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Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Little Super Model with DyanaMP

Aduss..lamanyaa tak mengemas-ngemas rumah nii..sedih plak lama ditinggalkan dek kesibukan kerja-kerja sekolah dan kedai yang dibukak tak lama dulu..

Kalau nak tau kedai apa..jemput-jemputlaa singgah cuci2 mata layan apa-apa yang patut..hihii..

Anyway..this time I come back with much of care to share the preview of  the new invention of DyanaMP CD..This is my very real own experience using DyanaMP CD to my little boy. Fresh preview as to said..

Since I had it in my stock, this is the only time I managed to try it on my little guy and the one that could grab his interest is White Zoo design DyanaMP CD..I started to put on the CD to Boboy last night at 11.00pm before he went to bed..

As usual, he drink a lot all the time of the day until the moment before he went to sleep, there the 8oz of milk he had finished off..tu belum masuk dgn air yang dia minum sepanjang masa sambil main sejam dua sebelum tuu..And Boboy memang kuat minum.. :-D nak tido mintak lagi susu..adusss..

Early in the morning he asked for milk again and I woke up and made about 7oz more for him..Today since morning, there was raining and therefore I bring him for shower a little bit late which was about 10.30 in the morning..Guess what..until the moment before he went for shower, he was still with his CD which was still not leak even though it was already heavy with his pee..hiks.. :-D

Sempat lagi bergaya okeyh di saat-saat akhir nak pegi mandi..

The waist fit so perfectly to him with wider velcro tape..and the setting is L size ( a bit loose to him, M would be more perfect to fit him)..The inserts could absorbed better than normal CD that he has..Furthermore, the leakguard feature as well worked perfectly preventing leaking even though it was already full..I am now ready to bye-bye to disposable diapers even it is outing time.. :-)

Great CD ever from Boboy's collection..Those that really wanted to take this challenge, do visit BabyCooL One-StoP and make your choice..The decision are really wise to your money and your saticfaction just like I do.. :-) Happy CD-ing

Mommy Imma 


adcom said...

comelnya boboy ber'CD'...jadi model utk mummy ye...nnti minta ganjaran dr mummy tau...hehe...

Imma said...

Adha...takyah mintak dia dah amik sendiri..semua2 yg ada tuu dia laa yang pilih sendiri...hikhiks..