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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

All Are Black Pepper

Kringgg...!!! Yeahh..Dinner bell is ringinggggg....!!!

Okey..siap..!! nasi lemak with sambal ikan bilis and the side dish are spicy fried chicken with black pepper flavor and black pepper wedges...

Everything were super duper simple dimple menu & recipe, just pour some black pepper powder, salt onto the wedges, left it for 10-15 minutes before proceed them to fry..

For chicken, just like previous post of sotong goreng tepung just for the black pepper flavor, do yourself a favor to pour some black pepper powder depends on how hot do you want it to be..simple, no..?

I like all the simple one..haha..orang penyegan (pemalaih) mmg camtu... So wish you all happy cooking.. :-) Jom jemput makan malam sesama..sedapnyaa nasi lemak panas hujan2 niii.. ~wink2x~

Chicken in Oyster Sauce

Dah lama rasanya tak kongsi pasal resepi and finally before the March passed by, here I share out one but not least a chicken in oyster sauce recipe here..It was our main course for last night dinner..

Ayam Masak Sos Tiram
  • half chicken in size, cut into medium size of your choice:
  • 4 ulas bawang merah (tumbuk)
  • 2 ulas bawang putih (tumbuk)
  • 1 biji bawang besar (kerat)
  • 3-4 ulas cili api (tumbuk)
  • 1/2 tea spoon of black pepper powder
  • 1 tea spoon chicken paste powder
  • carrot
  • 3 table spoons of oyster sauce
  • tomatoes
Camna nak masak..??
  • tumis bahan2 yang ditumbuk sehingga naik bau
  • masukkan serbuk lada hitam dan serbuk pati ayam
  • masukkan carrot dan masak hingga sederhana lembut
  • then tuang sos tiram dan masukkan ayam
  • kacau dan balik2an sehingga ayam masak
  • masukkan bawang besar yang telah dikerat dan tomato
  • balik2an hingga bawang dan tomato separuh masak dan matikan api
So now it's ready to be served..Yeahh..Happy trying..
Then what else for tonight dinner..?? Hubby had requested to have nasi lemak ayam perap berempah once again..hmm...so please excuse me yeah..I am about to be a chef just for a while..weehehehehe..

Does Your Toddler Being Trained To Be This Way..??

Boboy has been trained to do saving since he was 14 month old and until now this has become as his habit at whenever he got any coins from his mom or his dad, he will nowhere to go except to bring those coins to his 'yayer' (=tiger, tabung tiger dia laa tuhh) and slot as much coins as he have on his hand.

Situation 1
It happened one day when I came back from school, he came to me and grab my handbag. What he was seeking for is if I have any coins inside and he will want to put in his 'tiger'. Unfortunately I did not have even some for him, he sulked seems like his mom purposely did not want to give him any for that day..ahaahahahaa..

Situation 2
There was one day when I came back from shop, I placed the balanced coins on the dining table. He came without my knowing and collected all those coins and slot every single of it in his tiger...again..please take care of your coins yeah or else we hi will come and collect them all...

Situation 3
One day he asked for my purse. Actually he usually like to play with all the cards that I kept in my purse. When suddenly he hold the purse and unintentionally shake it and heard there were coins sound. With no waits, he asked for it until I give it all to him..ahaks..

Situation 4
One day when his acu (mak su) came back from work and simply placed her bag on the sofa. Boboy was being so kind to take it and put the bag in her bedroom and suddenly there was few coins dropped on the floor. He was excitedly collected them all and quickly bring to slot in his tabung tiger..muahahahaa..padan muka acu..

So...to everyone in the house, please be careful of your coins yeah..hmmmm

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award..!!

Yes..I am beautiful..and yes I do realize that I am really is..Rather of waiting for sooner or even later that I will need to accept and admit it, it is better for me to do it for now. Thanks Wanie and now I really have to admit that I AM BEAUTIFUL and therefore I had been reward to get this Beautiful Blogger Award..

Since I had been appointed so there were few things that I need to clear about.

1. Thank & link the person that gave you the award

I am thanking you Wanie for being so generous giving me this such a nice award..By the way, I knew that I am.. :-P She is my really good friend during our school moment..Nice to be remember..

2. Pass this award onto 15 bloggers you've recentlyWho I wanted to give to yeah..hmmm..
  1. Mama drama
  2. Idah
  3. Miss Tueratora
  4. Nay-MrsNurL
  5. Siti
  6. Idan
  7. Lady
  8. NorlyAbdAziz
  9. L@n@
  10. Nadiah Sidek
  11. M@
  12. A!za
  13. Lya Afrina
  14. Are_Shie
  15. Adcom
3. Contact said Blogs and let them know they've won the award
Yess..!! definitely will do as I want them to know that they are beautiful just like me.. :-)

4. State 7 things about yourself.
  1. Of course I am beautiful..Look..!! didn't I tell you.. ;-) I am a wifey to Muhammad FadziL, my beloved ever hubby and a mom to our little cherish boy Muhammad Danish Wafiq.
  2. I am a working women..I am a teacher @SMK St George Balik Pulau, Penang.
  3. I like to cook very much but not really good in cooking, but boleylaaa
  4. I am such a good teacher..yess!!credit to myself as no one will give you rather than you to feel proud of yourself..
  5. I am a humble, friendly and really moderated women..
  6. I am family oriented women even though I am working..
  7. I love my family sooooooo much till no words in this world can describe
  8. alamakk..tujuh jaa laa takleh lebih..nanti cikgu marah.. ~buweekk~

Androider Couple of the Year

Mr. Hubby was really passionate of being an Androider..And now the passion had slowly being transfered to the one who is really near to him..his wifey of course.

With this lovely gift from Mr Hubby to me and now he had officially appointed me as another Android die for fellow. OMG, it's really great to be part of the smart fellow by becoming an Androider..ahaksss...

The Androider Couple of the year winner goes to.......!!!!!!! (drumm rollll....!!!)

To my dear Mr Hubby, thanks for always and at all time putting me to be by your side..I love you so much till the end of my life..

Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Monday Morning

Well, I feel like not being blogging for quite some time since I have lots and lots of stuff need to be carried out last few days. For sure I am really can't wait to share about the school sports stories and piccas of that day that been held on last Saturday. It was a really fun day as the time spent among teachers and students were really really an enjoyment moment..

But before that, I would like to apologies to all as I am excuse for now for a moment as I am fetching my mom from clinic. do enjoy your time with this slide created. It is all about the Cameron Highlands Trip photos again but from different source.

I like them so much and credit to Mr Hubby for these really nice shots..Love you..

Friday, March 26, 2010

I'll be Graduated Once Again

Since being posted as a teacher about 2 months back, I had a very much good time being with all my colleagues and my beloved students.

Time flies so fast. I had passed all the hard time being a student trough out last whole year. Being seperated with my boys..oh! God just only YOU knew how I felt that time..Thank God and syukur Alhamdulillah..

I am now really can't wait for the good and happy moment to come this coming May. I will be graduated once again since I had passed my Education Diploma last year.

Click HERE for complete schedule

The grand hall of UiTM Shah Alam will be the witness of the glory day that yet to come. Please all my friends pray all the good time for me ahead. Thanks alot and I will always pray for all your happiness too, InsyaAllah..Aminnn..

Maaamu, Ntee & Faaa..Eee...eeee..eeeee

Since we came back from Cameron trip last two weeks, Boboy seems can't stop addressing his just knew friend, Irfan. During the moment in Cameron, Irfan was being so cranky and not really in playing mood even though there were so many friends around him due his not feeling well condition. Poor Irfan.

And until today, Boboy still remember of Irfan's behavior which he was like at all time crying and Boboy was being a notty boy imitating the way Irfan cried. Eeeee..eeeee....eeeee..

And until today too, Boboy still remember the fellows in the below photo as I just told him once during our visit to Healthy Strawberries Garden that the one with shirt is Mamu ( uncle ), the lady in turquoise blouse is auntie and the little boy was abang Irfan'.

When looking at this photo, Boboy will say 'Maamu' the first, nteee (auntie) then 'Faaa eee eee eeeee..' (=Irfan)..Not only seeing in the photo, but bila jumpa pon kenal jugak..hikss.. :-D

Good boy dear..U have such a good memorize..Really spongebob hahhaaa..just like your fave character.. :-D

There is another situation where by his dad bought him a bottle in a way to train him just to drink milk from feeding bottle but other than that, he has to start drinking from sipping bottle. After came back from cameron on the next day, we went to Mom's Care Outlet at QueensBay Mall and bought him this sipping bottle but he kept on saying that this bottle is belongs to 'Irfan eeee eeee eeee' and refused to use it..OMG Dear, papa bought this for you okey..Abang Irfan has his own bottle laaa..

Sipping bottle with BPS free from NUBE

Cameron Highlands Holiday Trip

It has been almost two weeks since we came back from the holiday trip to Cameron Trip but I have never tell the story of the trip yet..huhuhu..my bad and sorry to those who are waiting for it. It was like a story that been expired but now only the time I would wanna tell you guys..A really big apologize please...

By the way, the trip was really sweet. We were about three family going in convoy driving and stay under the one roof there @Alina Holidays Apartment some place in Tanah Rata. We managed to visited few places of interest which were of course strawberries farm and tea garden, MARDI, souvenir shop and other more places.

The very first spot location being visited on the day 1 trip was Sungei Palas Boh Tea Center. Quite a nice and cool place to be but I bet the one which is in BOH is the most interesting. We (me and Mr HUbby) had been there during our sweet honeymoon moment in Dec. 2007.

@Sungei Palas BOH Tea Center

After that, we headed to check in to the apartment before we start again the exploration of the place :-D Such a nice place to stay can be said. After that, we went to one of the souvenirs center which I could not remember what the name is. We wandering around and get some stuffs from there and left to the next stop.

@Souvenirs Center

Yeahh..Raju Strawberries Farm!! Uncle Rajoo..here we come..hehehee..We had such a really nice waffle with strawberries and choc dip and best ever teh tarik in strawberry flavored. But I could make one the better than the best since I don't want to let uncle Rajoo to win my hubby's heart just like that..~buwekk~ And not forgetting the strawberry ice-cream that I was craving for was very yummy and MUST TRY one. ;-)

Must try Strawberries Ice-Cream and strwaberries with choc dip waffle

After had such a nice tea time at Raju's, it's almost Maghrib and no place else than pasar malam to get something for dinner but unfortunately the weather that time was not so good and it was raining and the terrible traffic jam. So all the Mr Daddies had decided to send back all wifies and kids to the apartment and go out again among them to buy dinner.

The second day of trip was started with a short drop by @Cameron Bharat Tea Valley.

After that to MARDI. One stop of place to visit on the fruits and veges farm as well as flowers. It's the day that we were about to go back off from the trip and before that, we managed to stop at Uncle Raju's place once again to get some tea and straigh away after that the last drop was Healthy Strawberries Garden to get some strawberries before heading down from the highlands.


Yess, such a sweet memorable moment that we had where I could see my little one had so much of fun having so many friends around him. I wish to have this kind of holiday again some other time ahead perhaps. Jom Mama jom.. ~wink wink~

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I am a bad wifey. Mr. Hubby turned 33 last week but that time no celebration from me, no gift, and no any surprise to him. So sad. Since I was sick the whole last week, therefore there was no any celebration to him for his big day and I can't stand feeling guilty of letting it just to be this way, I've decided a plan of some surprise for him last night without anyone knowing. I have and I want to do at least something for his happiness that is my wish.

I drove straight away right after school to get a Brownies Walnut of hubby's fave from Secret Recipe, ordered some prawn fried me for dinner as well celebrating his surprise birthday.

Late in the evening, when he came back, I was just do like usual and when everyone were at home, I took out the cake and lighten up the candles in the kitchen first while he was entertaining our little cheeky boy in the living hall.

When I bring it out to the living hall, he was so surprise of looking it but the other boy of mine was much more excited looking at the cake with the candle lighten up on top..He was the one who really happily wanted to blow up the candle..
Anyway my Dear Darling, may Allah bless you all the way of your life and I wish for the happiness for us of being together for the rest of our life..Amin...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Al Faatihah Untuk Yanie

I get this from Abang Mazidul's blog @Perkongsian Hitam Putih Kehidupan.

Selepas 4 bulan bertarung dengan masalah ketumbuhan paru-paru, Sitti Surianie Jul Karim, 25 tahun atau lebih dikenali sebagai 'Yanie Mentor' menghembuskan nafas terakhirnya semalam di sisi suami dan anak perempuannya di Hospital Keningau, Sabah.

Jenazahnya dikebumikan di Tanah Perkuburan Islam Kampung Likas, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Untuk rekod, Allahyarham merupakan pemenang tempat ketiga musim pertama rancangan realiti Mentor TV3 pada 2005, selaku protege penyanyi terkenal, Ning Baizura.

Selamat jalan Yani, semoga roh mu dicucuri rahmat.

For those who stay, the life must still go on.Alfatihah. May her husband and little daughter could accept this most challenge and test fro HIM. Let us together pray for the late Yanie with Al-Faatihah andso the soul could rest in peace. Amin...

Al Faatihah......

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Eh Ehh..Mummy..Sama Laaa..!!

Last week hubby took me to OFO, we would want to buy dress for kakak & adik's..While wandering around in OFO, Boboy suddenly came across with a short pant that similar to the one he was wearing. He asked mummy to take it for him. I did took and gave it to him.

usung merata sepanjang kami dalam kedai OFO tuu

He was really excited to see the one that similar to the short pant that he is wearing..hikhiks..(please disregard the quality of the photo as aI am using only the camera phone and Boboy kept on moving here and there)

He was staring to it like wonder why there is another one while he is wearing it.."macam mana sluaq ni bole ada kat sini ahh..ni sluaq aku nih tapi aku daa pakai sluaq nii.." :-D

Boboy kept on carrying it all the time while we were in the shop until his dad told him to put it back to the place as we were about to leave after all the payment made..huh !luckily he did not showing tantrum and asked for it.. :-D good little boy

Mr. Raju..I Wont Let You Win Just Like That

First of all, I would like to say thanks to Uncle Raju for introducing us the great ever teh tarik with strawberry flavor during our visit last week to your farm.

But I have to say sorry to you too as I can't just let you win just like that as I am not really good of making it but it is really tasty..yeahh..

Best ever Uncle Raju inspired strawberry flavored teh tarik. The great ever prepared. Those wanna know the secret of making it, come I tell you in the next post if God wills..ahakss.. :-P

ANDROID to Die For

Hubby was being really crazy and strongly passionate when it goes to the ANDROID. I myself don't know what it is all about but the only I know about it is..it is a smart phone. But to your knowledge and mine too, it is not only a smart phone..but it is for real the SMARTEST EVER phone I had ever saw but the only thing is I am not as the one those who die for it..like my Mr Hubby.

And therefore, he had excitedly got one HTC MAGIC for him some time around in last year December. That time there was a crazy promotion price of it and he was that time like can't wait until he fetch me at home to go to PC Fair together and buy it. He went all alone and suddenly came back with the gadget. OMG..abggg...abgg...

Since when I do not sure he started addicted to this but things that I really sure is it will be until forever he will die for it..hahahhaaa..

Last week, he was celebrating his 33rd birthday and guess what, he got the new gadget and of course it is again Android. What else for this time..Now he had fallen to NEXUS One..And sad it is not from me..hiks hiks as he online shop it by himself..Syg tak dpt gaji lagi nak beli adiah abg.. :-(

New NEXUS One belongs to Mr Hubby that had been poisoned quite a number of his friends to get addicted too..huh..!

Bagus gak laa as his Magic is now given to me..hehehe..Orang lain celebrate birthday..orang lain dapat adiah..Thank you my dear..mmuah mmuahh..

But Dear, there still will be the birthday present for you from your beloved wifey but only time will tell..Tunggu sattt ja masa lagi naa dia dapat gaji.. :-)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Of My Tight Saturday

Last Saturday was the day that been filled with such a lot of activities after been lied down for such a looong time of sickness. So it's the time for 'revenge' (hahahaa), time for jalan-jalan. I miss window shopping a lot since we can't do it during the last week school holiday. So, before I get back to school again, hubby took me for some released activity.
Yeaa..getting ready before going out..yeah still there were some minutes for posing.. :-)

We had fulfilled one birthday invitation from Mama and Mamu, of their little son birthday bash, Irfan turns TWO..Happy Birthday Irfan. Thanks Mama and family for inviting us to join your family gathering. Boboy for sure had so much of fun meeting so many friends during the day.

Irfan was so happy receiving a lot of birthday presents, so many friends and who said Irfan kedekut I don't agree as he shared a lot of his toys with Boboy. Thank you Irfan..

This is the goodies that Boboy got from the Birthday Bash plus with two but actually three chocolate dip biscuit candy.. ;-) they all were really cute and nice. "Bai..nanti kirim salam kat mak Bai erk, suka sembang ngan dia even sekejap jaa.."

Thank you abang Irfan..nak balik dah..but Boboy wanted to have fun as there was playground..so one round for him.. :-D

Right after that we headed to Prangin Mall as my sister had been infected by some kind of virus spread by me..ahahahahaa..We went to Photo President again after I bought my G11 last week, she wanted to get one too and guess what, she really meant of her word..

Coolpix mini tripod tuh given for free from the salesman and I got one too..wuakakakaa..

Then, where else the destination..? Got in to the car then we headed to Gurney Plaza. Actually Hubby would like to find for his Nexus One accessories from the HTC Conceptual Store there but unfortunately they don't have it for now. Ahaks, abang, kena online shop lagi laa jawabnya ;-).

But while walking around, my sister was trying on her new gadget.. ;-) taking few photos before the battery drained. The photo quality are not bad but still it is small for me to handle. I just scare of dropping it due to the size that really cute.

The very 1st pic from her Canon Digital Ixus 870IS..secomel Boboy tersengih nii. This pic was taken while we were on our way to Gurney Plaza.

Cheeyywahh..!!Menten hensem duk dalam stroller while going up the escalator..heheheee..Amboii..

We went to find the present for kakak & adik's birthday the next day (Sunday) at Toy's R Us and got one stuff for Boboy too. The whole last week, Boboy was everyday and everytime keep on asking for 'naa nuleih' (nak tulis!). He was asking for a pen and book to write..sampai merajuk2 and menangis2 selagi tak dapat. So Hubby bought this writing board for him.

Look at him..He can't wait until we reach home then open it. Kat Toy's R Us lagi dia dah suruh tutak (=bukak). Really passionate when it comes to the books and pen/pencils.

Wow, rilax boy..don't get angry..You look so serious hokey..! Mummy just wanna take your pic only. I know that you wanted to write..ahaks..OK, go ahead and cont your drawing. :-)

After all the seek and search, then it's time for dinner but Boboy had fall asleep and look at him that was sleeping sooo soundly in his stroller, letih dah laa tuu..

Initially we wanted to have our dinner at A&W but suddenly Hubby came across with Swensens in front of his eyes. And yet what else we were waiting for, it's time for it after seeking it no more in QBay Mall..huhu..

These are the meal that we had for dinner. Nice course since lama tak makan sedap2..org sakit kan.. :-P

Manhattan Fish Market..?? We called it as 'once a year restaurant' hahaha..Of course there was a story behind it. But after this I guess it would not be 'once a year restaurant' lagi kan abang ;-)

After all, then we headed back when the time is almost 10.30 at night. Reach home at about 11.30pm, get ready for bed, iron the clothes for Monday as Sunday will be another tight day. Kakak & adik will have birthday party as well. Again..Birthday bell has rang..And wait for the next birthday post again yeah :-).

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tey Tarik Satuuu..!! Siapp..!!

After being a loooong time lied down on my bed due to my condition of health that not allow me to do blogging..here I come back with some little story of what had happenedin the last short time reaching weekend..Well, I am bad of not really taking a good care of myself..tsk tsk tsk..

By the way to all my friends, readers and followers, i have a lot story coming up in here but please let me to breath in deeply for some time before I come up with a looooong story in one post (ahaks) which you will read till you sleep..wuakakakakaa..sbb ceritanya yang sgt panjang :-P

Today I had a very tight Saturday since it's been quite many days I was not able to do things that I wish to..Before that, come on and join us have a teh tarik first..yeeaaa... ~wink wink~

Sorry yeaa uncle Rajoo, I think yours is not yet good enuff as this one still good I tell you..hahhhaa..!! :-P

Yesterday was the day that I felt a bit better than the days before. Even though I still felt a bit dizzy but I really feel like cooking something. After taking a long minutes to think of what to cook, I finally end up with thes best ever Nasi Lemak in town, special cooked for my boy for his birthday on Thursday.

Nasi lemak daun pisang, sambal udang with ayam pandan perap

I believe that there will be some of you will ask for the recipe of ayam pandan perap and promise you with God will, I will post it here some other time. Now is the time for bed and please excuse us yeah since tomorrow's activity is yet to come ;-) Boboy pulak masih terbeliak matanya takmau tidoq lagi as he had a very long nap on the way back from Gurney Plaza this evening..huhu..

To all, have a wonderful time with your family and your love one spending this pleasant weekend. Nite...Zzzzzzz...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Beloved DarLing

Today is 18th of March, the most waited date to those that have their own memories that fall on this date. And I strongly believe that this date as well had given my dear Darling the most memorable memories that can't be overlooked.

Yes the most of course he has been counting his age for 33 years until today and another memory that had been crafted on this date was the day that we got engaged ;-) Just looking back to the day of our engagement almost 4 years back, we don't have pic together..hmm..following the custom from the mothers before, it's not really good if in the engagement ceremony to take pic together between the bride and the groom to be..So kami nii ikutkan jer..

Hmm..to my dear DARLING..syg doakan semoga abg dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezki dan dipermudahkan segala urusan dunia dan akhirat..Aminnn..

Dengan nama Allah yang Maha Pengasih lagi maha Penyayang,
Ya Allah
Kau ampunilah dosa ku yg telah ku perbuat
Kau limpahkanlah aku dengan kesabaran yg tiada terbatas
Kau berikanlah aku kekuatan mental
Kau kurniakanlah aku dengan sifat keredhaan
Kau peliharalah lidahku dari kata-kata nista
Kau kuatkanlah semangatku menempuhi segala cabaranMu
Kau berikanlah aku sifat kasih sesama insan

Ya Allah
Sekiranya suami ku ini adalah pilihan Mu diArash
Berilah aku kekuatan dan keyakinan untuk terus bersamanya
Sekiranya suami ku ini adalah suami yg akan membimbing tanganku dititianMu
Kurniakanlah aku sifat kasih dan redha atas segala perbuatannya
Sekiranya suami ku ini adalah bidadara untuk ku di Jannah Mu
Limpahkanlah aku dengan sifat tunduk dan tawaduk akan segala perintahnya
Sekiranya suami ku ini adalah yang terbaik untukku di DuniaMu
Peliharalah tingkah lakuku serta kata-kataku dari menyakitkan perasaannya
Sekiranya suami ku ini jodoh yang dirahmati olehMu
Berilah aku kesabaran untuk menghadapi segala kerenah dan ragamnya

Ya Allah
Sekiranya suami ku ini ditakdirkan bukan untuk diriku seorang
Kau tunjukkanlan aku jalan yg terbaik untuk aku harungi segala dugaanMu
Sekiranya suami ku tergoda dengan keindahan dunia Mu
Limpahkanlah aku kesabaran untuk terus membimbingnya
Sekiranya suami ku tunduk terhadap nafsu yang melalaikan
Kurniakanlah aku kekuatanMu untuk aku memperbetulkan keadaanya
Sekiranya suami ku menyintai kesesatan
Kau pandulah aku untuk menarik dirinya keluar dari terus terlena

Ya Allah
Kau yang Maha Megetahui apa yang terbaik untukku
Kau juga yang Maha Mengampuni segala kesilapan dan ketelanjuranku
Sekiranya aku tersilap berbuat keputusan
Bimbinglah aku ke jalan yang Engkau redhai
Sekiranya aku lalai dalam tanggungjawabku sebagai isteri
Kau hukumlah aku didunia tetapi bukan diakhiratMu
Sekiranya aku engkar dan derhaka
Berilah aku petunjukkan kearah rahmatMu

Ya Allah sesungguhnya
Aku lemah tanpa petunjukMu
Aku buta tanpa bimbinganMu
Aku cacat tanpa hidayahMu
Aku hina tanpa RahmatMu

Ya Allah
Kuatkan hati dan semangatku
Tabahkan aku menghadapi segala cubaanMu
Jadikanlah aku isteri yang disenangi suami
Bukakanlah hatiku untuk menghayati agamaMu
Bimbinglah aku menjadi isteri Solehah

Hanya padaMu Ya Allah ku pohon segala harapan
Kerana aku pasrah dengan dugaanMu
Kerana aku sedar hinanya aku
Kerana aku insan lemah yg kerap keliru
Kerana aku leka dengan keindahan duniamu
Kerana kurang kesabaran ku menghadapi cabaranMu
Kerana pendek akal ku mengharungi ujianMu

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku...
Aku hanya ingin menjadi isteri yang dirahmati
Isteri yang dikasihi
Isteri yang solehah
Isteri yang sentiasa dihati suaminya...

Tiada lagi yang lebih bermakna selain berada di samping mu sehingga ke hari ini..I will love you and will always love you and will still loving you till the end of my life. Nothing than the most precious word that I could say..I LOVE YOU my hubby... :-)

to my beloved HUBBY

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Not Feeling Well

I am and still by now not feeling well since we came back from Cameron Holiday Trip last few days. I got fever with the body temp of 38.7 degree due to the tonsils that been swollen so badly and caused all my body to feel really tired, painful at all the nerve and lost my appetite. The low BP by 60/90 that caused me feeling dizzy and headache.

And thus, I have not in mood of updating and tidying up my home here. I am sure will make it after everything get to normal, tsk tsk tsk..

Do enjoy the trip pre-story from Mama blog..hehehehee..

Friday, March 12, 2010

Before I go Off for Few Days

Before I go off for few days as holiday is calling too closely and here some of today's activity at school..We had sukantara for the preparation before the school sport week after school holiday..

Some pf the photo are here but for more you may want to visit my FB here. Jom kita enjoyy...!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

For MOMS..!!!

While blog-walked to a friend of mine, Papakeechee, here the info shared by her and I share it out with all of moms out there. Coz I am the one who is really caring and loving, and therefore I care to share..

We as a mom might want to have this opportunity to undergo for the longer maternity leave as other countries had get. So what are we waiting for..Come on and together support each other to get the one that we actually deserved for. Those that really supportive, please get to here to sign the petition..!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sorry and Thanks

First of all, I would like to express my sorry to all my readers as well as the silent readers for keeping away from my home for quite a long time lately due to the BZness yang melanda di sekolah..huhuhuu.. :-( But I just can't wait for this Friday to come..Yeahh! school holiday..!! yeayy..!! and yet the holiday trip that planned is to come of course..

Actually there are a lot of things that I really wish I can update here since these few days but will try to give the best here during the school holiday next week.

And last but not least for this post, I would really like to wish a very much of thanks to Wani for this lovely goodies for Boboy. It's her son's birthday back few days. I was really proud of her kindness of sending this to my doorstep last two night while we were having our dinner at home.

YOSS choc wafer, yeah..Boboy really loves wafers..asik duk mintak lalek (= chocolate) selagi mummy tak bukak the packs. Tutak..!! tutakk..!! (tutak is= bukak)

Anyway Wani, thanks again and again yeah..And all of you guys, wait for the update from Cameron with Mama okeyh.. ~wink wink~

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Very 1st Shot

I miss this moment actually a lot..WHY..?? as being kurus is really the great moment that time but I am not that bad looking as for now.. ~ayat sedapkan hati sendiri~

Ala-ala gambar baru lepas kawen jugak laaa..see see see..inai kat jari masih merah lagi gituuu... ;-)

Actually this is the very 1st photo taken by Mr Hubby on Dec. 31st 2007. That time was on the 1st day he bought his 1st Canon DSLR. Location: Mesjid Terapung, Tanjung Bunga.

I am trying to make this pic to be a motivation photo for me to get back to this figure but end up I found it was sooooo hard and yet, I am in a way of forgetting about it..hahaha...(takpa kan abg...)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Photo Gadget..Am I..?

I like taking picture and I like to be the one in the pic as well..ahahaha..And guess what, I have been hoping to have one of my own dig camera since a looooong time ago. I had once owned a film camera a very long time ago with Pentex in brand and it is still alive till now but only it has never been use for quite some time since we (me and all my sisters) been using kamera digital Sony kepunyaan kakak.

But so bad, bendanya dah rosak sejak kebelakangan nii..So I have been thinking of getting one. After considering it for sometime, doing online survey of which one will suit to my fave and interest, I've decided to get it one yesterday. So Hubby took me to Prangin Mall Penang and bought it. Yeahh..this is the one that I really dreamed off for all this while.. ;-)

Weee...tak sabaq tgu this coming 13th March..school holiday with plan waiting on hand..heheheh..tuh pasal tak sabaq2 beli jugak camera nih..rugi woo tak bergambaq nanti.. :-D eventhough Mr Hubby already have his DSLR..but that one is his, I wish to have one for my own too.. ~gedik~

We went there just with one purpose of buying this and straight away get escape from town area..sesak plus Prangin Mall bukan best pon nak jalan-jalan :-P

After that we headed to Giant to shop some of Boboy's stuff. To Mommy out there especially in Penang that feed thier baby/toddler with Enfagrow FM, you might want to consider with this promotion of 3 in 1 value pack of Enfagrow refill pack with the price RM95 per box. No idea if there are the same promotion at other place but we found one in Giant Prangin Mall with the more expensive in price..

One more thing that mummy had forgotten to buy, Boboy's toothpaste..dah habis laa..huhuhuu..

My Dear little boy, sukanyaa mummy tengok Boboy dah sihat sikit..dah boleh bangun..some more nak tolong mummy kemas2 barang shopping just now.. :-)

This is the very 1st pic from my G11. Please disregard the pacifier on his mouth that actually due to his mengada2ness since get a bit well form fever..Thank God anyway, syukran.

Tengok mata dia yang semakin bulat semula..heeehehehee...

And one more thing that had made mummy and papa really proud of him is, since dah sihat ni,dah rajin belajar semula..Ahaks..look at him reading at his activity table and PLEASE..PLEASE and PLEASE disregard the upside down of his book orientation..muahahaha...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

BIG APPLE..?? Owh! No...

I have been craving for these for quite a long time but only there was no time to go and get it. But last weekend I was like begging Mr Hubby to drop by and buy it since we were on the way back from MIL's house. Not because Penang does not have the stop to get it but these are not the BIG APPLE doughnut okey..It is NASH..weeeheee...Come on and get it from Nash Donut @Bandar Perda, Seberang Perai. Near to Jabatan Hasil Dalam Negeri building.. ;-)