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Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Cuzzy Newlywed

Yesterday, me and family had a very looooong journey just only to attend the sweet cuzzy of mine in Seri Gombak and know what, we made it in exactly 24 hours time..Huh, what a crazy thing kann..

We left home at early at 2am in the Saturday morning and reached Restoran Jejantas Sungai Buloh at 6am..Have a short nap while the others settled down with Subuh prayer..After that, everyone like taking turn showering, ironing the clothes and get prepare..

It was not like we don't want to be at the relative's house to prepare,  just only as we were not wanted to be involved in the crowd, sharing the room to change, make up and all stuffs what not, so this is the alternative way..sambil2 tu bole lepak2 without no one to rush you out while you are enjoying the morning cool shower..hakhaks..

After we had our breakfast and everyone had done and ready to move, then only we cont the journey. We headed slowly to the house and reached at about 11.++am..hmm just nice timing as it is almost lunch time..waktu makan.. :-) and upon arriving, the bride was almost readiness..so sempatlaa G11 ku menghandalkan diri..hikhiks..

After the meal, yes it was time for photo shooting..and here the G11 come again..~wink wink~

And these are some of the family photos from the lens of my G11, but please bear about the pic with me in the frame, that is means I was not the one who took the photo, therefore the angle is just so and so.. :-P
But please put your attention to the center two pics of the newlywed..they are from air tangan haku sendiri..therefore, they are so good in the frame..just like the experts' in result..haa..tu mesti ada yg nak mula jeles dah tuuu..hihii

 And this is the happy lovely family of mine on the throne..mintak mahap yaa tuan puan pengantin..kami tumpang ber-posing sekejap.. :-D

And it was a void when there are no any suka-suka piccas from my lens as practice is the purpose to get to the perfection..Just look at them, tell me if I am not good enuff..(yuckkss..tak habih-habih perasan kan..!!) anough and enough Imma..hahhahhaaa..
Here you got the perempuan yang tak boleh tgk haku duduk senang..asyik nak suruh amik gambaq dia posing jaa..But well girl, you get me to the better level of expertise..muahahahaa..thanks and more thanks.

And as usual, bila dah dtg..kena laa balik..it was almost twilight time when we left the house heading back to Penang. Dropped by a while at Rawang R&R for Maghrib prayer and shower, and again in Tapah R&R for meal, and again in Bukit Gantang for fruits shop and finally we reached home at about 2am in the early morning..It was the exact 24hrs trip attending the one wedding ceremony..well..really fun and enjoy journey but it was no doubt..tiring..huhuu..

All in all..wishing Kak Long a big CONGRATULATIONS of your wedding..May all the happiness will be yours till the end of your life together with all the blesses from Allah..Aminn...


Drama Mama said...

wah lepas ni sure ramai jeles ngn imma ni, sebab imma dah jadi professional photog. kwang kwang kwang

nice wedding. sweet and simple. congrats to the newlyweds!


Imma said...

Huh Bai..lawaks nyaa ayat Bai..kekeke..xdak nak jelesnyaa...ramai lagi yg terer..ni duk blajaq2 jaa pon..hikhiks..tp bila disuruh guna DSLR..xmau pulak..camna nak buat tuu.. :-D