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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sinfully Stitched GA by Papakeechee

As a kick start of posting the entry for this month, it's been started with the kegedikan excited-ness of joining the giveaway organized by Lady Papakeechee..
 Well, actually I really desire and admire on the gift that would be given away..love it to the bit..

The conditions of joining the GA, here you deal with them..

FOR Bloggers:
  1. You MUST be a FOLLOWER of Sinfully Stitched! 
  2. You MUST LIKE my Sinfully Stitched page on FB
  3. You MUST add my badge to your blog.
  4. You MUST add an entry in your blog promoting this GA to your other bloggers.
  5. You MUST include this badge in the entry.
  6. Finally you MUST leave a comment in THIS post stating the following details:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Blog URL
For those that has no blog(s), you may want to join through your FB..do check the conditions here yer.. :-)
So guys..what are you waiting for..come and make your time to join as the closing date will be on 9th February 2011..and who knows that you are going to get something from it..hehe..



Papakeechee said...

Thanks for the support Imma ... Btw I cant seem to load the fan list kat my FB ... ur FB ID is??? ...

Anyways good luck and Thanks again!!! ^_^

Papakeechee said...

ok found ur FB ... nasib kenal muka boboy ... heheh ... btw just need ur email just in-case u menang ke ... ^_^


Imma said...

My FB Profikle ID is:
Ruzaimah Rahim