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Friday, January 29, 2010

A week @SMK St Geroge

Without realized, i has been a week I was commuted to Balik Pulau performing a responsibilities as a teacher..Time flies very fast and I bet that it's not just a week that passed but a month..a year to come and who knows would reach a decade. I am sincerely happy of being as what I am now and I wish to all my peers to feel the same too.

One of my friend that been posted even to her own state as her wish to be but still she feel unhappy of it. Don't worry so much dear, when the time comes you will get it better and adept on it one fine day I pray for you.

I am as well commuting every early in the morning about almost 20km from home to school in the dark hilly road. I just managed to drive max 60km/hrs and took about 30 minutes (the fastest) to reach the school but yet I still make myself to feel happy to be there as I realize that I am not going to be there only a day, a week, a month or even a year. And who knows when the time come Allah will open my heart and I will be there the longer time that I had never expect.

So to those that read my this piece of voice from my heart,esp my friends that were together struggling through out last year to be as what we wish to be today..please and please make yourself sincerely happy and remember that we were the selected one among the mils that wish to be the same too..Good luck to all my dear friends and I will always pray for all the good thing to come in our life..Amin..

"Ya Allah..sesungguhnya hanya kepadaMu aku sandarkan kekuatan semangatku, maka berilah aku kekuatan untuk menjadikan hari-hariku adalah sentiasa yang diberkatiMU..Aminn.."

And so Georgian...!!! Here I come...yeayyy..!!!


Lady of Leisure said...

selamat menjalankan tugas...
lama kelamaan mesti akan boleh adept kan...insyaAllah everything ll be great..

Imma said...

I am OK and happy with every single thing here Lady alhamdulillah and just I wish that my friends will feel the same too..May Allah with extend HIS bless to them too..Amin.. :-)

Anyway..thanks yeah.. :-)

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