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Friday, January 1, 2010

99HTN vs 12Days JM5 Challenge

They are two challenges that I am thinking of now..Which one should I go for whether 99HTN (99 Hari Tanpa Nasi) or 12Days JM5 (12days with Jus Mate 5). Both of them are simply to say for me to go on my plan of reducing my weight as well as in terms of size..hehehee..boleh kaa tidak taktau laa..hafta wait and see ;-)

Why 99HTN..?? mcm ngeri jaa bunyi
  1. it is easy to do as I just DON"T take any rice within 99 days but I may want to change it with some other light meals
  2. it is hard for me to follow as 100 hari takleh makan nasik...adoihh...tengok jer laa..but am I capable to do it..I think I know myself better ~buweekk~
  3. it is good as no cost that incur for this challenge and maybe dapat jimatkan meals cost sbb no need to spend utk nasi kann..jimat laa sangat...

and Why 12Days JM5..??
  1. the balanced of the stock that I still hold in the cabinet from the previous plan (where I suppose to finished 20 packs but I managed to made it for 8s only..my bad..) ~ but really it worked where I lost 2kgs in 8days but of course will need to aligned with the exercise as well.
  2. what I need to do with this remaining stock is..to take it once a day replacing my lunch, and take light breakfast and dinner (means still bole makan nasi but in a very little portion compare to usual..but kalau boleh, do avoid eating rice) ~ but still OK as only 12days jer tak makan nasi pon..
But at any challenge I am gonna take, of course I will have to align it with exercise at all the way in the program time period and what to do after the program had finished?? the most important thing is to make sure the balance diet to be taken at every time..once in a while will be doesn't matter kut :-P ~wink~

This can be said as azam baru laa..nak jadi lebih sihat mentally and physically which I wish in this new year that just about to start..and therefore this is the beginning to gain of what I wish which is to have better and healthier life ahead.. ;-)

And something that I don't want to miss to share with is I did took Herbalife F1 Programme before but it's too expensive for my situation as for now. It's really a healthy program to be undergo as it suits everyone with its complete replacement meals in 1 shake. I totally satisfied with the program tp kalau nak cont kena tgu after I give birth to my second baby (that I don't know when laa) and provided....if I really put on weight..ngeheehehehee..

GOOD LUCK to me..



Lady of Leisure said...

to me kan imma, i tak berapa nak go for prog 99htn sbb i rasa bukan nasi jer penyumbang berat badan kita banyak lagi yg lain kan.. kita ni biasa makan nasi bila tak dpat nasi nanti kita dok bedal yg lain lebih banyak lak hehe..

lady skrg dok diet2 ni lady ikut prog diet usana.. prog dia lebih kurang herbalife.. replce meal in one shake jugak...
so far 10 hari diet i ve lost 2.5kg.. alhamdulillah...
to me better replace meal dengan shake mcm herbalife or usana then control makan and buat senaman.. insyaAllah boleh turun berat...

lady makan nasi tapi tengahari jer.. pagi dengan malam lady minum 1 shake..
:) kemudian makan buah buahan..

Imma said...

yes u are right..tak makan nasi tp lapar nanti lantak mcm2..aduss..tak guna jugak..baik makan tp portionyg sederhana..sikit is much more better..

Usana..?? hmm member ada jugak bgtau pasal Usana..teringin nak bisnes yg usana tuu..prog dia sama dgn Herbalife erk..yess..agree, masa ikut prgm herbalife dulu pon i lost weight of 3kilos in 2 weeks (10hari) and size reduce about 2.5inch.. ;-)

Well, USANA tuh mahal tak program dia..??

Lady of Leisure said...

kan better kan.. :)
still boleh makan nasi tapi portion tu kita control skit kemudian buat senaman skit..
usana ni a bit costly for the diet prog tapi depends pada badan jugak..
kalau badan jenis cepat turun jimat lah belanja skit kan hehe..mcm my hubby dia dalam 5 hari turun 3kg..

kita pompuan ni lambat skit.. i amik masa 10 hari nak turun 2.5kg ni.. huhu..

bila dah dapat berat yg kita nak, just untuk maintainkan makan dia punya shake sekali sehari jer..

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