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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Contest Lagi..!! Best Vacation Photo Contest

Blog walking to BabyIbu home and came across with this contest, BEST VACATION PHOTO CONTEST by Mekchu.

Today will be the last day of joining, and hence I am taking the last minute action posting the entry. Here the photo I strongly believe the most happier, cheerful, fun, sweet, beautiful, and most wonderful holiday moment ever that being crafted into this pic.

Nama Glamour : ImmaSurya (glamour kaa)
Date: 11 December 2009
Location : Pangkor Island
This picture been taken during the family holiday trip to Pangkor in Dec. 2009 (last year laa tuu). During the trip there, we did rent motorbike instead of renting van or what not as riding motorbike was the most enjoyful especially while doing convoy to everywhere in Pangkor.

The idea of taking this pic came from my sister (yang mencangkung pakai pinky bottom) to take picture of all the family members the in order of telling people that we were renting and riding motorbike there is by wearing helmet. Therefore you will see everyone in the pic are wearing helmet. When we looked back to this photo, there definitely will be the big smile from everyone that see it..

So, these are some of the sweet, fun and enjoyable moment that we had as all of the family members a whole joining the holiday.. :-)

So peeps, what else to wait, there is still time to join. Come and visit the terms and condition HERE.


mama zharfan said...

salam ziarah..good luck!

churalliya said...

imma, thanks join contest ni..
-checked by mekchu-

Imma said...

mama zharfan:
makasih for the wish.. :-) and thanks for visiting..

Imma said...

owh..no prob..kam mmg suka memeriahkan kontes kawan2..tanda sokong kann.. :-)

Thanks anyway.. ;-)