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Friday, January 29, 2010

A week @SMK St Geroge

Without realized, i has been a week I was commuted to Balik Pulau performing a responsibilities as a teacher..Time flies very fast and I bet that it's not just a week that passed but a month..a year to come and who knows would reach a decade. I am sincerely happy of being as what I am now and I wish to all my peers to feel the same too.

One of my friend that been posted even to her own state as her wish to be but still she feel unhappy of it. Don't worry so much dear, when the time comes you will get it better and adept on it one fine day I pray for you.

I am as well commuting every early in the morning about almost 20km from home to school in the dark hilly road. I just managed to drive max 60km/hrs and took about 30 minutes (the fastest) to reach the school but yet I still make myself to feel happy to be there as I realize that I am not going to be there only a day, a week, a month or even a year. And who knows when the time come Allah will open my heart and I will be there the longer time that I had never expect.

So to those that read my this piece of voice from my heart,esp my friends that were together struggling through out last year to be as what we wish to be today..please and please make yourself sincerely happy and remember that we were the selected one among the mils that wish to be the same too..Good luck to all my dear friends and I will always pray for all the good thing to come in our life..Amin..

"Ya Allah..sesungguhnya hanya kepadaMu aku sandarkan kekuatan semangatku, maka berilah aku kekuatan untuk menjadikan hari-hariku adalah sentiasa yang diberkatiMU..Aminn.."

And so Georgian...!!! Here I come...yeayyy..!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ayaa Ayaa...

Of last weekend activity for me in reducing my nervousness before getting started the new week..the new day..and my new career..

ruang udara yang penuh dengan layang-layang

lepak tepi laut sambil tgk org main layang-layang

Boboy was like mils of time begging to go and see 'ayaa ayaa' from his das. (ayaa ayaa = layang-layang), so me and hubby with accompanied by my younger sister went to see people playing kite at the seaside nearby Queensbay Mall.

ramai kan...bess lepaksambil makan angin...

time for twisties..yeayy..!!

with his dad..seems so excited..nk pi mana ntah tuu..

Here now is like a season where people kind of addicted to playing kite. So at whenever we do passing by the area there will sure be people flying their kite. Jangan kata budak-budak jaa main..org-org besaq laa paling excited layan..hehehhee...aku pon dah terkemaruk jugak tp belum mula lagi laa.. :-D

Cha Cha Mer Baa..

Yesterday I got these..my teaching record book and my time table..Yeahh..jadi cikgu RC (Reka Cipta) and Visual Art and on top of that I had been assigned to teach Computer to Form 4 and Form 5 students..okay larr..

hehehe...teaching record book and earlier time table

And suddenly today there was some changes to my time table and there were some additional subjects had been top up to it. So starting from today onwards as long as there is no changes..aku akan jadi cikgu KH and cikgu PJ...!!!! yeayyy..!! I likee...!! boleh laa pakai t-shirt ngan treksuit.. :-D

jadualku yang agak cha cha merba..macam-macam subjek ada but still remaining with RC and PSV

And one more thing that make me more and more excited is...I am the one among the Police Cadet Facilitator..muahahahaa...can't wait to have the uniform of it...Nanti dah pakai uniform Imma post the entry about it kay..heheh.. ~wink~

Tak Ber-Etika kah Aku..Huhuu

Yesterday I was begging Mr Hubby to buy me the new kasut cikgu but this one was kinda unethical teacher's shoe..huhuhuu..

So today melaran dgn yg ni laa ;-)

So last night we went to Jusco QBay Mall for me to get a pair of this but look like a bit unethical one coz as a teacher they should wear a fully covered shoe as been posted earlier but so sorry..kaki ku yang manja nii tak tahan untuk kasut seperti itu..It was just only 2nd day but I had a super painful on my foot..So kesian kann.. tsk tsk tsk..

Anyway, thank you abg..i love u so much..yes as Mama said, it's not the matter of the price but the value behind it that we should appreciate of..

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My 1st Day Yesterday

Yesterday I was not at all connected to the internet as I was feeling like not well and no heart of facing the screen.

At very early in the morning, I went out with accompanied by Mr Hubby to JPN for the new teacher briefing session. Hubby took leave just to send me for briefing and to report to school.

dalam ni laa terdapatnya surat pertauliahanku sebagai sa-orang guru ;-)

Right after briefing, we headed to Balik Pulau as I had been posted to SMK Balik Pulau, the school where I undergone for my practical training 3 months back. I was so happy to be again part of their family and this time around i will be staying longer than before..I wish I could..

Once reached to the school, the teachers there were really excited to see I was back to their lap, to serve the Georgian..I could see the students staring to my car when the car moving passing by the parking area to the school compound..ahahaha..Once I got out of the car, there were a lot of sounds excitedly calling "cikgu....cikguuu... from the school hall, from the building corridor..they were like here and there..cikgu..cikgu mengajaq sini balik erk...yeayyy...!!! bessnyaaa...!!!

So, since yesterday was my first day and my reporting day to school, I have no work to do and just have a rest..wandering in the teachers room greeting everyone. I was so happy to be there again, to be by their side serving the children there just like no words could describe how i feel..Wish me all the best in my career path which is just about to start. :-)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tomorrow Will be My New Day

Tomorrow is 25th of January 2010, the date and the day that I am waiting for all this while had come. It will be my very new day for me to be called as a teacher..hehehee..I just can't imagine how it will going to be even though I had once experienced being a teacher 2 years back but the nervousness is still playing around in my mind.

I just pray to God to give me all the strength to face my new day when tomorrow come. The things are because I just don't know where will I be placed and which school in Penang here that I will be attached to..aduss..

Friends, please pray for all the good to me and wish me all the best yeah..thanks dude and may Allah will put all his blessing to us..Aminn...

ETON..!!! Is That You.. :-(

Selamat hari Ahad to all readers. I bet that everyone had their own time spending with their loved ones and not forgetting to those that committing with their busy-ness preparing to get to their working day when tomorrow comes.

Today I just had my time spent all day at home, putting all the stuffs back tidy to it's own place. Actually me and family had held some of kenduri kesyukuran dan doa selamat kecil-kecilan and therefore today had been a tiring day as brought forward from yesterday till today and hence I don't feel like going out and hubby pun taking an advantage going to office to finish out some of his unsettled stuff on his working table. Further more tomorrow will be the starting day that I will begin the new career on mine in my life. Thank God.

So while waiting for Mr Hubby to come back from office..I had glance to my blog and noticed that I had 1 new follower. When I point the mouse pointer to that new follower icon, it show me ETON and straight away my mind made me to recall to one of my very old best friend Eton that we met during my study in UKM many years back..huhuuu..but after that I put myself calm and said "mungkin kaa eton tuu..ishkk".

After that, my index finger with no wait then click on the link at the pic with one pop up box shown the word that I really really really can't erase it from my mind that my dear friend Eton teally like with this word..ETONOLGY..And wne I clicked on the link, it brought me to this blog of hers.

And now I strongly believe that she is my dear friend ETON when looking at the blog address. I believe that you had been a silent reader to my blog all this while but I am so sorry if you don't but what I would like to exprres here is I am soooo happy to know that you still remember me..I miss u a lot my dear friend.. :-)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Contest Sweet Picture Anak Bersama Ibu

Rasanya this is the 1st contest that I would like to join for this year 2010. It is "Sweet Picture Anak Bersama Ibu". Jom layan...
Ni antara syarat penyertaan utk contest nii:

1) Mestilah gambar tersebut IBU BERSAMA ANAK..umur dari baby sehingga 3tahun..Bilangan anak tidak kisah janji xmelebihi umur yang d'inginkan..
2) Nama anda & your anak beserta tarikh lahir..
3) Letak picture satu SAHAJA yer...coz byk2 nnt pening juri
4) Ceritakan kenapa gambar tersebut d'anggap SWEET utk korg..
5) Jadi follower untuk blog IBU & blog MYTOMEIOUTLET
6) Letak banner yang dicipta khas (gambar d'atas) diruang sidebar korang semua
7) Letak tajuk sperti d'atas jugak yer..Make sure ur entry link back to mine
8) Tarikh tutup penyertaan 29hb Januari 2010
9) Last skali,tinggalkan korangnye penyertaan kat dalam comment box entry ni k..

Untuk maklumat lanjut dan hadiah, klik SINI and this is the pic of me with my little boy :-)

Umur: 14 months

Pic was taken during our family holiday trip to Pangkor. This pic was soooo sweet sbb dalam gambar nih menceritakan yang Boboy seorang budak yang sangat baik..Yes really he is..Boboy is a very nice and good boy whom always listen to his mommy saying. Tengok jer laa muka dia yang sangat laa baik mendengar bila mummy kata.."Boboy tak boleh main dekat dgn pantai sebab mummy tak larat nak teman okey..lagipun sana panas..kita lepak kat sini jer bolehh.." and really he was listening to his mom sambil menjawab "teyyy" (teyy = OK) hehehee..baik kann dia...

So what else you are waiting for..Jom laa sertai since tarikh tutup pon masih belom terlambat..29 Januari 2010..!! ;-)

Dan Membaca Lagi

This morning..lepas mandi..nak suap breakfast dia taknak lagi sbb nak membaca dulu..Okay sayang..go ahead..boleh mummy siap-siap nak pi market..Jom kita tengoh tishh.. (tishh = fishh). Nanti mummy pack your breakfast kita makan dalam kereta naa...

Kenapa erk budak-budak mesti tengok buku ikut terbalik ahh..even though I already put it the right way..ahahahaa..And at whenever he holds this book, his mouth will like can't stop saying..baa taa baa taa baa taa..because we always teach him to read alif baa taa from this book.. :-)

Sotong Masak Pedas

These were the dishes of our dinner last night..Pukul 8 baru start masak but managed to made it done in 30 minutes time. Luckily I have my sister with me..tolong tumbuk-menumbuk..ngeh ngeh ngeh..

Resepi..?? the same as previous of my menu posted before..just alternate if with squid for this time around instead of using prawn or chicken or..anything as you would like it to be..simple kan..

For me..as usual, of course the soupy dish and this time I made it to be mix vege in tom yam soup..hehhehehee..
And Boboy, after being enough with nasi and all the nutrritious stuff..inilaa yang dimintaknyaa mlm tadi..earn nie (earn nie = jelly..hahahahaaa)..aduss anak mummy niii...

earn nie...entap.. (= jelly..sedappp)

Teringinnyaa Nak Anjurkan Contest

Dah lama rasa teringin nak anjurkan contest but masih duk terfikir-fikir contest apa yang nak dianjurkan..Bila blogwalking jaa, jumpa almost all the contest berkaitan tantang baby..cutest baby laa..baby in smile laa..baby in action laa..mcm2 lagi semua baby..once in a while for parents, and kadang-kadang nampak utk si mama and ada jugak utk si ayah..

I think I should consult Yana @BabyIbu sebab bila blogwalk kat blog dia banyak jugak contest yang dianjurkan beliau as well as contest yang disertai, tak kurang jugak yang dipromote..mesti Yana dah expert kan.. ~wink~ Yana sangat laa helpful, she helped me a lot in blogging taw..thanks Yana..

Bila Imma nak anjurkan contest jaa, ni laa antara masalah yang masih belum habis difikirkan:
  1. Contest apa yang nak dianjurkan. I have 1 in mind but sesapa yang ada idea nak kongsi, you are really welcome
  2. Kalau nak anjurkan contest utk baby (anak) rasa takut tak tercapai dek akal nak judge sbb mesti beratus or berlambak laa participation-nya. Klu bole bila anjur contest taknak laa judge lebih kurang jaa..
  3. Sponsor. Actually this is not kinda big matter, klu takdak sponsor pon bole, cuma hadiahnya tak banyak laa kot, and mungkin budgeted sket..hehehe..utk permulaan takpa kann..aci tak??
Other than that, the purpose kenapa Imma beriya-iya gedik nak anjurkan contest..?
  1. sbb nak bonded more virtual relationship with moms and blogger out there and there fore I could gather and share more information. Seronok kalau ada ramai kawan..ramai followers..I would feel like more people are caring about me..heheh..perasankah apa..??
  2. Instead of that, Imma boleh gain earning by collecting the hits to my blog bila ada ramai kawan yang nak amik tau tentang Mummy's Stories nii..esp when I already had started make available the ads that served by Nuffnang..yang ni aci tak? org lain pun ada jugak..hehee
So kawan-kawan yang drop by kat blog Imma ni especially this post, please ringankan tangan korang utk tinggalkan comment or nak kongsi idea apa yang patut kann utk Imma realisasikan impian to organize at least one contest..huhuu...

Anyway..I do really appreciate for all your kindness of wanting to share your thoughts and idea with me..yeaay..TQ TQ TQ...APAA YANG PENTING...?? KERJASAMA...YEAYYY...!!! :-D

Yeaay..!! Akhirnya

Yeayy..!!akhirnya video Boboy melaram available to be stream dalam blog post Imma yang sebelum nii..ntah tak tau apa kesahnya bila lepas upload video tak boleh stream plaks..just tengok blank screen jaa..padahal dah upload ikut procedure yang diberikan dah.. (ayat skema gilak)..Hmm..what's the problem erk..Blogger amik masa almost 2 days to make the video available..takpa since it could be streaming now, it's more than good enuff already.. ~ingatkan dah tak boleh upload video lagi dah...~

Hehehehee..sukanyaa..cheeky sgt tgk gelagat dia..paksu dok komen beriya tgk pe'el si kenit nih..well no doubt memang kelakar tau..tak caya..meh tengok jom..

KLIK SINI utk videonya.. ;-)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nak Melaram Sat Lah..!!

After been a while keeping this gift, today i took it out from wardrobe and gave it to Boboy. Punya laa excited dia melaram..Since today he was too hectic playing with my tupperware water tumbler bag. So nah mummy bagi Boboy to try on your own bagpack..hahahaha..Sangatlaa nak tergelak okeyhh..!!

Punya laa berlagak bila papa kata "tomey tomey"..hahahahaaa

Actually this is Boboy's 1st birthday gift from his dad. Mummy jugak laa tak leh nak bagi apa2 lagi..huhuu..But OK laa since mummy yang took care of you all the day and night kann.. ~wink~

His First Board-Book

Bacalah..bacalah...Mari membaca..
Jadikan membaca budaya kita..

My little boy this few days was addicted to a new hobby. Maklumlaa, dapat barang kegemaran dia yang baru..Last Sunday me and hubby were brought him to Jusco AEON Seberang Perai City and we bought him these after being sick when at all time asyik berebut jaa dengan kakak.

Dah dapat buku-buku nih..siang malam asyik berkepit jaa dgn buku. Kat semua org dia nak tunjuk buku dia tuu..On Monday morning, right after his eyes opened early in the morning, terus pi capai buku dia and baca. Begitu lah setiap hari dengan buku-buku kesayangannya..

tengok laa tuu..lepas mandi belum pakai baju pon nak mengadap buku..jenuh laa mummy panggil buat tak layan sbb nak membaca..

Sambil minum pun nak membaca..sikit pon takmau berenggang dengan buku2 dia..

huh..macam ni pon layannn...hahahhaa..

Hopefully you will always and still like this until you grow big yeaa dear..hehehe..

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ayam Goreng Rempah

ayam dipotong saiz sederhana
bawang putih
jintan manis
serbuk pati ayam
rempah kari daging
bawang besar (potong bulat)

Cara nak masak:
  • Tumbuk lumat bawang putih, halia and jintan manis.
  • gaulkan rata pada ayam.
  • masukkan serbuk pati ayam dan rempah daging.
  • masukkan sedikit garam dan tuang sedikit kicap manis
  • perap 15-30 minit
  • goreng dengan api sederhana
  • Setelah semua ayam siap digoreng, tapis dan asingkan minyak
  • ambil sisa gorengan dan tumiskan bersama bawang besar yang telah dipotong bulat
  • Setelah bawang sederhana layu, tuangkan ayam yang telah digoreng tadi dan gaul rata
  • Ayam goreng sedia dihidang. Tadaaa.....
poyo jaa macam laa bess..but memang best pon hokeyh..!! no doubt ~ehehehee~
Actually, this was the course for last night dinner for my dear Mr.Hubby..Boleh laa ala2 malas nak pikir apa nak masak kann..Just took out what ever that I have in the fridge, olah laa sikit2 then these what we had for last night dinner. And Boboy tak bole lepas dgn fish ball soup with vege kegemaran dia..

@BabyIbu Giveaway

I am kinda not sure whether to categorize this as a contest or just such a gift that to be give away by BabyIbu to her followers as well as her loyal fans that always supporting her all this while through out 2009.


Kindly visit blog of hers at BabyIbu.blogspot for more information the participation conditions. There are a lot of gift to be giving away. They were so cute and nice sponsored by Toteboutique. Jom tengok..apa tunggu lagi..!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Which One You Wish: Boy or Girl..?

Conceiving a new baby..?? These chart might give you some hint to predict on which gender that you are expecting but please bear in mind, according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, this prediction table had produce almost over 90% in rumors of its accuracy but this calendar for us is for the entertainment purpose only. Mana leh percaya sangat tp kalau nak usaha tu tak menjadi kesalahan as no one will no God's businesses.

There were two tables could be refer to but there are some differences if you go through it..Nama pon prediction, mana nak tepat kann...

Above table is with refer to the Chinese Gender Chart. According to their believes, this chart was buried in a royal tomb near Beijing over 700 years ago. The original is allegedly currently in the Institute of Science in Beijing.

How to calculate? The Mother's Age in the Gender Chart is referring to the age of the mother at the time of conception and the Month Of Conception in the chart is referring to the month of the conception (1st week of pregnancy).

Once you find these two items, you can cross reference them on the chinese gender chart below to determine the sex of your baby.

Source: Chinese Gender Chart

Singgit Tujuh Kupang Lima Det

Since subscribe to Nuffnang ads community about 2 weeks back, here what I got from Nuffnang and of course still can't be cash out yet as there was condition if you would want to cash your paid out, it must be RM51 and above..
Nuffnang is a the no.1 and leading blog advertising community in Asia Pacific and subscribing with them you are allowing them to put their advertisement from most of giant company like Celcom, DiGi, Nokia, Citibank and etc into your blog.

With that way, you will get paid from them whenever your blog been hit by reader from anywhere at anytime they clicked at the advertisement published in your blog. For further info you may want to refer to their website as well as for subscription.

p/s:Jom sama-sama support each other by clicking on the ads served by Nuffnang at whenever you are dropping by at any blog of your friend or while bloghop. TQ TQ TQ..ehehehee

Cikgu Oh! Cikgu

I was away from my screen a whole day yesterday. There was a small family gathering been held at my sister's house at Seberang Jaya and only at night we got back home. This morning one of my old friend had tagged me in her note from FB with this story that was so touched and let me share the excerpt of the story from her experience.

And the story is:

Saya mengajar di sekolah rendah di tengah2 bandaraya Kuala Lumpur . Saya mengajar sesi petang. Salah seorang murid saya setiap hari datang lambat ke sekolah. Kasut dan bajunya selalu kotor. Setiap kali saya bertanya tentang baju dan kasutnya dia hanya berdiam diri.
Saya masih bersabar dengan keadaan pakainnya, tetapi kesabaran saya tercabar dengan sikapnya yang setiap hari datang lambat. Pada mulanya saya hanya memberi nasihat. Dia hanya menundukkan kepala tanpa berkata2 kecuali anggukkan yang seolah2 dipaksa. Kali kedua saya memberi amaran, dia masih juga mengangguk tetapi masih juga datang lambat keesokannya. Kali ketiga saya terpaksa menjalankan janji saya untuk memukulnya kalau masih lambat. Anehnya dia hanya menyerahkan punggungnya untukdirotan . Airmata saja yang jatuh tanpa sepatah kata dari mulutnya.
Keesokan harinya dia masih juga lambat, dan saya memukulnya lagi. Namun ia masih tetap datang kesekolah dan masih tetap lambat.
Suatu hari saya bercadang untuk mengintipnya ke rumahnya. Setelah mendapatkan alamatnya, saya meneruskan niat saya. Dia tinggal di sebuah kawasan setinggan tidak berapa jauh dari sekolah. Keadaan rumahnya sangat daif. Saya nampak murid saya itu sedang berdiri di depan rumahnya dalam keadaan gelisah. Seorang wanita yang mungkin ibunya juga kelihatan gelisah.
Lebih kurang pukul 1.30 seorang anak lelaki sedang berlari2 sekuat hati menuju ke rumah itu. Sambil berlari dia membuka baju sekolahnya. Sampai di depan rumah baju dan kasutnya diserahkan pula kepada murid saya yang terus bergegas memakainya. Sebelum pakaian sekolah sempurna dipakai, dia sudah berlari ke arah sekolah.
Saya kembali ke sekolah dengan penuh penyesalan. Saya memanggil anak itu sambil menahan airmata yang mula tergenang.
"Maafkan cikgu. Tadi cikgu pergi ke rumah kamu dan memerhatikan kamu dari jauh. Siapa yang berlari memberikan kamu baju tadi?"
Dia terkejut dan wajahnya berubah.
"Itu abang saya. Kami kongsi baju dan kasut sebab tak ada baju lain. Itu saja baju dan kasut yang ada. Maafkan saya, cikgu." Jawabnya
"Kenapa kamu tak beritahu cikgu dan kenapa kamu biarkan saja cikgu pukul kamu?"
" Mak pesan, jangan meminta2 pada orang, jangan ceritakan kemiskinan kita pada orang. Kalau cikgu nak pukul serahkan saja punggung kamu."
Sambil menahan airmata yang mula berguguran saya memeluk anak itu, "Maafkan cikgu, ......."

The experience of hers was really convince me. There was a said by one of a teacher, "sekiranya hati kita mula keras lembutkanlah ia dengan perkara2 berikut;
  • Solat sunat
  • puasa sunat
  • berzikir
  • bersedekah
  • mengusap rambut anak yatim
  • mendengar cerita2 kesusahan orang lain
  • membantu orang susah
Peeps, please wish me best of luck and pray for my best to be at least a good teacher to our generation ahead..Amin...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

What to Cook Today

I just not really in mood of cooking. Moreover I have no idea what to cook. Since I was started with my diet program about last 2 weeks, I've started like losing appetite and anything that come will less attracting my eating feel.

Unlike yesterday, even though I am not the one that will eat for lunch, but I was like really excited prepare the courses. Yang nak makan cuma mak and hubby jer pon.. Here what I had done for yesterday meal for lunch.
The main course of the day, ayam masak black pepper, but this time around I made it rich in vege. Selagi ada semua jenis sayur saya masukkan. Ada carrot, oyster mushroom, bunga kubis, ehh mcm2 lah..

And the side dish are kailan with oyster sauce (hubby's fave), mix vege with fish ball and fried fish. And of course mine will the the most center one..ahahaha..(diet gituuu).

Friday, January 15, 2010

Takpa Laa Tak Mau Teman..

It's OK mummy if you don't wanna come and company me, I'll go all alone..Moreover I had get used with this place quite some time ago.. ~wink~

Wonder if the mall was really huge or the shopper is the one is soooo kenit..ahahahahahaaa...

Urhhh..what is happening there until he is soooo suspicious and really intended to get there..ehehehee..

Yeah, now you see that this little boy want to have his own walk instead of sitting on his Graco Mosaic..And so, papa laa jadi mangsa menolak menda alah tuu with no one on it...huhuhuuu...

Kasut Cikgu

As the day before yesterday I got my most waited result about my posting, and of that I seemed have to start with the preparation even though I have 1 more week to go before the start.

So yesterday was my day that so filled. At early in the morning, I had to go and met up my client..after that headed to the PM office to submit the clients' form and in the afternoon, meeting at lawyer office as there were some stuffs that we (me and hubby) need to settle about.

Since hubby was in the first half day working, we had some time spent together after we had done with the business at the lawyer office. I was telling hubby many many times before that if I got posted so I need to have full covered shoes (biasalaa..gomen) which I never have before and I don't really like it..huhuhuu..

So yesterday hubby took me to QBay Mall to get it and I was telling him mils of time that I want it to be the most cheapest one sbb bukan beriya and suka nak pakai kasut bertutup nih but terpaksa, and some more this is just for the start, nanti dah OK baru laa we go and look for Bonia or Carlo Rino, kan abg kan (perasan laa aku!). Finally we end up with "buy one free one" offer from ESARLI. Nasib baik ada. So I got 2 pairs with the price of one.

This pair was chosen by Mr Hubby..he was so in smile looked at his wifey that looks sooo ladies dgn kasut pilihannya :-P ~buwekk~

and what about this? they are same in design but different in pattern (ada bezakahh..??)

Sooo kasut cikgu kann..muahahahhaaa...

Only now I just don't know if I will be OK or not with full covered shoes as I don't used with it before and I never even once have it in my shoes collection (please exclude my sport shoes and kasut sekolah dulu-dulu). Last time when I was being a temp teacher pun tak pakai kasut bertutup, with excused I was expecting that time..hehehee...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Yeaaahhhh....!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look and listen here the world...I finally got this..!!!!

Thank God..Syukur alhamdulillahh Ya Allahh...I seems to tell the whole world I am so happy today...

Abg..Boboy...we will never be apart again this time..mummy had promised and Allah had gave us HIS bless and fulfill our doa recited to HIM all this while..

Adusss..nak nagis rasanyaa...walaupun mengalir air mata while writing this post..i'm happy..I AM SOOOO HAPPY...!!!!!!!!!

Udang Pedas BeLacan

Special done really for my beloved Mr Hubby's dinner last night..yeehaa..scroll down for the secret recipe that had beat out the offer from Uncle Kenny today..Sorry uncle, it's not yet too great to beg my Mr Hubby to walk in to your roof.. :-P

2 ulas bawang merah (tumbuk lumat)
2 ulas kecil bawang putih (tumbuk lumat)
300g med size udang galah
1 sudu besar cili giling
1 sudu besar sos cili
1 sudu besar sos tomato
2 sudu besar sos tiram
1 sudu teh serbuk perisa ikan bilis
10 ekor ikan bilis (tumbuk lumat - utk rasa spt belacan)
sedikit daun bawang + daun sup
bawang besar (dipotong bulat)
cili api (dibelah dua)

Camna nak masak..??
  • tumiskan bawang merah dan bawang putih dan ikan bilis
  • masukkan cili dan kacau rata sehingga cili masak & naik bau
  • tuangkan sos cili, sos tomato, dan sos tiram
  • masukkan serbuk perisa ikan bilis dan kacau kesemuanya sebati
  • masukkan udang dan cili padi dan kacau rata dan biar hingga mendidih dan udang masak
  • masukkan bawang yang telah dipotong bulat bersama daun bawang + daus sup dan kacaurata
  • matikan api dan udang sedia dihidang..hmm yumm yumm..
p/s: ni resepi ala2 malas..and therefor no special deco and presentation..surrender part deco dgn Lady yang memang expert bab2 nih..heheh..tabik toing toing.. So kalau nak ada deco yang cantik2..bole laa guna kreativiti sendiri..tiada had..but yang pasti rasa mesti malatop..hehehee.. ;-) and hari ni hubby request to have the same course for dinner tonight.. ~wink~ so you tell me what you think..

Red @Kenny Today..!! Hurry..!! Not Yet Too Late

Red is for love, joy and happiness that one should feel of one’s life. Red is for the blood that courses through our body and keeps us alive. Kenny Rogers ROASTERS launching of RED (ROASTERS Eating Day) will ignite the meaning of ‘red’. Advocating on healthy eating since day one, KRR understands the meaning of a healthy body that equals to a happy person.

KRR celebrate RED on 13 Jan 2010 - marking it a significant day by giving out a *complimentary Kenny’s Quarter Meal with purchase of a Kenny’s Quarter Meal for those who visit KRR restaurants with any element of the colour red (you could have red lipstick, red cap, red shirt or red head band). It will be a day that people can mark on their calendar to remind them to take the opportunity to eat healthy!

Come to Kenny Rogers ROASTERS restaurant nearest to you and enjoy this gift of health! Forward this message to as many friends as possible to show that you care for them!

*Terms & Conditions apply

Come on..let's walk in to Mr Kenny's roof..it today's ever R.E.D at Kenny..It' not yet too late babe..See yaaa... ~whoopsss..aku kan tgh berdiet..WAJIBkan melupakannya seketika utk hari ni jaa~

[Abg...jommmm... ;-) ]

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Treat for My Body Today

What else I could have instead of going for hiking to treat my body all the way in my program of reducing the measurement in size..I am just not sure whether this will worked out for me or not..tsk tsk tsk..

And what I had for today were jogging, skipping and reflexology walk..Wohho..damn bad..I was sweating like crazy after 15 minutes non-stop jogging..10 minutes skipping, 30x sit-up and walk on the reflexology walk on it's path which is about 25 ft in diameter for 5 rounds..

Yeah, really I tell you it was really feel good treat for me..Boleh kaa aku kurus..?? Weight is not the matter as I treat it is just like a number..but the concern is when it come to size..huhuhuu..I am working on getting it to be reduce..I wish..heheheee

Jom Singgah..

This is the biz blog of my friend..
Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

Let all peeps we just drop by and see what she have for us in her biz blog..I love kinda super creative hand work of hers..This is the one and only business that really different of what other people and bloggers usually doing..

Great work Bai..I wish you all the best with you newly start business..Keep up the good work and you will sure see the bright color upfront..chaiyukk my dear friend..!!

My Waiting Number :: 1121..Yaay..!!

Hari ni pi post office with the purpose to update ASB account book..huhu..dengan harapan ada laa sikit2 pendapatan yang boleh digunakan di saat-saat 'kekeringan' yang teramat sangat dah nii...adoiyaii..

Rezki..alhamdulillah..boleh laa buat bayar hutang mak and adik semula..huhuu..sengkek gila lahh 2009 nih..sedeyh kann..

And masuk jaa post office, while I was filling up the form, my sister pegi ambik nombor giliran and skali kluar from the numbering machine..jeng jeng jenggggg....tadaaaa....!!!!
I love this sooo lovely number as it's realy meaningful to me..eheheheeee...it means by November 21st which is my birthday date...my matrix as well is 1121..i loike... ;-)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Of Our Dinner Tonight at Home

The first post of makan-makan for 2010..These are the menu of our dinner tonight..Simple and lazy. Since I am on my diet plan..uhuk uhukkss (konon2 laa kann..) so peoples under the same roof will affected too..hahaha..

Special vege fried rice with mushroom rich for Mr. Hubby ~really yummy..tak percaya tanya my hubby ;-) ~

Pucuk Paku masak lemak for mom as per requested ;-) and......tadaaaaa....!!! menu for me..muahahahahaa...mix vege salad with thousand island sauce..furhhh...besssttttt...!!!

terpaksa buat banyak since ramai yang nak tumpang semangkuk..muehehehehee...

I am Ladies Rider but PLEASE..!!

Yes I know and i already knew that I am a ladies rider but PLEASE never ever be rude to the rider like us on the road kayh..!! God will always pay you CASH with never to wait until the life after..arghh..apakah ini...??!!

It happened today when me and my sister went out for hiking..Usually we will drive out but today since my youngest sister did not bring the motorbike to work, so both of us were kind of cutting the fuel cost riding motorbike to go to the place for hiking..

Ehem..ehem..so this is my 1st ever opportunity i guess after a longgggg years never ride on motorbike with the handle on my hand (since I have my PGH1121). Merempit kekura-kuraan gituu..(ada kaah ayat nii..hahhaa..!!)

While reaching the traffic light at Bayan Lepas + junction, there was one mamat nih duk buat tera..mai menyelit2 tepi haku..alih2 dia pi langgaq moto lain kat depan and teros tergolek2 depan aku. Kat situ dah laa slalu bnyk moto..!!Aduss..sgt menakutkan aku hokeyh..!! The incident happened exactly in front of my eyes..Horrible really..

Luckily I managed to brake on the spot..ada laa lagi sekaki dua aku plak nak terlanggaq dia..I was panic so that time, until I got blank for few seconds of what should I do..nak masuk gear pun tak tau.. :-( My whole leg like shaking at all time after cont the ride..

I believe if hubby had read this post, he will NEVER until FOREVER will let me ride on motorbike anymore unless I have him or someone better than me on handling motorbike..Sorry abg for being stubborn..huhuhuuu... :-(

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kuih Lompang

Today me and my mom together with my sisters were fulfilling the wedding invites from our two neighbours..Owh..!! again..!!I had forgotten about my diet..arghh..!!! ~sengaja sbnrnya sbb takleh tahan bile sebut jaa pasal kenduri..terbayang2 masak kurma and ayam masak merah..muahahahhaa~

When about to go back after the attended the second reception, again my very old friend Azeera had called me up and told me that she is coming to my house at 5pm..Okey dude, I'll be at home, you are most welcome.

And again she was sending something to my little boy..kuih lompang. I was sooooo thankful to you Azeera..buat susah-susah jaa..Actually it was about last month when we attended her son's (Hannan) 2nd birthday party but during the time we arrived it was a little bit late of the afternoon already, and there were only left about 2 pcs of kuih lompang for Boboy instead of other menu..Tak sangka pulak Boboy loves to eat that.."sori Boboy..nanti lain kali auntie tempah lain utk Boboy naaa.."

So today Azeera really meant with her word. She did ordered and handed some kuih lompang for Boboy. Thanks a lot Azeera..You are sooo lovely..sooo kind..May Allah will always give HIS bless to you and your family..

I don't know what do other people called but here we called it as kuih lompang. It's tasted sooo nice, and usually being eaten together with the grated coconut..hmm yummmmyyyy...

Big Variety..Great Value

One place where Malaysian shops..Giant provides all households goods and fresh foodstuffs..As it offers rather cheaper prices than the normal shops, and the fact that it provides free huge parking facilities, the Giant Hypermarket is a very popular place as the shopping here can be done in one place for most household items, including electric and electronic goods, canned and bottled foodstuffs, clothing, stationeries, and definitely the wet and fresh provisions and groceries for home cooking.

I do shop almost all the time here for almost all the goods and stuffs including the need for my little one such like his disposable diapers, FM, cereal foods and etc.

(Ehh..!! cerita apakah ini..pomoting Giant hypermarket kahh..?? hihihii)

Actually I not kinda telling you about that hypermarket but what I wanna tell here is about my little boy. Since his mommy and dad were soooo frequently visit to Giant seeking for something to buy and therefore now Boboy could really recognize it, even though when he sees only the logo everywhere in the newspapers, mag, Tv ads, anywhere.

It happened last night, we went out for outing to QBay Mall after been quite some time we never hang out together for jalan-jalan. As usual, Boboy had his fun time a while at Wonders Park in Jusco and after that we head out from QBay to find our dinner outside right after performed Maghrib prayer there.

Boboy is driving his papa to nowhere leaving his mummy..tsk tsk tsk... (asal pi Wonders Park ni jaa mesti nak main mainan2 yang ada steering jaa..ahakss)

But before we went to Pak Husin Tom Yam for dinner, I asked hubby to drop by at Bayan Baru EON Bank as I would like to pay my car payment for this month. And while hubby was driving passing by the traffic light turning into Jalan Tengah, suddenly Boboy was shouting so loudly.."Nannaaaaa...!!!! Yayyaeennn..!!!! (=Mummy...!!! Giantttt..!!) yay yay yayy!!" and his finger was pointing to the Giant neon from it billboard tower..hahahahaa...
~ dia ingat papa nak bawak pi shopping kat Giant lah tuh..excited bukan main..kecik-kecik dah pandai..tuh belum lagi kenal segala Jusco lah, QueensBay lah, Sunshine lah..kekekekee (like parent like son :-P) ~

Friday, January 8, 2010

Baby / Kids Formulated Milk

Blogging with hope to get some information sharing out by other bloggers as well as the silent readers regarding what do you think about formulated milk (FM) that you feed to your baby.

Enfagrow A+ FM
I am feeding my little boy with this FM since he was 1 y.o. Previously I was giving him Wyeth S26 Gold up to 6 months old and cont with Promil Gold until his age got to 12 months. Yes I did bf him but for some condition and circumstances, he will need to be fed with FM..tsk tsk tsk..I was failed for my target to fully bf my 1st baby but still I made it until Boboy was 7 months old.

With this new FM for him, I just don't know how to describe how much the FM is good for him so far, as he is growing up healthily even with wyeth previously. He learned, skilled and discovered a lot of things in his surroundings at all the way he grow up.

Boboy boleh meniarap at his age of 10 months. He could crawled, sit on his own and ride on his walker at early at age 5-6months, started to stand at age 9 months and learned to walk through out the month. At age 10 months he could walk (bertateh2) and steadily walk when he got to 11 months old.

Boboy is now 14 months old and in a stage of learning to talk. He at all time trying to tell something to his mom about things that he seen and imitate some of them. He could say few things that he saw such like beddd (bird), tarr (star), mooo (moon), titie (mickey and other cartoon figurines), popop (spongebob), phewww (aeroplane), thothosh (cockroach), yayyaaern (Giant supermarket!! wohhoo..!!), yeeyee (lorry), baaa (bus) and many more. The most funny part when I asked him to recite doa before drink his tuttu (susu)..nanti dia angkat tgn..doa sambil mulut pon baca..na na na naa na naaa means Allaaahumma baariklana........ :-D

He will ask for what he want, like tutu (susu), nana (ribena), num (minum, if drink from glass or cup) and he could call all the person in the house, papa, titiikk (chachik), thuthuu (chachu), tukkk (tok), tatak (kakak), aba (abang) and except me..tsk tsk tsk which previously he called his mummy as mama and now had turned to nannaaa. ~bolehlaa sayang...~

So those mama that feeding their toddler the same FM, would you wanna share your baby/kids dev or maybe you may want to say something as claimed by Mead Johnson those kids that took Enfagrow A+ FM will grow smarter..I don't know..you tell me what you think and what you had experienced as I this is my first experience of having and bringing up a child of mine..and there you are few simple description th developments of him so far ;-)

p/s: nanti Imma buat milestone for my little boy ni started from his early born up to 15 months old this coming 1 feb kayh.. ~wink~

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I am not in blogging mood these few days..I just don't know why..but I think it's all about thing that I am thinking of all this while..When is the time to come as I am seems can't stay longer to wait for that..I am kinda menunggu buah yang tak jatuh-jatuh..So sad..

These two or three days I just stay at home, spending my most wonderful time with my little one..having fun entertaining the cheeky-ness of him at least make me sooooooo happy..

Apa nak blogging pon xtau dah..This 5 seconds message pun I juts jot while waiting for Isya' prayer..Skrg saya mintak diri dulu naaa..nak pi smyg and pasni hubby would like to have his dinner.. :-) see ya again kayh..! daaa

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Answer for Post "Who Can Help To..."

Back in few days I had post an entry regarding of "Who can Help to Change This Please..??" and now I come out with the answer for those that still questioning about this.

Adha had took me out of this curiosity by guiding me on how to make the changes and now I had have it changed. Do check on the very bottom of this post then you will find that my "Anda mungkin juga meminati:" had been changed to "You might also like these stories:"

You may want to create your own words such like "Cerita ni pun best jugak" and etc just only by change a the sentence in the ' ' quote. The additional of some small script is needed in your HTML code at widget LinkWithin under the Layout for the thing to be done.

Just take below simple step and you will get it change by one "SAVE" clicked.
  1. Click on Edit button at LinkWithin widget under Layout > Page Element
  2. Paste the script circle in blue as below caps
  3. Click on SAVE button and Save your new edited Page Element
  4. Done and you will get the things done on you blog..yeeehaaaa...
And now you could see that I had done with mine. Thanks Adha for your kind help..yipppieeeee....

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