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Monday, July 26, 2010

Saya Follower Yang ke Tujuh Ribu Tiga Ratus Tiga Puluh dua

While wandering around to peoples' and friends' blog I found this helpful and super nice info in making over our blog. Yes I might be one amongst the thousands of follower but for you that not yet informed or noticed about this blog, come and grab the help from Mr. Shabby and it is still not too late..

I was just be part of SB fan and join as a seven thousand three hundred and thirty second follower..

It is simply awesome site since many of bloggers previously are using ScrappinBlogs Background and all them had gone..tsk tsk..End up still many of us got stuck and much depending to the Blogger new featured template and background where by editing and formatting become so much troublesome..Yess it's what had happend to me and yet I came with this super simple new painted home sweet home..

Just putting the ambitious to my free time I hope to have some great thing from SB to do make over to my home sweet home..

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