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Monday, May 3, 2010

Garnier Light the Recovery Tips v.s Rania Gold

The very first post of this month is taking place by now with the tips that transparently shared out with all.

You know that I had been involved as a committee during the school sports and the preparation as a whole some time in March this year. And of course to your knowledge, people will get skin sunburned if talking about involvement in sports activity even though as an MC sitting all over the event under the canopy..hukhukhuks..

Yes..that is what was happening to me. I got quite serious sunburn last time and had been trying to find for recovery for almost two weeks but end up with failure. Until one of my colleague told me to try on this Garnier Light as it was worked fine for her. With no waits, I asked my Mr Hubby to go and get it from Giant Hypermarket.

Guess what, I got the good recovery just in 2-3 weeks time. And guess what, there was one other of my colleague come and tell me that I had my skin back to normal with no more sunburn..hehehe..of course I am happy.. ~wink wink~

Last Saturday, I went back to MIL house as they were holding a tahlil feast. And again my biras (my sister in law's husband) said to me that my skin looks lighter compare to before..hihihii..but..maksudnya aku gelap sangat laa before this...ahakhaks...

But anyway, I am thinking of to still stick with this brand or back to the usual kits that I was using before..hmm..Garnier is way cheaper compare to Rania Gold further more..so anyone would want to put their suggestion..??? ;-)


Drama Mama said...

dulu pernah nak try Garnier but turn off becoz of F*sha S*nda. hahaha

For me, still sticking with Olay. tapi sbb lani dah jarang pakai muka semua dah nampak signs of aging..uwaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!

Imma said...

Ehh..tak aging aihh..comey apa..
But some people said that Rania Gold bagus utk aging problem..Tak tau laa..heheh

By the way...tak suka dia kaa..hihii..

adcom said...

penah try garnier gk sblm ni.tp x sesuai ngan kulit.naik jerawat batu.huhu...

safi rania Gold tu ade bahan pemutih tak imma? i am thinking to change from currently using basic safi. but my skin xleh terima kalau ade pemutih.

Imma said...

hmm..looking to the packaging..Rania Gold tu mcm bole cerahkan and tegangkan kulit..so not sure laa ada bahan pemutih ker tidak..but the ada SPF protection laa..

BTW Adha..ko dah puteh melepak dah..hehehehe..