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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Puasa on the 6th day

Today is the 6th day we had fasting adn since the first day after had 'roti jala' with beef curry for buka puasa..only today I have the opportunity to cook something..Guess what..i'm preparing mee udang..resepi sendiri (chaitt..!! perasan :-P) for my family breakfasting this evening..don't know jadi or not later..so..tungguuu...will update the result..muahahahhaaa...since i had bought all the stuffs for it..so have to start it by now..it pass than 4pm already..as later nak pegi pasar ramadhan puak..hehehe...looking for something additional like kuih and I really feel like to have soy drink later..hehehe...bunyik macam org mengidam laa pulak kann..who wants to give me a hand let me know.. ;-)

ok...got to go now...will post the update when i have some free space..hehehe...miss ya..

added @ 7.00pm
Here i come back again and with me this round with the result as i said..hehehee..Thank God
as i managed to settle everything and get what i feel like to have..hmm..for sure the main course of the day is 'mee udang' and here it is..

And the side dish are cucur bawang ikan bilis, kuih cara manis, kuih lapis milo, murtabak and bubur lambuk... ;-) hmm banyaknyaa...plus soy drink utk org mengidam..(perasan..berangan) padahal 5org jer pon dalam rumah yg nak makan..xper..janji meriahkan bulan Ramadhan..bukan selalu..setahun skali jaa...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Di Ambang Ramadhan

Salam buat kawan2 and all the Muslims out there.. Diam tak diam..pejam celik..bangun duduk..keluar masuk..dah setahun berlalu and now it welcomes us again..Syukur Alhamdulillah as because of HIS wills we are still been given the opportunity to live in this world..to do what we want and suppose to do..to realize everything what we dreamed of..Bagi aku..Ramadhan kali ni semakin memberi makna for me and my family..This year I'm going to celebrate it not only with my big family and my hubby instead..this time I have one additional the precious beloved wealth whom is my little boy Muhammad Danish Wafiq a.k.a Boboy that really cherish my life day by day..I'm really thankful to GOD kerana murahkan rezki me and hubby..

Di kesempatan hari dan bulan baik yang bakal tiba..me and hubby memohon keampunan serta kemaafan atas kesalahan yang secara sengaja atau tidak dari kawan-kawan semua..Halalkan segala apa yang terlebih dah terkurang..Redhakan gurauan yang terkasar selama kita berbahasa dan berbicara..Dan di kesempatan bulan Ramadhan nii..marilah kita sama-sama mempertingkatkan amalan kita terhadap Allah s.w.t..menjadikan hidup ini lebih baik dari hari ini dan semalam..memohon doa agar apa yang kita perhambakan mendapat sepenuh kerahmatan dariNYA insyaAllah..Dan untuk semua..kami mengucapkan selamat menjalani ibadah puasa dan penuhilah ia dengan sebaik-baik serta sebanyak-banyak amalan semoga kita sama-sama memperolehi hikmah dan hidayah dari Allah..Aminnn yaRabbal 'alamin..

Imma, FadziL & Wafiq

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Story Behind

Last Sunday..pi umah makcik kat Sg Nibong and after that sempat lagi mengyinggah ke Giant. At first we(me and hubby together with my mom and sis) planned to shop at Sunshine Square but unfortunately right after reach the compound..terrible traffic queing to go up to the multilevel car park had crossed our mood to shop there esp mr hubby who drive the car..pantang klu jamm panjang-panjang nii..so we divert our plan to Giant..shopping the groceries spare for Ramadhan coz if we wait till this weekend then only to go..definitely damn crazy crowd will happen..some more will be the 1st and 2nd day of fasting..huhuhuuu..i don't dare to take the challenge.. :-P

As we leaved makcik house, it was raining a bit but one we reached Giant, it has stopped..nasib baik jugak laa..klu tidak, kesian Boboy laa hujan2 tp mummy galak nak bershopping jugak..but what to do..have to ;-) pusing punya pusing satu giant..it's almost full of trolley jugak laa..hehehee and as usual whenever we been and whatever we bought..macam dah wajib mesti ada satu benda yg dibeli utk Boboy..this round guess what..we bought a pair of slipper utk si comel nii coz he had started attemp to walk..ngeh ngeh ngeh..here it is..ASADI RM8.90..beli sbb mata dah gatal sgt tgk..its really cute..i really can't wait to see he could walk by himself..sure cute yang teramat sgt ngan tateh-tateh dia tuh..kenitt jaa pimpin tgn dia..hehehehheheee..sukaa...

Boboy is the one..tgk jaa org pegang slipper tuh..he seems to know that he is going to get the stuff and beriya2 sgt mintak nak pegang..so mcm biasa..layan jer laa..nak amik laa pegang sayang oooii...After all..balik rumah bagi laa dia pakai slipper tu, guess what..dah dapat pakai slipper dia buat muka lawak dia tuh then xnak berdiri pulak dah..terus merangkak galak..laju plak tuh..muahahahahaa...But the story behind that Asadi slipper..PM me for it..ngeh3x..

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It' been ...................

1.55pm | blogging @school
Yess..its been quite a long time since i was blogging telling that i'll be back to Penang..to my home sweet home and now only i come again blogging..It seems millions of story to share out here but for some reason and circumstances, it has been delayed. I bet some of it might been missed out but still i would try to blog as what i have in mind up to now...

It's been almost 2 weeks since came back from our short holiday past two weekend. My and my hubby and of course our lovely little boy has been to Langkawi for short holiday before i got start with my teaching prac. It was kind of tiring holiday since we went for only 2 days but all in all it still a memorable holiday that we have had. Can be said that was our 1st holiday together (me, hubby and Boboy) since my delivery last November. What to said as i was in study mode, so all activities will need to be freeze meantime as well as when money comes as the matter :-( we had spent a lot of it for travel (Pg-Shah Alam) every weekend to meet each other, rental, meals, etc, etc. Sad if to looked back the situation but thank God i am here just by their side at all time. I love this precious time that we have..Here are some of the pics during our holiday..Day 1..we had lunch then only check in to the hotel..Langkasuka Beach is the place we landed at and after all then we head to cable car..Pening dan gayat..rasanya kalau ke Langkawi for the next time..tak mungkin kut nak naik cable car lagi dah..takuttt...Pas layan cable car we get back to hotel..have our rest then get down to swimming pool..refreshment time before go out for dinner and jalan2 window shopping. For the rest two days been in Langkawi, we just managed to visit few places as the time were so short. Hubby is planning for some other places next time..yeaa..

to be cont...
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It's been almost two weeks I was at school fulfilling the course requirement..undergo for teaching prac..Oh my gosh..i love the school..it's totally different of what i had in experience throughout last year..the students, the environment, the teachers..