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Monday, May 10, 2010

Of Our Sunday Yesterday

Yesterday, nothing much of activities to do and therefore, what and where else the destination to be other than QBay Mall..nearer and convenient..As long as we could spend time together..jalan2 and layan kerenah anak. Plus the little boy keep on whining to anan-anan (jalan-jalan)..

Since we wanted to go out at least somewhere, I asked Mr Hubby to get some more stock of baby gauze for Boboy. Actually, we did not really pampering our little boy with disposable diapers but only during the outing time or travel but at all the time being at home, Boboy will be using reusable diapers. Jimat and praktikal..

While wandering around, we had came across with this entertainment corner. Can be said as 2 in 1 fulfilling the boys of mine interest..WHY..?? Because Boboy will definitely loves the cars and his dad really love of playing the remote control car. And hence, I am nagging Mr Hubby to stop by and try on this.

Toys street @Queensbay Mall

Boboy's fave..Yeaa yeaa mummy..I am ready to go...weee haaaa...!!!

I really love to see them really enjoy of having fun with their favorite stuffs ahaaaa of course. Lets join me to watch them in action.. ~wink wink~ i loiikeee.. :-)

Papa's fave..playing with remote control car..weee heeee....I wish if I could get one of this and so Mr Hubby could look after lil boy while I can get some extra rest..muahahahhaaa..aci takk..??

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Drama Mama said...

irfan tengok video. bila dah abeh dia kata "nak tengok baby lagiiii nak tengok baby lagiiii" hahaha