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Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's Finally Function

Some time ago when me and hubby had our outing to Juru Autucity Shopin' The Park, I had fall in love with this multipurpose folded storage as the printed was my super fave cartoon character..It's Mickey Mouse in figure...!!!

That time I just really insist to have it but with no reason why I really need it. What I was so believe was just because it is Mickey Mouse in design..hahahaha..and some more it was reaaaaally cheap I bet..RM15 ONLY...Why I want to wait..

And after so long the stuff stayed quietly in my keeping, it is now finally has out with the cute in function..I could place all Boboy's CDs inside this multipurpose storage..weeee..and instead of that, it has become a playtime table for Boboy..

It is suitable to be place in the wardrobe as well and therefore, there will be no messiness of the CDs arrangement inside it. Practical, no??

The top cover and the box is made of wood and been covers nicely. It is not even only a box to keep stuffs inside but it is a little chair as well for little one just like my little boy..hikhiks..

And this is the most that he really like to do..sitting on it..hahahaha..siap bole buat kerusi utk study table dia lagi...'uchee Boboy' which means kerusi Boboy..

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Drama Mama said...

comeiiii! kalau irfan tengok ni sure suka tergedik. hehe