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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

PlayTime for My Little-1

Last nite me and hubby went out to Queensbay mall..where else as QB is the most nearer place to be where you can get everything but the intention is not to get that everything actually, we just went for jalan2..dinner and of course the main thing that we love to do the most..window shopping yang kadang2 in accidentally ter'shopping' jugak..heheh..

Pegi lepas hubby balik kerja..he is the one who had spout the idea to go out and i was seems taking advantage (actually tak pun..) to have tom yam kung noodle @Secret Recepi yang dah tertangguh tuu...By the time we get there is already Maghrib. Hubby went for prayer while I was waiting for Boboy melasak berlari keriangan..he did not want his hand to be holding on as he loves to run freely here and there..aku laa yg bersenam hambat dia..letih but really fun having that time being with the love one..

Lepas solat Maghrib, then we headed to Secret Recipe then after that time for jalan2..while walking around..here we get our little boy to have fun with..yeaa...kuda pusing :-P (my late-dad word) sangatlaa excited..maklumlaa he is now enjoying his age with exploring everything at his surrounding..everything he wants to know and to try..layannn..
Jom tengok dia shopping pulak..look at him..sooo cute..pilih baju sendiri..hahahaa...you really make me smile my boy...Apa lagi yang lebih indah as a mommy selain melihat kegembiraan dan keceriaan anak...
Bila masing-masing dah penat berjalan and Boboy was looks like sleepy then we headed back home at almost 10pm..time for minum susu..minum susu dalam kereta on the way back..nampak mcm nak tidoq but he is not..right after reached home, dia melasak lagi..tgk apa pulak kali nii...My goodness...BOBOY LAYAN FB...wuaaaa....pandainyaaa syg mummy niii.... ;-)


Lady of Leisure said...

what a smat cute boy you have.. lucky u! sungguh comel pilih baju sdiri.. :) owh u r in png ya? i org perlis, n i hv one bro n one sis staying in png.. slalu jugak dengar my sis cerita pasal mall ni tapi i tak berkesempatan nak ke sini lagi huhu..

Imma said...

hehehee...tks Lady..he is not yet 1 y.o little boy..but nak dekat setahun dah this coming 1st nov..

ooo..kat perlis..xdak laa jauh dari penang nii..kira sekariah utara jugak laa kita..rajin2 mai laa jalan2 ke penang nii.. ;-)

Drama Mama said...

Ahh...Irfan takut nak naik benda alah tu, semua benda la dia nak takut tsk tskt tsk

Imma said...

alaa Bai..time kecik2 nii mmg laa excited..baru2 lg kann..taktau laa kot dah besaq nnti mcm irfan jugak..hehehee..Boboy ni pon penakut jugak sbnrnya..turn off TV then tv screen jadi blank pon cabut lari punggang langgang..hahahahahaa..

xpa2..nanti kita buat outing sama2..kasik irfan ada kawan..nti dia tak takut laa.. :-D

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