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Thursday, October 29, 2009

:: Last Episode ::

Rasa mcm dah lama tak menjenguk ke dunia blog nih..rindu nak blogging..nak baca updates other bloggers tp times seems not permitted..terlalu banyak perkara yang HARUS dikejar dulu in this 3 days but now I had done with all of them..Rasa lega and bersyukur yang teramat sangat dah selamat sampai smla ke Png..

Monday: left home as early at 5am..drove to shah alam, attended the compulsory prgm of post-prac as the last episode of the course i pursuing through out this year..smpi shah alam @8.30am..kejar itu kejar ini..gone 1 day and prepared for the next day..nonsense presentation, and I was the 4th presenter..

Tuesday: presentation for the whole day..started with the 1st session in the morning..2nd in the afternoon and the third will be the next day..balik rumah dah collapse until tak boleh tido smpi pkl 3.40pg..berborak ngan Gee..
lunch treat by Mdm. K @ PakLi Restaurant Section 16, Shah Alam

Wednesday: habis the 3rd session of presentation, had lunch with Mdm K (the most sporting and beloved lecturer that we ever had through out DP course 2009), submitted all the stuffs (report, product, portfolio, panel, record book, journal) and time to breath free....

Can't wait for Thursday to come sbb nak balik Png..and skrg dah balik pon..At first sampai umah..nothing else selain dari pegi terkam anak aku yg aku rindu dendamkan sgt2..dia pon nampak mcm blur jaa tgk aku xmau senyum..dalam hati dia sure kaa mummy aku dah balik nih..mcm dah lama tak tengok..And i can't imagine if i left him for the longer time..no way...!!!baru 3 hari pon dah camni.. ~sob sob sob~

Thursday (today): drive balik penang planned to early in the morning jugak but sakit perut and agak letih so terlewat sikit bertolak..it almost 7am baru jalan..sepanjang jalan mengantuk yg teramt..huhuu..thank god managed to drive smpi Bkt Gantang pastu stop jap..on the spot terlelap..huhuu..terjaga jaa terus kluaq keta pi beli jambu madu ngan guava..terus masuk keta balik..cont drive..sbb xsabaq nak smpi Png..

I truly believe that i will definitely miss the moment being a student through out this year..hahaha..dikelilingi kawan2 whom most of them mcm aku jugak..ada family..ada anak..dah kawen but belom ada rezki lg..terasa jadi mcm budak2 jugak laa sekejap..hohoo..and after this xtau laa bila pulak nak jumpa..convo laa plak kot insyaAllah next year..apa bak kata tag UiTM tuh.. "UiTM di Hatiku.." kekekekeee..
Here some memorable moment that we ever had while being a students..
kawan-kawan..i miss u a lot...huhuu..

Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's Not Perfect but Yet..It's Completed

Today is Sunday..and in less than 24 hours, i'll be leaving my two beloved boys for another responsible that I'm not yet done with..I had finished with my teaching practical and now the last stage of it where i need to attend for the post-prac session that will be held for 2-3 days at UiTM campus..So happy to meet again all my peers but sad to leave my love ones even for not a week.. :-(

Remember the post about my that been bang by a motorbike..and it has become 'cacat' for a while but now it has back to complete each other..even it is not yet perfect but they are completed each other..no worries dear..i'll make you guys to be as the same as before okie... ;-)

tengok nii..walaupun ianya agak kurang sempurna lagi tapi ianya sangat saling melengkapi..and they had made completed of my needs as well..susahnya drive without another 'eye' for almost two weeks..huhuu..

Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Let Me Help You Mummy.." ~Boboy~

Aduss..lihatlah orang kampung..ank aku yang sangatlaa rajin membantu mummy dia 'mengemas'...
Bukan drawer almari mummy..drawer baju dia sendiri..semua pandai dah skrg..huhuhuu..

Hmm...ni antara yang di'kemas' dek Boboy yerk..Whooppss...!! tgk tuu..mummy's stuffs pun ada..his toys as well..

But mummy..mcm ada lagi laa yang patut di'kemaskan'..Let me have a look...tgk tuu dalam drawer tuu..haa..dah kosong ponn a part..owhhh...!!!

And finally...sapa nak kena lipat semua nii.....!!!my goodness muhammad danish wafiq...!!! :-))
Abg Irfan..tgk tuu..mcm kenal tak short pant kotak2 tuu... ;-)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

PlayTime for My Little-1

Last nite me and hubby went out to Queensbay mall..where else as QB is the most nearer place to be where you can get everything but the intention is not to get that everything actually, we just went for jalan2..dinner and of course the main thing that we love to do the most..window shopping yang kadang2 in accidentally ter'shopping' jugak..heheh..

Pegi lepas hubby balik kerja..he is the one who had spout the idea to go out and i was seems taking advantage (actually tak pun..) to have tom yam kung noodle @Secret Recepi yang dah tertangguh tuu...By the time we get there is already Maghrib. Hubby went for prayer while I was waiting for Boboy melasak berlari keriangan..he did not want his hand to be holding on as he loves to run freely here and there..aku laa yg bersenam hambat dia..letih but really fun having that time being with the love one..

Lepas solat Maghrib, then we headed to Secret Recipe then after that time for jalan2..while walking around..here we get our little boy to have fun with..yeaa...kuda pusing :-P (my late-dad word) sangatlaa excited..maklumlaa he is now enjoying his age with exploring everything at his surrounding..everything he wants to know and to try..layannn..
Jom tengok dia shopping pulak..look at him..sooo cute..pilih baju sendiri..hahahaa...you really make me smile my boy...Apa lagi yang lebih indah as a mommy selain melihat kegembiraan dan keceriaan anak...
Bila masing-masing dah penat berjalan and Boboy was looks like sleepy then we headed back home at almost 10pm..time for minum susu..minum susu dalam kereta on the way back..nampak mcm nak tidoq but he is not..right after reached home, dia melasak lagi..tgk apa pulak kali nii...My goodness...BOBOY LAYAN FB...wuaaaa....pandainyaaa syg mummy niii.... ;-)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Pagi nih..I was again being late to school and the cause is due to ACCIDENT but this time around was not me in the incident but other road user..Lets put the conclusion of this real story in the beginning..as there are DAMN BULLSHIT STUPID ROAD USER that ran on the red light..they had caused troubles to other road users..Last week i was the one yang kena as there was a guy that ran the red light and hence bang on my car from in front and luckily aku sempat elak sikit, end up with my right side mirror kena hentam (please prepare RM350 for 1 right side mirror replacement yeap Imma) but today again another motorbike rider ran the red light and this time he bang on a couple of school students riding motorbike to school..

It was already 7.20am and i have another almost 10kms driving distance to reach the school and also the school bell is ringing in only 10 minutes which is my punch card will be in RED again..!!

Passing by the accident area, one of the people whom helping the victims seems to stop my car..As usual I was driving with window halfly opened..He asked for my hand to bring the injured student to the hospital and I was like hardly to say yes.. 1) because i've been late now and 2) because I am only a trainee teacher at the school and hence I feel like I can't afford for being too late to the school with the reason helping people..do you think people will belive in you.. :-( serba salah aku dibuatnya that time tp i have to think of myself first in order to think about other people then...

Luckily there was a driver following on my back showing me bimp light..thank god he has willing to help not only that injured students..me too as they had asked for my hand before..owhh..what a challenge that HE is giving me again today..And some more I just can't imagine if I had to drive that injured student to the hospital, I whether can drive or not as while seeing the incident happened just in front of my eyes, lemah lutut aku dibuatnyaa and after that I was driving like just 40km/hrs controlling the pedals..huhuhuuu...

Please..please..please drivers..behave when you are on the road..other peoples are paying to use the road hokeyhh..!! u guys are really really menyusahkan orang..sedih aku as my side mirror still not yet been relaplace and the guy yang langgaq tuh pon entah ke mana dah...so sad...

Gathering ~ Oct 17 2009~

Last Saturday, we a family as whole had decided to have some small gathering before the raya month ended and yet we did it and everything was done very fine..Not to say open house or 'jamuan hari raya' or what not, just a small gathering with few of neighbors invited, relatives and couples of hubby's and sister's closed friends.

Since we have had our raya this year at Johor,hence we have no opportunities yet to make our main course for hari raya which is lontong..to eat with nasi impit..Ramai yang tanya my mom when she is going to make it as they really love it..hehehee..(bila laa aku nak belajar buat lontong sesedap tuu :-P)..So on last Saturday, kami ramai2 a family as a whole buat kerja..termasuk laa anak aku yang sama2 sgtlaa 'membantu'.. (tengokkan jer la kat the previous post)

the main course of the day..nasi impit with kuah lontong, original mom's made (super duper yummy okey..no doubt..don't believe me?? do ask them ;-) )

curry mee my recepi..best..(3kg mee, cukup2 habis untuk semua tetamu yg berkunjung ;-) @night nak ulang dah xdak..huhuhuuu..)

Antara group tetamu yang terawal sampai...enjoy and help yourself okeyhh... :-)

happy to see the guests are happy (in the frame: mom, sisters, BIL, nieces and one of our neighbour)

Everything was done just nice at not too late in the evening..so sempat laa berehat-rehat and kemas2 a bit just apa2 yang patut but still too tired..All in all sangat memuaskan hati dpt tgk all the geusts are happy and really enjoyed with the meal yang sgt serba sederhana tuu..Thanks to all those had came..more photos

Saturday, October 17, 2009

How to Make Nasi Impit

Camni laah cara-caranya kalau nak buat nasik impit..mesti perhati betul2 yeap...Serahkan semua pada yang pakar..and kalau nak tau lebih lanjut..ikuti langkah2 macam kat bawah nii....
Masukkan beras ke dalam plastik dan seal supaya bila rebus nanti beras tak terkeluar..

Pastikan plastik tak bocor..dan tebuk lubang2 kecik pada keliling pastik..ni penting supaya plastik tak pecah bila sedang merebus nasik impit nii..air boleh lalu..

Dah siap..masukkan semua paket beras tadi ke dalam besen dan bawak ke dapor utk basuh..kemudian masukkan dalam periuk utk aktiviti merebus...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kereta Aku Kena Langgar..!! :-(

Pagi ni I feel like totally not in mood nak buat kerja...Rasa nak bgtau semua org yang that I am sooooooo sad this morning..Why not as kereta aku kena langgar..LANGGAR hokeyhh..!! bang by the motobike that came from in front pulak tuh..SIAL betul laa mamat tuh..Yang hang pi langgaq traffic light merah tuh pasai hapaa..!! mujur hang tak bang right exactly depan windscreen aku..kalau tidak mampos hang tergolek..dan yang susahnya aku laa sbb jalan aku kat tepi gaung..

Owhh...thank God..Syukur alhamdulillah..i managed to control my steering wheel and get my car stopped exactly tepi jalan sebelum batu blok construction tuu..just imagine klu aku langgaq blok batu tuh..my car definitely will go down..jatuh gaung...aduhh...!!! subhanallahh..Tuhan yang telah menyelamatkan aku..

As usual..pagi2 when i was driving to school..i will always let the wndow halfly open but this morning tingkap kereta aku let it to open just about a quater..and guess what..kaca side mirror bersepai masuk dalam kereta berterabur kat atas dashboard and bawah driver seat..Ya Allah..dugaan apakah yang Kau bagi pagi2 hari nii...Astaghafirullahh hal'azimmm...

Until now I still didn't called up to hubby telling him of what had happened to me this morning..xnak bagi dia suspen sangat and i don't want to spoil his mood to get worry about this as when I start to tell him I will definitely cry..huhuhuu..lagipun I am just fine..no injuries and just the car..sedih sgt..let him prepare his morning first and later i will get him to know about this..

Dan lembutnyaa lahh hati aku nih jd kesian tgk mamat yang ala2 sederhana jaa and some more xdak gaya mat rempit pun..I don't ask him for any reparation..Ya Allah kenapa laa aku jadi baik sgt (which actually aku nih kuat hangen jgk)..and that guy as well did not harshly while talking to me..He asked for appologies, terus aku jadi kesian tgk budak tuu but actually he has suppose to bear for the damage..1) because dia dtg dari depan..langgar side mirror kanan kereta aku..and if left yess I was the one is fault.. 2) because dia langgar lampu merah dari depan which i truly believe will get green in couple of minutes..maybe sbb aku tgk kereta aku pon tak teruk sgt (tp makan ratus jugakla nak replace or repair) just scratch kat pintu and yg agak teruk sikit my side mirror patah terkulai and cermin dia bersepai..And you guys know what..bila dah kena langgar tuuh and I had stopped my car..aku terus pndg blkg to see what happened to that guy..teruk jatuh kaa..hapa kaa..or silap2 dia blah gitu jaa..but actually he was not..He stopped as well and came near to my car and nicely say out 'mintak maaf akak'..

Side mirror aku yang dah patah..sepatahnyaa hati aku sedih tgk keadaan dia..huhuhuu..Kaca dia bersepai berterabur atas dashboard which i had swiped out before continue my driving td..

Scratch which actually agak teruk..kena repaint sbb cat dia dah tergores nipis..and polished only will never rub it away..

Reach at school and punched the attendance card @7.50am..it's RED..!!!! Arghhhhhh....!!!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Jadi Pendidik

Satu masa yg laaaama dulu..aku pernah menyimpan hasrat nak jadi pendidik..maybe a lecturer or at least jadi cikgu tapi mungkin lepas kawen or lepas ada anak perhaps and now i am almost on the right path of what i had planned..

I had started my career in IT field since Sept 2003 after 3 months being jobless right after graduated..Gaji that time was only 1.3K but money is not the matter and until end of 2007 when i quit the job it was drawn already more than 3K..Gaji cikgu pun xbnyk mana compared to my previous..Started @Redtone Telecommunication, then joined eB Tech as only a customer assistant..upgrade myself to an Assistant Network Engineer..and lastly up to Trainer there. Then the wonderful offer came to be in Dell @Penang as an Application Analyst..What a wonderful is the opportunity to get back to my family and that time I was still single.. [skrg tidak lagi.. ;-) ]

When Dell announced the re-organization, I really can't accept the relocation..our GSC - Global Support Centre to be based in Cyberjaya..back to KL again..??oh no..!! 1) because I don't want to be separated again from my beloved family and 2) because that time I had a boyfriend..we met in Dell and we had plan for the better and meaningful relationship..My boyfriend is now my beloved hubby.. :-)

Hence i had chosen quiting the job by Oct 2007 and again being unemployed for another couple of months..After got married on Nov 2007..been to Cameron for honeymoon in Dec..and again to Pangkor in early January..Right after done with holidays, only I made up my mind to start seeking for job and my sister said to me.."Hang kata nak mintak jadi cikgu..pi laa submit borang GSTT kat PPD cepat..!!" I was just like main2 submit the application without knowing that the luck is there..and thank God as rezeki is still mine..PPD had called me up for posting after almost 2 weeks submitted the application..Alhamdulillah..Dan bermula lah di situ kerjaya aku sebagai seorang cikgu...Sgt nerves that time..Hubby said " What to worry about..you have had the teaching experience before rite.." yes as been a Trainer is not the same as jadi cikgu hokay..

Ingat lagi as it was only happened last year..the second day mengajar..pegi pasar malam terserempak ngan anak murid and they greeted me "Assalamualaikum cikgu"...owhh..sangat menusuk jiwa for the first time throuhg out my life people called me 'cikgu'..and I still remember it until this seconds..Start from that the career to be as a teacher really grown deep in my heart..And who ever don't know other people's intention and life planning, don't you ever simply judge people's decision..(sensitive hokey..!!) sbb ada 'org' kata..those that decided to go for DPLI bcoz of xdak kerja..some more jadi cikgu terjamin and bnyk benefit..yes terjamin and bnyk benefit..but do remember..terjaminkan dunia dan akhirat..and bnyk kah kumpul benefit dunia dan akhirat..yg penting is naawaitu..and only Allah knows..!!

Few months mengajar..I did applied for DPLI..for the first attemption I've been calling for interview and during that time I was almost 6 months expecting..and what a luck of mine..i've been offered for the course..Lepas bersalin Boboy at exactly he was 2 months old, I've started the course..Segala mcm dugaan and cabaran yang maha besar aku terpaksa and dah pun lalu to stand as today I am...

A year is almost passed by and xsabar rasanya nak tamatkan perjuangan nii..Imma, just a little bit more time..please be a bit more strong Imma and you will be as what you are intended to be..JADI CIKGU..Thank God..Syukur Alhamdulillah..and InsyaAllah by January 2010 i'll be posted to the place which i don't know yet but I am sure it must be a school.. :-) Please pray for me that I will still be by my beloved boys' side..

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Swimming Time...

Boboy is actually love to swim but when he had brought into the pool he will make his 'cuak' face but after a while..he is really 'galak' enjoy with it and excited sampai dah kesejukan pun taknak naik lagi..hehehe...

Location: Air terjun Batu Hampar,
Serdang, Kedah.
Swimming time while balik kampung to MIL house last weekend (11 October 2009)

Isk isk isk...mummy wanna swim too...huhuhuuu..

Monday, October 12, 2009

Bila Anak Nak Berkarya

Yess..as a parents what else we can do other that giving fully moral support on whatever our kids wanna do and support of their interest..Today I was really tired of the students at school and they really make me sick..and I was like counting every seconds that passing by to punch the card and drive back..1 perkara buat aku gembira (make my students really enjoy the RC lesson today) and 1 more thing budak2 yg sangat notty buat aku sakit kepala..

Balik rumah aku nak berehat but bila smpi rumah jaa..gelagat my little one make me free from things that make me really tired..I am happy of him when he suddenly pointing to the piano of mine that place quietly at one corner of the house..I switched it on and slip out the bench and put my boy sit on it..he then started his fun time berkarya..End up..inilah hasilnyaa...

Hmmm...lagu apa aku nak cipta niii ahh..aaahh..nak cari lagu yang bess utk mummy and papa lahh..hehehehe...tunggu...

Boy..you are truly great of ours..we love u soo much mmuahh mmuahh..

Boboy's New Collection

What a short weekend that we had again this week..letih..rushing..and of course until when that we had never know nak cukup masa 24hours yang Allah kurniakan..Manusia...

Last weekend..balik kampung hubby @Serdang but before that sempat singgah beraya umah atuk sedara kat Penang..pegi print gmbr wedding Fiza..makan tghari @Kuala Juru Kari Ikan Sembilang (super duper yummy) then balik kampung..No space for our usual activity which are window shopping or jalan-as well coz evening hubby nak pegi photoshoot..ada fashion show @ Sunway Carnival Mall..Malas nak ikut takut balik lewat..

But my goodness..dia pegi minum air sambil menyelamm..apa lagi..SHOPPING laa...huhuhuu...!!! i had missed it out...and guess what bila shopping jaa as usual laa for sure utk our little boy..Tengok apa dia dapat lagi... !!! And what his papa said.."tengok..utk Boboy lagi sian mummy tak dapat lagi.." Hmm sound like i will get one too and November is really near to the corner... ;-)

Apa lagi mummy pun sibuk nak kasik Boboy melaram sekejap..put on his socks and let him try his new Nike shoe gifted from papa..and look he was soooo excited..terus tak sabaq2 nak kluar jalan2..wohhooo...Boy..please wait ok later after Zohor prayer only we will go out..

haaa..jaga..jaga...dia dah standby nak lari kluar dah tuu...anak aku nih...asal bersiap jaa terus kira nak jalan jaa..xmau tunggu2 dahh.. :-D padahal pakai baju lubang-lubang jaa tuh..!! heheheheee

Baju Ketat

First of all before i move on posting the longer words here..I would like to thanks to MAMA-DRAMA for inspired me on posting about 'Baju Ketat' post on her blog..Makasih MAMA...

I have been looking for this kind of suit since my little boy was a baby as I was always see quit a numbers of baby girls is wearing tight suit and it was really cute..and I always told my hubby ' kat mana laa erk nak cari baju2 camtu..syg suka laa klu Boboy pakai baju ketat2 mcm tuu...cute sgt..' but the only thing is we don't find the place that selling it..That time I was staying in Shah Alam alone with my baby while hubby was far away at Penang..we were being a weekend hubby and wife as well as weekend mummy and papa to our little bundle of joy..so i don't have the opportunity to go and survey..morning lecture till afternoon and sometime evening and only weekend we could go for jalan-jalan when hubby turn up to Shah Alam..

But when i read the post that MAMA wrote, i told hubby..'abg tya Amin where they bought those suit..besslaa..dah lama cari tak jumpa ponn..' and he said "come we go to QBay and I show you where we can buy it.." Owhh no..how come he knows about that but never tell me..hmm..he might think that mungkin aku dah tak minat kut..uishh..Yeayyy...!! And so on last Friday we went out for dinner and drop by to QBay but it was almost 10pm tapi tetap jugak nak singgah..nak jugak cari baju tuu..hehehe..End up we managed to get few pairs for Boboy..hehehe..and of course I am the most happier and satisfied than Boboy..pilih punya pilih but actually hubby yang bayar for all..heheh..sian hubby ngan kerenah wifey yang kuat bershopping.."sorry Dear just for this time while I have no income but the time will come bila wife abg jadi cikgu..Aminnn...

These are few that we can get but most of the cutest oen are missing their pair as it was sold seperately shirt and pants..
These are the few that we get..tiba-tiba boleh ada tight suit short pant Optimus Prime Transformers..papa dia tgk tak fikir bnyk terus beli...hahhahaa...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekend CaLL

Was just came back from MIL house and now looking for tomorrow's preparation..Yes as it is Monday call..Actually I have a lot of things to blog but yet I have no time to post it tonite..It was a really short weekend but I have quite number of things had happened and done off me with my beloved boys..I'm gonna make my page updated with all sort of things and hope tomorrow will allow me some space to me to do so..And now I'm getting off for a while as my little boy is not in mood as well..See ya next time perhaps asap.. ;-)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Today's Captures

Alaahai..comeynyaa sayang mummy nii..
After being a long time since Boboy was born as a baby and now he has grown up..this is the next time I managed to took his pic crying..hahaha...so funny..Today when I came back from school and as usual he likes to follow on my back and 'menangis tipi-tipu' when I did not carry him up..and today was the same while i walked in to the bedroom and he was actually tengah minum susu..I did not noticed that he was following on my back and suddenly I heard that he felt down while walking very fast to the room catching on me and menangis laa si kecik ni beriya-iya.. 1) because mummy walked by to the room and did not carry him. 2) he might be felt painful a bit (jatuh tertiarap and luckily his head did not bang to the door bimb). 3) because plus with his 'mengada-ngada'ness..I carry him up and bring him to the sofa at the living hall..after being a while pujuk then he get OK back..

Mummy..your layer cake is really yummy..

Yesterday i had made a layer cake and today back from school i feel like eating it..walaupun tak cantik tapi it's really yummy hokey.. ;-) jangan jeles as I told the right yeahh..As i ate the cake..Boboy also want to eat it..When he wants something, what he know to say is 'mam'..So he was kinda repeating the word many times..mam mam mam..And when i take him and sit on the sofa..he was soooo excited as he is going to have it..yeaayyy..!!!

That was my boy...Oh God..he has grown up and now he is 11 months old..Yess..the time flies so fast..and I am really proud to see he is growing up right in front of my eyes..

Si Comel Berbaju Raya Contest

Masa tengah mencari-cari blog ibu-ibu yang boleh dijadikan teman berkongsi dan bertukar cerita..tiba-tiba mata aku terpandang ke satu link ni Si Comel Berbaju Raya Contest. And hati aku pun tiba-tiba lah terasa nak participate jugak lah in this contest..since this year is my first time beraya dengan si comel aku..beriya-iya aku and hubby siapkan baju raya utk our bundle of joy..since last year raya aku and hubby asik terbayang-bayang jaa yang anak aku nih sure sangat lah comelnya dalam suit raya dia..At that time I was 8 month expecting and I always talked to hubby.."kalau raya nanti anak kita pakai baju melayu..pakai kepiah..pakai sampin pastu jalan toktek toktek..adoihh mesti cute sgt kan abg..." And this year kami melalui apa yang kami bayangkan sebelum nii...bahagia sangat and ni lah dia our bundle of joy, dengan baju melayunya..bersampin and berkopiah..sukaa dapat duit raya:

Umur : 11 bulan
Lokasi : Rumah Atuk @ Kg. Seri Menanti, Muar, Johor

A bunch of thanks to the organizer BabyIbu and all the sponsors Gin & Jacqie, eoe Online, leanalittleshop, Sherry, TH, Mia dan Niko..

Kawan-kawan..jom reramai submit the participation and meriahkan contest kawan kita nii..yeehaaa...!!! Untuk syarat penyertaan and maklumat lanjut boleh tgk kat SINI..
Participation will be closed by 15 Oct. 2009 !!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Layer Cake vs Potato Salad ;-)

As promises that i will come out with the update of my progress this afternoon and now here i come..my layer cake yang tak berapa nak jadi..what to say it's only my first attempt but no doubt with my potato salad which was super duper yummilicious ok...

Progress was started at 3.30pm this afternoon and just end at 7pm..what a long time taken to finished everything...Too many circumstances had came in the midst of the progress..As usual when i was started the agenda, my little boy hugging my thigh and following me walking here and there..Luckily i have my sister whom is really helpful giving me her hand helping..While i was steaming the very first layer of my layer cake..the cylinder was suddenly running out of gas..No prob my mom help me to change to the new full cylinder but unluckily the tap was suddenly leaking..oh my God..why was everything seems to happened at that time..all of the task were stuck for a while..some more i had my potatoes was still on boiling were also stopped..sigh..will have to call to the UPG Network to come and check on it and perfectly in 10 minutes time the service guy had arrived my house..It was almost half an hour i was sneaking from inside the bedroom to check whether the guy had done with it or not..finally he decided to change for the new temporary tap head and brought the spoilt one for service..Thank god i might continue with my work..huh..!!

Hubby was calling to confirm whether I wanna go out for Secret Recepi or not but i had refused it as i had not yet done with my layer cake and potato salad..and put the hope if we could have it for tomorrow dinner since mom as well had prepared a little menu for dinner..Hubby OK with that and we'll make it next day..I started back with my work and had done with everything perfectly at 7pm..Tiring as I was kindaf rushing before break fast to reached..and finally end up with moderately perfect layer cake ( thanks to kak azlina for the recipe) and not to least MAMA-DRAMA (Bai)..the potato recipe provided by you was really interest me..and now i had came out with my own hand made potato salad..Thanks Bai..lepas ni kalau jadi laa kita nya pot luck gathering..u don't need to prepare for it..I'll make it for all..wohhooo ;-) DEAL..

Here the layer cake recipe Kak Azlina Haron (SMKSGBP)..sori laa kak ina..it looks a bit ugly (tak kemas) but it taste soooo nice...like yours.. :-P nanti nak kena berguru lagi on how to make the layers really thin as u did...huhuuhuuu..at least i brougt out some new knowledge and experience after i had left the school instead of bawak teaching experience of RC yang tak seberapa as well as PSV..

This is the super duper yummilicious potato salad which the recipe provided by MAMA-DRAMA..Thanks Bai..Luckily u taught me on how to make it or else i'll have to beg my hubby to find it outside..or senang kena mintak ngan Bai buatkan plak..hehehee..Thanks my dear fwenn...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Carrefour vs Tesco Extra

Last Sunday while bored are coming to visit in the midst of our lazy activity on that evening..we plan to go out and get to somewhere where we can 'menjamu mata' (window shopping laa tuu). So we had decided to go to Tesco Extra at Seberang Jaya as my sis's house is at Sutera Prima Sbrg Jaya..The initial plan was to go to Carrefour but sister said that Tesco Extra is much more interesting than Carrefour if to 'jamu mata'..

There were a lot of shops and kiosk that selling a lot of ladies clothes, accesories as well as tudung..Hubby was carrying our little boy and hence i have lots of opportunities to drop by and look at all those things..There are few things that had grab my interest..yess tudug that I am looking for all this while tapi belum beli lagi..not in shopping mode so I decided not yet to buy but at least i had found the place when next time i would like to have it..Hubby said to Boboy..."abehlaa..abehlaa...mummy dah jumpa dah..." hehehe..

There are a lot of toys kiosk and shops as well and while walking around, there are a guy who was playing with remote control car and Boboy was staring on the car moving here and there. The guy remote the car to in front of where Boboy is standing and suddenly make it move forward headed to Boboy..He really shocked and was loudly crying..eheheh..apa laa Boboy mummy nii..manja sgt..terkejut sama tuuu...

Hubby carry him again and at the other corner of the floor, Boboy had a little time to try this and he looks excited for a while (agak jakun jugak laa sekejap)..

Right after hubby performed the Maghrib prayer at Tesco Extra and Boboy was sleepy as well..we headed back to sis's house and get prepare to go back..Monday is calling up so there will be lots of stuff need to be prepared as well..Going back at around 9pm and reach home at almost 10..

Monday, October 5, 2009

2 days over the Weekend

I wish I could have more than 2 days for weekend as 2 is too short and some more the raya mode is still around in mind..huhuu..

Saturday morning, as usual becoming a house wife while mr hubby attending to the office as he said he had something to settle off..Afternoon after finished with all the cooking, mengemas and as well done with lunch..and now only could get ready to go out..what else if not 'beraya' of course..And as per invited, thanks a lot to MAMA-DRAMA's for the super great meals..I love the potatoes and custard..(wajib nak kena tuntuk ilmu nih..tolong bgi sat resepi naa) or if not I may want to go to your house everytime i feel like to have it.. :-P and everytime of it Amin will have to come down to fetch us at the guard post..hehehe..Anyway thanks a lot for the lovely hospitality..Love u my fwens.. ;-)

Right after that, we (me, hubby and Boboy) headed to where else if not the fav of our queenshop Queensbay Mall..Jalan-jalan..and makan-makan lagi..Drop by @OldTown White Coffee..again..

What a cute of you my dear son..Please control of your eyebrow ok..tau laa cantik :-P mummy know it is soo nice..

On Sunday..we went to my sister's house..having family gathering..and again..makan-makan lagi..Nasi impit..lemang..kuah kacang..rendang and soto will not missed out..

But no lontong for this time around as we will have i again some other time before the raya season had end..hehe..You may see the upload will be visible here soon... ;-0

Friday, October 2, 2009

Pot Luck @SkewL

After about two and a half month being at school, SMK St George Balik Pulau..this is the second round having pot luck together with all the Georgians teachers and co-workers..Last time we had it to celebrate the farewell for the previous school principal and this time around with conjunction of hari raya, so we do it again to and make it as 'Jamuan Hari Raya'.

We have so many types of food today and all are of course with the theme of hari raya meal like ketupat, rendang, nasi impit, serunding, soto, curry mee, singapore meehoon, puding raja, puding coktail, coktail drink, fruits and so many others like cookies laa, kerepek laa..huhh..!! there were a lot of food and it is so many to list everything down here..But I wish I could eat everything but I wasn't..since finish the fasting month, I feel like my stomach is getting smaller as I got full very fast even with little of fill.

Preparation Group in pose and action :-P

Eating time..

Sweet..everyone are in 'baju raya' (except me :-P)

Being at this school make me fall in love of their very good relationship among each other as we are living with in a family..everyone are so closed to each other..they are really helpful..they are friendly..they are very humble..All in all I'm so happy being part of them at school..I bet that I will miss them a lot and the moment of being together while after leaving the school.. ~sobb sobb..~