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Monday, October 5, 2009

2 days over the Weekend

I wish I could have more than 2 days for weekend as 2 is too short and some more the raya mode is still around in mind..huhuu..

Saturday morning, as usual becoming a house wife while mr hubby attending to the office as he said he had something to settle off..Afternoon after finished with all the cooking, mengemas and as well done with lunch..and now only could get ready to go out..what else if not 'beraya' of course..And as per invited, thanks a lot to MAMA-DRAMA's for the super great meals..I love the potatoes and custard..(wajib nak kena tuntuk ilmu nih..tolong bgi sat resepi naa) or if not I may want to go to your house everytime i feel like to have it.. :-P and everytime of it Amin will have to come down to fetch us at the guard post..hehehe..Anyway thanks a lot for the lovely hospitality..Love u my fwens.. ;-)

Right after that, we (me, hubby and Boboy) headed to where else if not the fav of our queenshop Queensbay Mall..Jalan-jalan..and makan-makan lagi..Drop by @OldTown White Coffee..again..

What a cute of you my dear son..Please control of your eyebrow ok..tau laa cantik :-P mummy know it is soo nice..

On Sunday..we went to my sister's house..having family gathering..and again..makan-makan lagi..Nasi impit..lemang..kuah kacang..rendang and soto will not missed out..

But no lontong for this time around as we will have i again some other time before the raya season had end..hehe..You may see the upload will be visible here soon... ;-0

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