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Monday, January 11, 2010

I am Ladies Rider but PLEASE..!!

Yes I know and i already knew that I am a ladies rider but PLEASE never ever be rude to the rider like us on the road kayh..!! God will always pay you CASH with never to wait until the life after..arghh..apakah ini...??!!

It happened today when me and my sister went out for hiking..Usually we will drive out but today since my youngest sister did not bring the motorbike to work, so both of us were kind of cutting the fuel cost riding motorbike to go to the place for hiking..

Ehem..ehem..so this is my 1st ever opportunity i guess after a longgggg years never ride on motorbike with the handle on my hand (since I have my PGH1121). Merempit kekura-kuraan gituu..(ada kaah ayat nii..hahhaa..!!)

While reaching the traffic light at Bayan Lepas + junction, there was one mamat nih duk buat tera..mai menyelit2 tepi haku..alih2 dia pi langgaq moto lain kat depan and teros tergolek2 depan aku. Kat situ dah laa slalu bnyk moto..!!Aduss..sgt menakutkan aku hokeyh..!! The incident happened exactly in front of my eyes..Horrible really..

Luckily I managed to brake on the spot..ada laa lagi sekaki dua aku plak nak terlanggaq dia..I was panic so that time, until I got blank for few seconds of what should I do..nak masuk gear pun tak tau.. :-( My whole leg like shaking at all time after cont the ride..

I believe if hubby had read this post, he will NEVER until FOREVER will let me ride on motorbike anymore unless I have him or someone better than me on handling motorbike..Sorry abg for being stubborn..huhuhuuu... :-(


adcom said...

nasib baik ko x pape kn...padan muka mamat tu..tunjuk terror sgt...

Imma said...

tuu arghh..menyampah haku kdg2 ngan mat2 motor tau..haa..hamik laa padan muka dia kann...HANG INGAT HANG TERRAA...!!!

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