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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kak Pah's Giveaway

OK...since been tagged by Idah to join in this GA..here I made it up..mana tau kut2 ada luck kali nii..but the most bear in my heart is..Yang penting hepi.. :-)

As simple as this:
  • make an entry about this GA (DONE)
  • copy the banner to sidebar (DONE)
  • tag THREE of your friend to join : Adha, DM and Papakeechee (DONE) AND
  • leave your comment to the comment box so the organizer could visit you back,  (DONE)
  • this GA is opened to anyone that visit KakPah's home :-) chill...
So what else to wait..jom join jom...twelve more days to go for the closing date on 12 MARCH 2011..

Mood Pagi

As early as 8am this little munchkin of mine has woke up and stick in front of the TV screen..it was not because he is kind of a potato couch but the eagerness of him for not letting his mommy to away for schooll..

"By the way my little boy..u bet that you are such a very good boy without your mom a while at home..Mommy will have to attend the PTA annual general meeting..Boboy boleh tgk tv..nanti ada katunnn..."

Guess what he replied..I told you he is good boy for real.."OK....nanti mummy come back kann..Boboy tgl dgn makkk.."
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I Miss U All Soooo Much..

I have been stuck for so long in posting any entry or news or even a single regards in my this home to all those that tends to visit me..It's just because I was soooooo tight with all the mils of tasks on hand esp my school matters..So bad and I am very sorry..

Well..at this little moment I had while lying down on my bed downloading this apps with all hopes that I could post at least something rather to left my home so quiet with nothing to tell about..

And now..perhaps this Droid Blogger could rise up my home again..And so please all friends and readers..do not ever feel hesitate to visit me somehow at least once than never..okeyh.. :-(

And these are the words came deep from the bottom of my heart..for real I miss u all so bad and I miss all the moment of walking yhrough your home too but pray for my free time to come again just like before..Well to all..I MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH...Mmmuahhhss.. :-)

Gambar hiasan suka-suki :-D

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

FarmVille vs FarmReaL

This is one of our activity in the evening..well since the exercise activities were always failed to be done..tsk tsk tsk..

So with this land space like sekangkang anak kera niih..we use it to plan such like vege kinds of plants..Is farming interesting..?? No doubt I tell you especially when they starts to returned you for all sorts of your efforts all these while..hihihiii..

The tomatoes terrace and chillies

The mustard and spinach terrace as well as the corn  terrace yang tak berapa nak menjadi..hikhiks
And just look at that little creature..sangat tekun hokeyh..
Habis batas aku dia sodok....

It is merely because I am so bad of planning for jogging or what not, so at least this kind of thing could make me sweat and feel better..weiii...penat jugak wooo menyangkoi..menebass..tapi bessttt....!!! Since the petrol price is keep on hiking up and up..at least jimat duit incik Hubby tak yah beli sayoq-sayoq dan yang ditanam pon are his fave vege too..

Deretan ubi kayu yang sering menjadi mangsa montot dia..

And yang sedang diusahakan nii is for chinese kale ;-)

And to your knowing..this little kiddo really can't just stay not doing anything..hari2 ajak mak a.k.a his grandmom nak pi kebon..nak pi kebon...!! and that tool is belong permanently to him okeyh..nak pinjam sat pon tak mau bagi..

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sinfully Stitched GA by Papakeechee

As a kick start of posting the entry for this month, it's been started with the kegedikan excited-ness of joining the giveaway organized by Lady Papakeechee..
 Well, actually I really desire and admire on the gift that would be given away..love it to the bit..

The conditions of joining the GA, here you deal with them..

FOR Bloggers:
  1. You MUST be a FOLLOWER of Sinfully Stitched! 
  2. You MUST LIKE my Sinfully Stitched page on FB
  3. You MUST add my badge to your blog.
  4. You MUST add an entry in your blog promoting this GA to your other bloggers.
  5. You MUST include this badge in the entry.
  6. Finally you MUST leave a comment in THIS post stating the following details:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Blog URL
For those that has no blog(s), you may want to join through your FB..do check the conditions here yer.. :-)
So guys..what are you waiting for..come and make your time to join as the closing date will be on 9th February 2011..and who knows that you are going to get something from it..hehe..