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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Exam..Exam..and Exam..!!

It has been a very tight time for me these one and two weeks due to the examination season that coming. It is not the feeling of the nervousness of answering the questions but it is all about the questions preparation that need to be done..aarghhhhh....!!! this are the dilemma of teachers that need to teach various of subjects from the major one instead...macam haku..tsk tsk tsk..

Well, after being in a veeeryyyyyy long day of thinking the new set of Rekacipta paper for my students, finally i came out with it yesterday..So to all my students, please please please be prepare with the questions from cikgu hampa (=korang) niiih hokeyh..!! I just don't want and I could not yet afford to answer to the administration if you are not doing so well in your examination especially for my paper..Well my dear students, I am very knew that you guys can do it..yeahh..chaiyukk chaiyukk..!! ~wink wink~

So friends, I will be on and off here for a while due to this tight time that I have lately and some more I will be attending my graduation day by this coming Saturday.. :-)

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