LIKE button. All your support will be advanced with the most highly thanks wishes..Love you olls..mmuahh..

~ Guru Pembina Negara Bangsa ~

Dedicated to all teachers at a whole world..

Music Playlist at MixPod.com

Guru Malaysia

Kami guru Malaysia
Berikrar dan berjanji
Mendidik dan memimpin
Putra putri negara kita
Pada Seri Paduka
Kami tumpahkan setia
Rukun Negara kita
Panduan hidup kami semua

Di bidang pembangunan
Kami tetap bersama
Membantu, membina
Negara yang tercinta

Amanah yang diberi
Kami tak persiakan
Apa yang kami janji
Tunai tetap kami tunaikan

Guru Pembina Negara Bangsa

Bersedia melangkah megah
Walaupun sukar baktiku curah
Demi mu ibu pertiwi
Sumpah ku lafaz janji kukota

Berikrar eratkan bangsaKukuhkan cinta kepada Negara
Berjasa terus berjasa
Menyebarkan ilmu tiada batasnya

Guru Pembina Negara Bangsa
Gagah perjuangkan visi NegaraBangunkan jiwa yang pelbagai rupa
Demi agama dan nusa tercinta

Guru Pembina Negara Bangsa
Tetap Unggul senadakan suara
Sehaluan menggapai matlamatnya
Cemerlang dan gemilangkan Malaysia

Saturday, May 15, 2010

SeLamaT Hari Guru.."

saat kau cangkihkan
ilmu di papan hitam itu.
saat Debu kapur yg terhirup ke dadamu…
minda dan mataku nakal melihatmu.....
Cantik kau hari ini
Di mana agaknya baju ini kau beli
Berapa harganya
Mampukah kusarungkan ia
Di tubuh ibuku
Dan sayangku
Cantik bibirmu
Kau terkumat-kumit mencari idea
saat kau cangkihkan ilmu
Di papan itu

Tiba-tiba kau menjerit
Menggoncangsedarkan aku dari lamunan

“ah...apakah yang telah disampaikan....
Aku alpa melayan lamun”
Saat kau coretkan
Tanda-tanda di buku tulisku
Tinta merah yang mencalarkan hatimu
Aku di bangku
Mengulum senyum
Menunggu suaramu menyeruku
Mendengar hingarnya menegurku
Mencubit sakit bahuku

“ahh....berbuat salah itu sebuah kebahagiaan”
Tika leternmu menyembur liur ke bibirku
Jiwa nakalku
Menari gembira

Saat ini
Air matamu menitis
Menghamburkan airmata penyudah
Berkias amanat
Harapan kau pada aku“anak muda...kejar hidupmu
Telah kubekalkan kau buku, pena dan pelangi”

Aku berlalu
Dalam riba mimpi
Sang pencinta

nurkilan dari murid itu:
Muhamad Asyraf


My Baby CooL... ;-)

My baby is being so cooooool these days with his new tampin tantik (lampin cantik) since we had started to use CD (cloth diapers to him.

Boboy with his new 1st CD..doesn't he look so cool I tell you..?? ;-)

Me and Mr Hubby are now taking the time of doing transitioning from regularly using disposable diapers to using CD for our little lovely boy due to the information that we gain little by little of the benefit of using reusable diapers compare to the disposable one.

Why CD..? Here you go with some info to share with.. ;-)

This info has been shared among my colleagues at school and they really positive on this..Good start for me of starting business..hik hiks.. ~wink~

Fever..!! Fever..!! Please Go Away

My baby he talk a lot..he love to smile and laugh..he used to play with me, with his dad, with his tok, his aunties and everyone in the house..But not at time last few days..He had been so cranky at most of the time, the whole day was filled with the clingy-ness not to everyone in the house except him mommy..

We brought him to paed on Wednesday and according to her, Boboy had a very high fever at 39 degrees celcius of body temp that really made me to feel uncomfortable, worried and of course sooooo sad of having the hard time seeing my little baby suffering of the sickness. The ulcers were here and there in his mouth. His tonsil badly swollen that caused him could not to take meal and milk as usual. I had to spoon feeding him at the time when straw was no longer helping him sipping the drink. Asyik bagi tau sakit mulut sakit mulut..

Sleeping during the night time was the most worst moment as he could not sleep tightly. He woke up at every single hour and kept on saying "Mommy.....atit molot...mommy....atit molot...". Really I did not had a good enough sleeping time since these few nights..Till hari ni migraine mula menyerang..tsk tsk..

When the Friday had come, I could see the recovering on him..He managed to drink from cup as usual, taking his milk on his feeding bottle again, but not eating. He still refused to eat something a little bit solid such like soft rice..Bread smoothly soaked into milk was helped but only a little bite from a piece.

And today, he is really back to his condition as usual..being so active, so cheeky and so entertaining in front of our eyes..Thank God for returning my healthy boy back..I am so happy for him but the sickness is now slowly transitioning to his mom but I really do willing to accept it as long as not him to suffer of everything..Enough for the rest last few days..huhu

Monday, May 10, 2010

Pieces by Usman Awang - 1979

This time around, I am writing in Malay the words are so poetic and I love every single pieces of the words. And again with conjunction to the Teacher's Day that is around the corner, here I would like to share this the most meaningful words to the such a noble person out there..Without 'you' then I will be no one..Therefore I am being just like 'you' no matter what.. :-)

My very first pic as a teacher during the year 2008..jangan tak percaya..during this time I was 8 months expecting.. :-)

"Jika hari ini seorang Perdana Menteri berkuasa, Jika hari ini seorang Raja menaiki takhta, Jika hari ini seorang Presiden sebuah negara, Jika hari ini seorang ulama yang mulia, Jika hari ini seorang peguam menang bicara, Jika hari ini seorang penulis terkemuka, Jika hari ini siapa sahaja menjadi dewasa, Sejarahnya dimulakan oleh seorang guru biasa, Dengan lembut sabarnya mengajar tulis-baca. (USMAN AWANG 1979)"

Di saat tahun aku dilahirkan dan pada ketika itulah si penulis melahirkan nukilan yang penuh bermakna ini istimewa buat insan-insan mulia bergelar C.I.K.G.U...

Of Our Sunday Yesterday

Yesterday, nothing much of activities to do and therefore, what and where else the destination to be other than QBay Mall..nearer and convenient..As long as we could spend time together..jalan2 and layan kerenah anak. Plus the little boy keep on whining to anan-anan (jalan-jalan)..

Since we wanted to go out at least somewhere, I asked Mr Hubby to get some more stock of baby gauze for Boboy. Actually, we did not really pampering our little boy with disposable diapers but only during the outing time or travel but at all the time being at home, Boboy will be using reusable diapers. Jimat and praktikal..

While wandering around, we had came across with this entertainment corner. Can be said as 2 in 1 fulfilling the boys of mine interest..WHY..?? Because Boboy will definitely loves the cars and his dad really love of playing the remote control car. And hence, I am nagging Mr Hubby to stop by and try on this.

Toys street @Queensbay Mall

Boboy's fave..Yeaa yeaa mummy..I am ready to go...weee haaaa...!!!

I really love to see them really enjoy of having fun with their favorite stuffs ahaaaa of course. Lets join me to watch them in action.. ~wink wink~ i loiikeee.. :-)

Papa's fave..playing with remote control car..weee heeee....I wish if I could get one of this and so Mr Hubby could look after lil boy while I can get some extra rest..muahahahhaaa..aci takk..??

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Selamat Hari Ahad.. ;-)

Happy Sunday morning to all..I am thinking of what are the activities that we are going to have to day..Nak pi rumah makcik lah..and have lunch there might be a good idea kan..tak yah laa nak masak.. :-P and plus it's been quite a long time we never been there..

Yesterday was the most wonderful day we had together..It is not the matter of present or what not, but the most precious time spent with all mommies in the family was really the golden time during the celebration of Mother's Day this year in our family..Again, family gathering..

Cappuccino Cheesecake from Secret Recipe and plus ada laksa Penang recipe from mak..super duper yummilicious.. :-)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Lovely Song to Me ;-)

16th of May is really near to the corner and this time around I will be celebrating such a great celebrationfor the 2nd time..for those who has been commissioned as a TEACHER..bear in your mind that this is the golden title given to us as WE are the selected one.. ;-)

I feel really can't wait to have such a big day..Counting the days from now on, 1 week is actually as in a blink of an eyes to be reach..and hence here I feel so proud and excitedly presenting this song to all teachers out there...

kami guru Malaysia
berikrar dan berjanji
mendidik dan memimpin
putera puteri negara kita

pada Seri Paduka
kami tumpahkan setia
Rukunegara kita
panduan hidup kami semua

di bidang pembangunan
kami tetap bersama
negara yang tercinta

amanah yang diberi
kami tak persiakan
apa yang kami janji
tunai tetap kami tunaikan

Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Lovely Mothers Day

Wishing proudly to all mommies out there.. "HAPPY LOVELY MOTHERS DAY" May all the blessing will be yours eternally..Thank you my mom for being the great ever mother of the world..We will always love you forever...!! mmmmuahhh

~~ ^_^ HAPPY MOTHERS DAY...!!!! ^_^ ~~

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Hey people..I was just babbling about this last few days and guess what happened today while I was driving to and back from school today...??!!

Arghhhhh..they are really immoral parents I could say for not considering the safety of their most value property they have. Some more it is given by HIM..

This morning, there was a father carrying his daughter on his motorbike whom I believe just only 5 or 6 years old when looking to the kindergarten uniform the girl was wearing. The father was carrying her daughter just by putting the girl to sit at the front seat from him. I bet everyone who read this can imagine. I could see the father was kind of a bit uncomfortable riding the motorbike. Isn't that dangerous..?? Plus there was no HELMET provided to the girl and furthermore the girl was carrying her bag on her shoulder by her own..Ehh sii bapak..nak aja aku stop and tumpangkan anak kau kat kereta haku pagi tadi taw..!! but there is no way to stop by..the one-way road is too narrow and operated following the signal from traffic light for the vehicles from which way to pass by first.

Okay, that is the part for morning. And what that happened while I was on my way back from school. And again the father riding motorbike, using the same hilly and extremely zig-zag road, carrying the two sons on the back seat one with helmet and the other one with none of it..Arghh again..membakar hati...Not just enough with that, on the front seat, there was another kid of his was sitting on the front seat from him..and of course with no helmet and what that make me really really really mad was..the kid's face was being covered with only kain batik which I believe the father was feeling so kesian to his child and so by doing that way he could prevent the kid from dust or smoke or what not..Gilaaaa kaa hapaa..!!

Owhh..!! Please I am begging to all parents, do care of your kid's safety as they don't know anything about taking a good care of themselves. Yes some people they are likely not capable of providing the comfort and the luxury of course NOT at ALL but this doesn't mean that the safety can be put aside too...God has given so much of ways for us to try on and to find out..

On the other side of the story, this was what had happened to this boy..dah ada but soooo infrequent of using it. And after soooo long this car seat being place quietly in his dad's car, finally the boy requested to sit on it yesterday...He be on this seat from the beginning until the end of the story of Ronda-ronda petang semalam.hikshiks...

Monday, May 3, 2010

Babywearing While Driving..??

No...!! please never ever do this anyway..!!

While blog-walk to one of my blogger friend, this is something that I think I should share it out. Some people is taking this just for granted as they will say that they not driving in dangerous condition..Yes you are super duper i&%#* M@)^|..'great' reason of yours but don't you ever realize that there is something else in danger while you are doing it..and it is the most valuable thing that you will never get it back once you had it lost..Oh my God mintak dijauhkan..

Boboy while 2 month old..every weekend he will following me to send his dad to the bus stand to go back to Penang..tsk tsk tsk..masa dah berlalu..

Boboy while 5 months old..bulatnyaa sayang mummy...hikhik..senyum jaa kan duk kat car seat..besttt...

Aku sayang anak aku..
so please..please and please I am begging all mommy out there to appreciate the gift that God gives. Don't you feel happy if they are happy an safe too...I just really can't imagine when there are mommy could BF their baby while driving..oh what a so 'great' job that she has done to her baby especially when looking at the safety side..aduihhhhh...!!!

Garnier Light the Recovery Tips v.s Rania Gold

The very first post of this month is taking place by now with the tips that transparently shared out with all.

You know that I had been involved as a committee during the school sports and the preparation as a whole some time in March this year. And of course to your knowledge, people will get skin sunburned if talking about involvement in sports activity even though as an MC sitting all over the event under the canopy..hukhukhuks..

Yes..that is what was happening to me. I got quite serious sunburn last time and had been trying to find for recovery for almost two weeks but end up with failure. Until one of my colleague told me to try on this Garnier Light as it was worked fine for her. With no waits, I asked my Mr Hubby to go and get it from Giant Hypermarket.

Guess what, I got the good recovery just in 2-3 weeks time. And guess what, there was one other of my colleague come and tell me that I had my skin back to normal with no more sunburn..hehehe..of course I am happy.. ~wink wink~

Last Saturday, I went back to MIL house as they were holding a tahlil feast. And again my biras (my sister in law's husband) said to me that my skin looks lighter compare to before..hihihii..but..maksudnya aku gelap sangat laa before this...ahakhaks...

But anyway, I am thinking of to still stick with this brand or back to the usual kits that I was using before..hmm..Garnier is way cheaper compare to Rania Gold further more..so anyone would want to put their suggestion..??? ;-)