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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Tassel was Worth the Hassle

After all the hardship I had went through out of last year..here the time is welcoming the great moment that I have been waiting for..It is my 2nd time graduation day this coming Saturday.

I am proud to wish myself a big congratulation and the most valuable moment that I am waiting for is to celebrate it with the boys of my life that I love soooo much with all my heart..They had support me a lot and even more than others can do in this world..Thanks both my dears..and my family too are not missing.. :-)

And since we will have the time to spend of being together..here the celebration gift that waiting for us a whole family..Tadaaaaaaa........!!!!!

image googled - the real one from my own lens are yet to arrive.. ;-)

We will be going to spend a whole fun cold day here over the cloud..Weeeee....tak sabarnyaaaa....

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