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Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's Not Perfect but Yet..It's Completed

Today is Sunday..and in less than 24 hours, i'll be leaving my two beloved boys for another responsible that I'm not yet done with..I had finished with my teaching practical and now the last stage of it where i need to attend for the post-prac session that will be held for 2-3 days at UiTM campus..So happy to meet again all my peers but sad to leave my love ones even for not a week.. :-(

Remember the post about my that been bang by a motorbike..and it has become 'cacat' for a while but now it has back to complete each other..even it is not yet perfect but they are completed each other..no worries dear..i'll make you guys to be as the same as before okie... ;-)

tengok nii..walaupun ianya agak kurang sempurna lagi tapi ianya sangat saling melengkapi..and they had made completed of my needs as well..susahnya drive without another 'eye' for almost two weeks..huhuu..


Drama Mama said...

2-3 hari ja, jangan sedih ya. :-D yeay! keta dah baik :-)

Imma said...

dah baik..kna tunggu bg sama balik laa..huhuuu..terbang jugak laa 200+ :-( tawakkal laa org tuh nak bayaq balik ker tidak..

Bai...jauh2 nii 2 3 hari pon rasa lama tau..ni dah kat Shah Alam..tau2 kena balik Kamih..huwaaa...!! :-((