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Friday, March 26, 2010

Maaamu, Ntee & Faaa..Eee...eeee..eeeee

Since we came back from Cameron trip last two weeks, Boboy seems can't stop addressing his just knew friend, Irfan. During the moment in Cameron, Irfan was being so cranky and not really in playing mood even though there were so many friends around him due his not feeling well condition. Poor Irfan.

And until today, Boboy still remember of Irfan's behavior which he was like at all time crying and Boboy was being a notty boy imitating the way Irfan cried. Eeeee..eeeee....eeeee..

And until today too, Boboy still remember the fellows in the below photo as I just told him once during our visit to Healthy Strawberries Garden that the one with shirt is Mamu ( uncle ), the lady in turquoise blouse is auntie and the little boy was abang Irfan'.

When looking at this photo, Boboy will say 'Maamu' the first, nteee (auntie) then 'Faaa eee eee eeeee..' (=Irfan)..Not only seeing in the photo, but bila jumpa pon kenal jugak..hikss.. :-D

Good boy dear..U have such a good memorize..Really spongebob hahhaaa..just like your fave character.. :-D

There is another situation where by his dad bought him a bottle in a way to train him just to drink milk from feeding bottle but other than that, he has to start drinking from sipping bottle. After came back from cameron on the next day, we went to Mom's Care Outlet at QueensBay Mall and bought him this sipping bottle but he kept on saying that this bottle is belongs to 'Irfan eeee eeee eeee' and refused to use it..OMG Dear, papa bought this for you okey..Abang Irfan has his own bottle laaa..

Sipping bottle with BPS free from NUBE


idah said...

comeynye boboy sebut...

Imma said...

aa ahh...skrg dah macam2 dia cakap tau..klu dgr sendri lagi best... ;-)
Mai laa Penang..