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Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's Finally Function

Some time ago when me and hubby had our outing to Juru Autucity Shopin' The Park, I had fall in love with this multipurpose folded storage as the printed was my super fave cartoon character..It's Mickey Mouse in figure...!!!

That time I just really insist to have it but with no reason why I really need it. What I was so believe was just because it is Mickey Mouse in design..hahahaha..and some more it was reaaaaally cheap I bet..RM15 ONLY...Why I want to wait..

And after so long the stuff stayed quietly in my keeping, it is now finally has out with the cute in function..I could place all Boboy's CDs inside this multipurpose storage..weeee..and instead of that, it has become a playtime table for Boboy..

It is suitable to be place in the wardrobe as well and therefore, there will be no messiness of the CDs arrangement inside it. Practical, no??

The top cover and the box is made of wood and been covers nicely. It is not even only a box to keep stuffs inside but it is a little chair as well for little one just like my little boy..hikhiks..

And this is the most that he really like to do..sitting on it..hahahaha..siap bole buat kerusi utk study table dia lagi...'uchee Boboy' which means kerusi Boboy..

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Next Mission Started

Seeking for something that so difficult to find is really tiring but regardless of what the bad feelings that come, if the insist has been possess as insist..we'll try to work on getting it anyway..hah haaaaa...

Mr Hubby soooooo tempted to NB and therefore he wants if we could get this one for our little boy since his Nike sandle did not fit him perfectly anymore..sandle tuh makin mengecik laahh.....


Smart though it is simple, no..??So anyone would wanna forward their hand for help for us to get this..put your hands up..abeh laa tak lena malam aku duk teringin..hihiks...Sebelum ni pon tak lena malam gak sbb duk teringat C&@)#..but then it seems soon to be real...eeeee...tak sabaqnyaaa...!!! <--ayat yang sgt laa gedik excited..buweekkk.!!

Allergy or Congivitis

Sorry for not been blogging in these few days. I have things to story out but yet the condition was seems not permitted.

Talking about allergy or congivitis, actually my little lovely boy is now having it..I just don't know what was happened as last two days (Tuesday) when I left him for school, everything was so well, but only after I came back from school I noticed that his right eye looking bigger than the other..it was so reddish and swollen and mak told me that Boboy sakit mata since morning he woke up from asleep..huh..apakahh...???

Aduhh..tak hensemnya anak mummy ni mata merah sebelah...Look at his reddish eye..poor of him..This picture was taken last night but seems no improvement since he got it on Tuesday, macam ni laa mata dia..huhuu.. ~macam nak berlakon filem Pulangkan' lah pulak..~ owhh...sorry boy..

We had consult Mr Doc. in the evening on the same day and according to the doctor was that Boboy got infection due to dust or allergy or something might be small insects get in to his eye and it is NOT the symptom of congivitis. Then he provides with the eye drops and the med to reduce the allergy.

As we know, congivitis is contagious but thank God no one in the house been infectious yet. The only thing is I am so worry of the reddish which is still not improving. :-( If it is still remain the same, I am thinking of taking him again to the clinic as last time we did consulted a normal Doc and not Boboy's paed.

Please readers and friend, if you have any info or kind of petua in reducing the reddish as I believe he is feeling so itchy on his eye when he keep on scratching it so frequently and tell me "mommy...atit mata" while doing his muka manja..sangat kesian..do share it her with me..

But you know, it is not easy to put on the eye drop to the little toddler like him as he will be showing his skill of martial arts..jenuh jugak laa nak tepis. So the best opportunity to drop is during his bed time..jenuh menunggu dia tidoq laa..kalau dah duk melasak jaa kerjanyaa..!!

But then..he is still look healthy even though with the condition of his eye that so bad..marching all over the floor in the house, singing, playing around, dancing and everything..Bila letih ni laa kerja dia.."mummy nak syu-syuu tulet (mummy....nak susu chocolate!!)..

I wish the pain will get away soon..Go go my boy, you are simply strong little kiddo..!!! yeeehaaa...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Malam Nisfu Syaban (14 Syaaban 1431H) @26 Julai 2010

 As tonight is (26 July 2010), a night of Nisfu Syaban, here I share the practice that we may want to do in conjunction with the Mid-Sya'ban to have the mercy and the forgiveness from Allah SWT.

The handouts below been distribute last year during my practical training @ the school I am posted today and here I share out up to much of my care with all readers.

"Sabda Rasulullah SAW: Bulan Syaaban keagungan malamnya dengan malam Nisfu Syaaban seperti mana keagungan Rejab dengan malam Isra' Mikrajnya dan keagungan Ramadhan dengan malam Lailatul Qadarnya. Maka pada malam Nisfu Syaaban telah datang Jibrail kepada Rasulullah SAW lalu katanya: Angkatlah kepalamu ke langit, itulah malam yang dibukakan Allah padanya tiga ratus rahmat dan diampunkan oleh Allah orang yang tidak menyekutukanNya dengan sesuatu kecuali ahli nujum, kekal dalam zina, kekal minum arak dan derhaka kepada ibu bapa. "

Amalan pada malam Nisfu Syaaban:
  1. Hendaklah dibaca Yaasin dengan diniatkan memohon dipanjangkan umurnya dalam mentaati Allah.
  2. Kemudian dibaca Yaasin dengan diniatkan diluaskan Allah pintu rezekinya yang halal dan diberkatiNya.
  3. Kemudian dibaca Yaasin dengan diniatkan minta dimatikan dalam iman ("Husnulkhotimah").
  4.  Kemudian dibacakan doa Nisfu Syaaban:

Erti Doa Nisfu Syaaban:

Ya Allah …Yang Maha Pengurnia…tanpa dikurniai
Wahai Yang Empunya segala kebesaran dan kemuliaan
Wahai Yang Empunya segalah kemurahan dan pemberian
Tiada Tuhan melainkan Engkau

Engkaulah Pelindung bagi sekalian pelarian
Engkaulah jua Penaung bagi yang mencari perlindungan
Engkaulah Penenteram bagi mereka yang berada di dalam ketakutan

Ya Allah kiranya aku ini tersurat pada sisi Mu
Sebagai penjahat lagi terkutuk
Sebagai terhindar dari yang jauh lagi sempit tanpa rezki dariMu

Dengan segala kebajikan yang ada pada Mu
Ya Allah Hapuskanlah dari suratanMu itu Kejahatan yang tersurat tadi
Juga kutukan yang jauh dari kebahagiaan
Termasuk penghindaranku dari sisiMu dan kesempitan hidupku

Ya Allah tetapkanlah dalam suratan Mu
Sebagai orang yang berbahagia ....sentiasa beroleh rezeki
Menerima aneka kurnia dan kebajikan

Sebenarnya Engkau Ya Tuhan telah bertitah
Titahmu adalah Hak dan Benar
Tersurat dalam kitabMu yang diturunkan
Menerusi lisan Nabi Mu yang terutus
Yang bermaksud
Allah sesukaNya Menghapus dan Menentukan Sesuatu
DisisNya sahaja terdapat IBU KITAB suratan takdir

Tuhanku dengan penyerlahan Zat Mu Yang Maha Agung
Pada malam pertengahan bulan Syaaban yang Mulia Ini
Di mana berlakunya pembahagian dan penentuan dalam setiap perkara

Hindarkanlah dariku segala petaka
Yang aku ketahuinya ataupun tidak
Bahkan apa jua yang Engkau lebih mengetahuinya dariku
Kerana Engkau jua Yang Mengetahui tentang segala-galanya

Aku mohon Rahmat Mu Duhai Tuhan Yang Maha Pengasih
Dari sekalian Yang Mengasihani
Kiranya Engkau sampaikan selawat dan salam
Pada Penghulu kami Nabi Muhammad shallalahu ’alaihi wasallam
Serta kepada para keluarga dan sekalian sahabatnya


Semoga kita sama-sama mendapat kenikmatan, keredhaan, keberkatan serta keampunan dari Allah SWT..InsyaAllah......

Saya Follower Yang ke Tujuh Ribu Tiga Ratus Tiga Puluh dua

While wandering around to peoples' and friends' blog I found this helpful and super nice info in making over our blog. Yes I might be one amongst the thousands of follower but for you that not yet informed or noticed about this blog, come and grab the help from Mr. Shabby and it is still not too late..

I was just be part of SB fan and join as a seven thousand three hundred and thirty second follower..

It is simply awesome site since many of bloggers previously are using ScrappinBlogs Background and all them had gone..tsk tsk..End up still many of us got stuck and much depending to the Blogger new featured template and background where by editing and formatting become so much troublesome..Yess it's what had happend to me and yet I came with this super simple new painted home sweet home..

Just putting the ambitious to my free time I hope to have some great thing from SB to do make over to my home sweet home..

Sunday, July 25, 2010

BabyCooL Dapat Award

My BabyCooL buat julung-julung kalinya dapat award from Adha..tuan empunya kedai Rama-Rama..Butterfly Shop Online..TQ TQ TQ..

And here the wish that I need to answer..well...well...welllll.....

1. Apakah nama blog anda dan kenapakah anda memilih nama itu?
>>> BabyCooL One Stop

>>> kenapa pilih...sbb xdak idea nak letak nama apa..since Coolababy adalah produk pertama memulakan business ni kut..

2. Apakah nama link blog anda dan bagaimana boleh timbul idea nak menamakannya sebegitu...?
http://babycool-one-stop.blogspot.com/ <-- memilih nama ini sbb mendapat ilham dari perkataan Coolababy, the very first product that make this business started.

3. Apakah method dalam penulisan anda?
mix and mangle..campur-campur as long as the message could be perfectly delivered to the reader..visitors..buyers..resellers..and all..

4. Pernah terasa nak hapuskan blog anda? Sebabnyea...
tak mungkin and insyaAllah with God wills..akan di-expend-kan ke bentuk kedai sebenar di alam nyata..pray for my success..Thanks..

5. Pernah x ahli keluarga anda membaca blog anda dan ape kate mereka?
Of course pernah..dan depa kata..cantiknyaa kedai..comelnyaa 'pampers'..hihii..~kembang jugaklaa~

6.Ape perasaan anda apabila orang lain mengatakan bahawa anda punye belog ini burok sedangkan masih ade yang mengatakan belog anda cantek..
Alhamdulillah setakat ni takdak lagi yang kta buroks..sbb tak pernah dengar lagi laa gitu..tapi saya rasa dah agak tak cantik sbb background yang comel dah hilang..nanti saya buat balik yaa..but so far masih sejuk mata saya memandang...

7. Bilakah anda mempunyai belog?
I have started the business using offline by March..but this blogshop only been started a month after that..lebih kurang April gitu laa...

8. Siapakah orang pertama yang mengetahui anda mempunyai belog?
Of course my dear very suppportive Mr Hubby... :-)

9.Apakah perasaan anda apabila orang asyek mengatakan tentang belog anda disekolah..
Berbunga-bunga hati bila colleagues kat sekolah mengatakan blog saya cantik..makasih kawan2..

10. 10 orang keatasnya seterusnya untuk di Tag..
Owhhh...I am lack of listing the friends as I don't want to be bias..geli perasan ayat..ahakss..Hence..everyone that read this post are tagged..!!!! so kawan-kawan..saya dengan bermurah hati berkongsi award ini dengan anda SEMUA....!!!!

Saya Pun Nak Jugak..!!

As nowadays there are a lot of blogs that using the hidden shoutbox on the right hand side of their blog page..I am tempted to have it too..nampak cam besss jaa kann..Therefore, after doing the tag of this, I was trying to do with referring to the this much helpful and informative blog by Mari Bina Blog.

OK..now can said that I am impressed of myself yang buta coding nih but then I could transfer my conventional shoutbox into this...tadaaaaaa..........!!!!

Yeayyy....!! sekarang Shoutbox saya sudah berada di sebelah kanan...nampak tak...???? nampak tak...???? heheheheee...suka..suka..suka..

sila laa layan ke-excited-an saya yang dah agak ketinggalan nii..makasihh :-P

Tag: Menjawab "Banyaknya Soalan"

As usual, Sunday should be my family day and while waiting sisters to be around and since all the cooking part has done, here I sit to answer the tag(s) that has been given by Adcom from Hari Ini :-) ~Thanks anyway for the idea given on what to blog as I was being sooo lazy of blogging these days..not only lazy but too many things that need to be settled actually in the first place that restricting me from blogging and blogwalking..huhuuu..

Here we start with the questions:

1. kekasih saya adalah : of course teringin nak jadi kekasih Allah, but I am ashamed of myself that so lack in so much of things to be as kekasih Allah..therefore, I am very sure that kekasihku adalah Mr. Hubby and my little bundle of joy Muhammad Danish Wafiq :-) I love them so much with all my heart..

2. saya sedang mendengar : suara si kecil ku yang sangatlaa keriangan bermain dengan 'adik' (his lovely cuzzy sister, maklumlaa takdak adik lagi kannnn...)

3. saya patut :-nya balik kampung MIL pagi ni tapi sebab merajuk dengan Mr Hubby and buat kerja rumah sorang-sorang smpi awal pagi mlm tadi..so tak larat nak bersiap2 balik kampung pagi2 ni..

4. saya suka :- shopping, beli tudung (syria), beli baju (walaupun dah lama tak beli), bermain2 dengan Boboy, and the most I realize saya suka buat org ketawa walaupun in return people did not do the same but yet I am satisfied :-)

5. sahabat-sahabat baik saya : semua yang baik dengan saya since I don't really close to specific or certain certain people..orang baik dengan saya..saya akan sebaik mungkin akan lebih baik dengan dia InsyaAllah :-)

 6. saya tak faham : - kenapa laa ada orang yang senang-senang buang baby sedangkan kita ni nak dapat satu-satu pon kena melalui seribu satu kepayahan dan kesakitan..therefore I love my little one more than other thing in this world as it's the invaluable gift from HIM. Alhamdulillah..

7. saya kehilangan :- ntah laa..tang ni taktau nak jawab..xdak idea..

8. ramai yang berkata :- saya ni sombong nampak dari riak wajah tapi bila dah kenal, saya ni lucu..saya ni lawak..saya ni peramah..betul kaa erhh..?? hmmm..Adha, jawab jap ;-) makasihhh..

9. makna nama saya : hmm..not sure but pernah terjumpa satu masa yang lama dulu tapi tak ingat kat mana yang maksud nama saya nih "Hati Pemerintah" adeihh..betul atau tidak tak pastilahh..

10. cinta itu adalah :- suatu yang sangat unik..setiap orang ada definasi tersendiri..as for me love is care, love is share..hence I share and I care to the person that I love.. :-)

11. di sesuatu tempat , seseorang sedang :-sedang apa erhhh...ntah laa saya pon tak pasti..everyone seems just like be by my side..hikhiks..lagipon saya tak nampak apa org yg di sesuatu tempat tu buat..

12. saya akan cuba :- dan terus berusaha to be a best wifey to Muhamad FadziL Arshad and the best ever mommy to my little one Muhammad Danish Wafiq..

13. ayat SELAMANYA membawa maksud :- together and LOVE

14. saya paling meluat apabila :- ada yang suka bermuka-muka dan menipu saya...tsk tsk tsk..

15. pesta/parti adalah :- kenduri..time spent of being together and gather with all the person that I care..my family a whole of course.

16. haiwan yang paling comel yang pernah anda temui ialah :- kucing kesayangan kami satu family warna putih tapi dah dicuri orang.

17. peringkat umur yang paling menyeronokkan bagi saya ialah :- zaman sekolah..the most memorable moment..zaman cintan-cintun ngan incik hubby pon yer jugak..walaupun hanya 6 bulan..but the time that we spent was so much meaningful..

18. hari ini :- hari Ahad..hihiii...ada family gathering with conjuction to celebrate the eldest sister's birthday..nak lepak2 tepi laut dkt ngan QBay Mall, bawak the kids playing around on the ground..weee...

19. malam ini saya akan : akan nak tukaq jadi 'kena' boleh tak..?? so malam ini saya kena lipat and iron baju Mr. Hubby..mcm biasa...

20. esok pula saya akan :- holidaayyyyy...!!! cuti..cuti...yeayy..yeayy..!! cikgu kann... ;-)

21. saya betul-betul inginkan :- TOYOTA ESTIMA 2.4 AERAS S (ACR50)..boleh teringin jer laa..huhuhuu...

22. ketika anda lihat wajah anda di cermin pagi ini :- tak pasti laa sbb smpi waktu ni hari ni belom tgk cermin..tp yang pasti..pipi ini semakin 'bam bam'.. :-D

23. pusat membeli-belah atau arked permainan :- QBay Mall, AEON, Jusco Smart Wonder World, Gurney Plaza, etc..etc..etc..memang we love scouting in the mall so much..

24. Makanan barat atau Jepun :- I do love western food so much (sbb tu lah gemok gedempol kut..) but Japanese I don't think I can go with it..as shushi is 'yeee...yucks' for me..

25. bilik yang terang atau gelap : terang kalau siang..and gelap utk malam waktu tidoq..

26. bestfrend ever :- my family a whole..always being together...

27. situasi saya ketika menjawab tag ini:- lepak-lepak and suka-suka since nothing to do and all the boys and kids are sleeping..

28. who else nak kena jawab tag ni, sebut two of them:- Drama Mama (sbb dia kalau buat tag ni mesti best sgt I believe) and Papakeechee (saja nak tag dia since dia dah berpindah rumah ke Taman Blogger nii)..

Friday, July 23, 2010

Dinner @Al-Khaleej

For those that is so much of lamb lover, you may want to try on this great ever lamb set from Al-Khaleej Arabic Restaurant.

We had it once after being recommended by Mr Hubby's colleague last week. The food was simply awesome..Great lamb briyani I had ever tried..

 Lamb briyani set..Just look at the meal set, it was a so huge set that can be treat for two..therefore, we just ordered one and had it together..it reminds me the moment of our first date :-D (masa tuu kat western food Bandar Perda, BM)

But he grilled prawned was just so and so in taste as the shrimp was not as big as expected..huhu..tipah tertipu..Looking from the menu name, it sounded just like we were going to have a super huge size of shrimp but indah khabar dari rupa..tsk tsk tsk..Musnah harapan aku nak makan udang besar..The shrimp size were just like the Boboy's 'wet tappong' (duit tabung)..

 Grilled prawn with sallad

All in all, the food were nice..and I love them all the same..I bet that there will be the next and next and next round to come to have the meal there..Kan abg kan...???? ;-)

Owh but then, where the location is..?? They are at Juru AutoCity very near to Maybank lot just beside the super-bikes show room..Sempat laa incik hubby ku menjamu mata tengok (tengok ja laa..) motor yang lebih besaq dari dia..hihihiii...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nak Bachaa Ok'aaaa....

I strongly believe that my little boy is really a smart boy..Yes he is..no doubt and I pray to Allah that he will be smarter and smarter person all the way of his life.

One thing that he made me and his dad felt so amazed and proud of him was..he could perfectly reciting doa makan at his age of 1 year and 7 months old..Yess..toddlers nowadays they are really smart..

Everytime when Boboy asked for milk, I'll give him and before he started to sip them all, I will tell him "nak minum susu baca apa...???" and he will replied "nak bachaa ok'aaa..." while the both left and right hand will be putting together to start to recite the doa.

And here the phrase from him with all his pelat-ness..
" Awwahh ummaaa..bayik lanaaa..fiimaa..wozhaq thanaaa...waa tinaa...'aazhaa bannarrr.."
With disregard to the pelat-ness of his words (biasalaa..budak kocit kann)..would you say it perfect and complete..??

Hik hiks..congratulation dear..it it sooo perfect..mummy and papa love you sooooooo much than everything in this world..mmuahh mmuahh....

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Dah lama tak melihat update terbaru dari Lyafrina..Mummy Imma sendiri pon terkekang waktu nak blogwalk sejak kebelakangan ni dek kesibukan yang melanda..Tapi bila hari minggu ni sambil jalan-jala ke blog kawan, Mummy Imma terjumpa dengan berita sedih ni dari Mama Danish.. (I am mommy to Danish too :-D ) Maaf kerana Imma terlewat mengetahui tentang Lya.. :-(

I pray to Allah to give all the strength to Lya for her to survive and to Lya..we all highly knew that you are strong enough..So Lya..I wish and pray for you to get well so soon and back to us with all your lovely stories..tsk tsk tsk..

Sehubungan dengan tu..Tabung "KAMI BERSAMAMU LYA" telah pon dilancarkan..Marilaah kita semua kawan-kawan bloggers bersama-sama membantu Lya untuk beliau boleh terus menjalani rawatan penyakit yang dideritainya kini..sangat sedih mengetahui tentang Lya..Semoga Lya cepat sembuh serta kembali ke pangkuan keluarga tercinta..Aminnn..

Dan kawan-kawan sekelian..murahkan lah hati kalian menghulurkan sumbangan ke Tabung KAMI BERSAMAMU LYA dengan menyalurkan pemberian ikhlas anda ke akaun beiau
155014985526 Maybank - Alyani Binti Amran

Dan mintak jugak kawan-kawan sekelian mewar-warkan tentang tabung amal ini di blog kawan2..InsyaAllah semoga dengan usaha murni kita ni dapat menyelamatkan satu nyawa di samping kita mengumpul ganjaran dari Yang Esa..

Klik SINI untuk perkembangan tentang Lya..

My Little Super Model with DyanaMP

Aduss..lamanyaa tak mengemas-ngemas rumah nii..sedih plak lama ditinggalkan dek kesibukan kerja-kerja sekolah dan kedai yang dibukak tak lama dulu..

Kalau nak tau kedai apa..jemput-jemputlaa singgah cuci2 mata layan apa-apa yang patut..hihii..

Anyway..this time I come back with much of care to share the preview of  the new invention of DyanaMP CD..This is my very real own experience using DyanaMP CD to my little boy. Fresh preview as to said..

Since I had it in my stock, this is the only time I managed to try it on my little guy and the one that could grab his interest is White Zoo design DyanaMP CD..I started to put on the CD to Boboy last night at 11.00pm before he went to bed..

As usual, he drink a lot all the time of the day until the moment before he went to sleep, there the 8oz of milk he had finished off..tu belum masuk dgn air yang dia minum sepanjang masa sambil main sejam dua sebelum tuu..And Boboy memang kuat minum.. :-D nak tido mintak lagi susu..adusss..

Early in the morning he asked for milk again and I woke up and made about 7oz more for him..Today since morning, there was raining and therefore I bring him for shower a little bit late which was about 10.30 in the morning..Guess what..until the moment before he went for shower, he was still with his CD which was still not leak even though it was already heavy with his pee..hiks.. :-D

Sempat lagi bergaya okeyh di saat-saat akhir nak pegi mandi..

The waist fit so perfectly to him with wider velcro tape..and the setting is L size ( a bit loose to him, M would be more perfect to fit him)..The inserts could absorbed better than normal CD that he has..Furthermore, the leakguard feature as well worked perfectly preventing leaking even though it was already full..I am now ready to bye-bye to disposable diapers even it is outing time.. :-)

Great CD ever from Boboy's collection..Those that really wanted to take this challenge, do visit BabyCooL One-StoP and make your choice..The decision are really wise to your money and your saticfaction just like I do.. :-) Happy CD-ing

Mommy Imma 

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Panda vs Tiger

"Mummy...I just don't know which one to choose laa..huhuuu..I feel like to have both..can I..??"

"Owhh Dear..cuba pi mengorat papa..agak2 papa nak belikan tak..hihi.." ~mummy kedukut...!! chaitt..!!~
These are the few stocks that arrived yesterday..don't be surprised as half of them has been sold..Please disregards the express tag as they don't deserve to it on top of their damn bad customer experience..huuhh...!!

OK..just forget about it..let it be..know what...?? when everytime the stock had arrived on my hand, Boboy will always be the very first 'customer' that came and make his selection..And just look at him wonder which one to choose and yet, he wanted to have both..Untung laa hang Boboy..tiap2 kali hang angkut...wuaakakakakaa...

 Cantiknyaaa tiger niii...

 but this one nice though..

Therefore, he got these both..Itu belom lagi kira yang DyanaMP dia sambaq seketoi dah..gulllpppp...!

Those that don't wanna missed to grab what this little boy had got..there you go..come and visit my blogshop at BabyCooL One-Stop. There will be a lot more choices for you to make..Enjoy shopping just like my little boy do...Weeeee.... :-)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Boboy on His Trip to Taiping Zoo Today

My little boy was being so good this early in the morning as he woke up as early at 5.40am just because he is joining his aunties and cuzzies having trip to Taiping Zoo today..

Huhuhuu...since they are on holiday mode due to Penang Governor birthday on last Saturday, therefore they are having trip today rather to be in the Saturday crowd. Further more, the elder sister's hubby was working on weekend..Hmm

Ok till then, can't wait for him to come back as he definitely will have his story of going for the trip. They are in purpose of having the experience boarding with train after many many many years haven't board with it.

By the way, this is Boboy's 3rd trip to Taiping Zoo..The first time was during his dad photography training trip on 2008 and that time he is still in my belly.. :-)

His 2nd trip was during Hari Raya Haji last year (2009)..sebab takdak plan beraya therefor zoo jadi kunjungan..hikhiks...Woww..!! the mother only reached there only for two times but he is already threeeeeee..... :-D

p/s: will post the update of this post of his trip today..weeeheee...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Uuhhh...Sedeynyaa... :-(

I was wondering why both my personal Mummy's Stories Blog and my business Blog @BabyCooL One-StoP does not perform well in loading the nice background as I have been saved some time ago by using the sweet background designed by Scrappin' Blog.

And thus I made a wander walk to the site and see this sad news from then saying as I copied and pasted below:
"We have recently been contacted by PhotoBucket (which is the site we use to upload ALL our layouts and previews to create the code you use to post our templates to your blog) about us uploading our images to their site. Apparently our site has become very popular and the hits that photobucket is receiving on our account alone is to much. They are saying we need to convert to a "Business Account" and to do that we have to pay $25 dollars a month PLUS .10 cents for every GB we use over 50GB. They estimate our usage to be $430 a month. Since we are a FREE site and don't make any money off of our layouts we are unsure on how to keep Scrappin' Blogs from going under. Photobucket themselves are being very kind and working with us on trying to figure out a solution but we are afraid we are going to have to find a new server for our images which means we lose ALL our codes to ALL our layouts. We are trying frantically to figure out a way to save all of the layouts you use on your blogs. We have worked really hard in making our site perfect and to come into a problem like this just devastates us...
We are unsure as to WHEN our codes and links will be removed from PhotoBucket but PLEASE continue to follow us so that you can get updates as to when and where you can find our layouts again.

Thank you ALL for your support you give to Scrappin' Blogs! Any advice or ideas on saving Scrappin' Blogs would be greatly appreciated!! If you know of a great server site that is fairly inexpensive please let us know! We would love to hear any and all ideas!
Thanks again!

Tycie, Elaine & Kristy"
Owh bad..now only I knew why it was not loaded perfectly but not even anything..All has gone and seems I and the other bloggers that used the background from them has to go and find the alternative of setting up the new look of the house...tsk tsk tsk..
So, sesiapa yang expert bab2 membuat background..consult anda amat-amatlaaa dialu-alukan.. :-)

Mummy....nak 'pee-der'

Boboy these few day is kept on requesting for 'pee-der' (spider)..And now I have started thinking of where could I get this Super Simple Song CD from..or else we will always keep on fighting of who will win the laptop to do our own business. As the little son will always requesting for his 'pee-der' song but mommy is always has things to settle with using her lappy..

Papa..?? jangan harap laa nak bagi pinjam laptop dia dah since few letters of his keypads had been peeled off by the little boy..hihihii...

And now, Boboy was addicted to this simple song. Earlier on I was singing to him in the Malay version (labah-labah..cuba panjat perigi...) but this is the one that he interested to..

The eensey weensey spider went up the water spout
Down came the rain and wash the spider out
Out came the sun and dried up all the rain
Then the eensey weensey spider went up the spout again..

Of course he could not yet sing the song but dah pandai ikut gaya macam dalam video nii :-) smart little boy of mine..Every night before go off for bed, he will always asked he mommy to sing this for him many many many times alternating with lagu Ibu Engkaulah ratu hatiku..sampai laa salah sorg yang terlelap dulu..hikhiks...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Cuzzy Newlywed

Yesterday, me and family had a very looooong journey just only to attend the sweet cuzzy of mine in Seri Gombak and know what, we made it in exactly 24 hours time..Huh, what a crazy thing kann..

We left home at early at 2am in the Saturday morning and reached Restoran Jejantas Sungai Buloh at 6am..Have a short nap while the others settled down with Subuh prayer..After that, everyone like taking turn showering, ironing the clothes and get prepare..

It was not like we don't want to be at the relative's house to prepare,  just only as we were not wanted to be involved in the crowd, sharing the room to change, make up and all stuffs what not, so this is the alternative way..sambil2 tu bole lepak2 without no one to rush you out while you are enjoying the morning cool shower..hakhaks..

After we had our breakfast and everyone had done and ready to move, then only we cont the journey. We headed slowly to the house and reached at about 11.++am..hmm just nice timing as it is almost lunch time..waktu makan.. :-) and upon arriving, the bride was almost readiness..so sempatlaa G11 ku menghandalkan diri..hikhiks..

After the meal, yes it was time for photo shooting..and here the G11 come again..~wink wink~

And these are some of the family photos from the lens of my G11, but please bear about the pic with me in the frame, that is means I was not the one who took the photo, therefore the angle is just so and so.. :-P
But please put your attention to the center two pics of the newlywed..they are from air tangan haku sendiri..therefore, they are so good in the frame..just like the experts' in result..haa..tu mesti ada yg nak mula jeles dah tuuu..hihii

 And this is the happy lovely family of mine on the throne..mintak mahap yaa tuan puan pengantin..kami tumpang ber-posing sekejap.. :-D

And it was a void when there are no any suka-suka piccas from my lens as practice is the purpose to get to the perfection..Just look at them, tell me if I am not good enuff..(yuckkss..tak habih-habih perasan kan..!!) anough and enough Imma..hahhahhaaa..
Here you got the perempuan yang tak boleh tgk haku duduk senang..asyik nak suruh amik gambaq dia posing jaa..But well girl, you get me to the better level of expertise..muahahahaa..thanks and more thanks.

And as usual, bila dah dtg..kena laa balik..it was almost twilight time when we left the house heading back to Penang. Dropped by a while at Rawang R&R for Maghrib prayer and shower, and again in Tapah R&R for meal, and again in Bukit Gantang for fruits shop and finally we reached home at about 2am in the early morning..It was the exact 24hrs trip attending the one wedding ceremony..well..really fun and enjoy journey but it was no doubt..tiring..huhuu..

All in all..wishing Kak Long a big CONGRATULATIONS of your wedding..May all the happiness will be yours till the end of your life together with all the blesses from Allah..Aminn...