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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gathering ~ Oct 17 2009~

Last Saturday, we a family as whole had decided to have some small gathering before the raya month ended and yet we did it and everything was done very fine..Not to say open house or 'jamuan hari raya' or what not, just a small gathering with few of neighbors invited, relatives and couples of hubby's and sister's closed friends.

Since we have had our raya this year at Johor,hence we have no opportunities yet to make our main course for hari raya which is lontong..to eat with nasi impit..Ramai yang tanya my mom when she is going to make it as they really love it..hehehee..(bila laa aku nak belajar buat lontong sesedap tuu :-P)..So on last Saturday, kami ramai2 a family as a whole buat kerja..termasuk laa anak aku yang sama2 sgtlaa 'membantu'.. (tengokkan jer la kat the previous post)

the main course of the day..nasi impit with kuah lontong, original mom's made (super duper yummy okey..no doubt..don't believe me?? do ask them ;-) )

curry mee my recepi..best..(3kg mee, cukup2 habis untuk semua tetamu yg berkunjung ;-) @night nak ulang dah xdak..huhuhuuu..)

Antara group tetamu yang terawal sampai...enjoy and help yourself okeyhh... :-)

happy to see the guests are happy (in the frame: mom, sisters, BIL, nieces and one of our neighbour)

Everything was done just nice at not too late in the evening..so sempat laa berehat-rehat and kemas2 a bit just apa2 yang patut but still too tired..All in all sangat memuaskan hati dpt tgk all the geusts are happy and really enjoyed with the meal yang sgt serba sederhana tuu..Thanks to all those had came..more photos

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