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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Androider Couple of the Year

Mr. Hubby was really passionate of being an Androider..And now the passion had slowly being transfered to the one who is really near to him..his wifey of course.

With this lovely gift from Mr Hubby to me and now he had officially appointed me as another Android die for fellow. OMG, it's really great to be part of the smart fellow by becoming an Androider..ahaksss...

The Androider Couple of the year winner goes to.......!!!!!!! (drumm rollll....!!!)

To my dear Mr Hubby, thanks for always and at all time putting me to be by your side..I love you so much till the end of my life..


are_shie said...

hahaha.. tahniah di atas anugerah couple of the year android tu.. kami blom sempat move.. baru niat nak move, the htc fall down and break herself.. haha.. lani duk ada kat htc centre.. kui2..

Nay-MrsNurl said...

nice.. :)

Imma said...

haahahahahaa...masih..masihhh..ok laa tuh..tgu apa lagi..pejoi dah kena racun jugak kann..lama berguru hari tuu.. :-P

pasni hampa pulak will be awarded..kuikuikui....

idah said...

cantik...mintak satu...hehhehe

Imma said...

huh..! mintak..??wajib laa tak dapat..kena kasik duit dulu arr kat tukang jaga kedai HTC tuh..baru arr dapat..muakakaka..

Anyway, thanks