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Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Lovely Song to Me ;-)

16th of May is really near to the corner and this time around I will be celebrating such a great celebrationfor the 2nd time..for those who has been commissioned as a TEACHER..bear in your mind that this is the golden title given to us as WE are the selected one.. ;-)

I feel really can't wait to have such a big day..Counting the days from now on, 1 week is actually as in a blink of an eyes to be reach..and hence here I feel so proud and excitedly presenting this song to all teachers out there...

kami guru Malaysia
berikrar dan berjanji
mendidik dan memimpin
putera puteri negara kita

pada Seri Paduka
kami tumpahkan setia
Rukunegara kita
panduan hidup kami semua

di bidang pembangunan
kami tetap bersama
negara yang tercinta

amanah yang diberi
kami tak persiakan
apa yang kami janji
tunai tetap kami tunaikan

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