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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mission Finally Accomplished..!!

We will be going to Shah Alam by end of this month as I will be graduated once more time after the 1st moment that passed a looong time ago in 2003 for my degree, and this time around my Diploma in Edu is taking place.

So, since a whole family will be attending the graduation event, me and hubby had planned for some short vacation to Genting Highlands and therefore, we have to work hard towards the mission of seeking the jacket for our little bundle of joy since his Carters sweater is now getting tighter and tighter to fit on his body..sweater tuh laa mengecik..anak aku cool jaa ponn.. :-P

So after been measuring quite a few of the mall's floor, we finally end up with ORS Outlet in Georgetown to get this one for Boboy. So cool and nice to him. Without not much of bargain and nagging to Mr Hubby, I really wanted to buy this one..kalau laa ada yang saiz aku..konfem! like mummy like son.. ~wink wink~

Yeahh..soooo cool to fit him.. ;-) tak sabaq pulak nak bercuti-cutian hujung bulan nii..So, Genting...!!! do wait and here we will come... ~ chehh..!! ingatkan excited nak graduate..but then galak nak berjalan jaa lebihnyaa.. -menyampah ~


Drama Mama said...

cewahhhh jaket baru ;-) selamat graduate imma. :-D

Imma said...

Haa..tuu laaa..nampak2 jaa teruih sambaq..smart jaa tgk..pastu bg Boboy try kat OFO tuh..dia takmau bukak..bertuah betoi..jenuh pujuk kata nak bayaq dulu..hihihii

adcom said...

ohh...nk graduate ek.congrats ye imma.hari apa tu?

Imma said...

Aa ahh Adha..graduation untuk DPLI last year tuh...Thanks Adha for your wish.. :-)

Event on the 29 May 2010 sidang pagi..hari Sabtu..dtg laa Adha..bole jumpa..bergambar2 ;-)

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