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Sunday, January 24, 2010

ETON..!!! Is That You.. :-(

Selamat hari Ahad to all readers. I bet that everyone had their own time spending with their loved ones and not forgetting to those that committing with their busy-ness preparing to get to their working day when tomorrow comes.

Today I just had my time spent all day at home, putting all the stuffs back tidy to it's own place. Actually me and family had held some of kenduri kesyukuran dan doa selamat kecil-kecilan and therefore today had been a tiring day as brought forward from yesterday till today and hence I don't feel like going out and hubby pun taking an advantage going to office to finish out some of his unsettled stuff on his working table. Further more tomorrow will be the starting day that I will begin the new career on mine in my life. Thank God.

So while waiting for Mr Hubby to come back from office..I had glance to my blog and noticed that I had 1 new follower. When I point the mouse pointer to that new follower icon, it show me ETON and straight away my mind made me to recall to one of my very old best friend Eton that we met during my study in UKM many years back..huhuuu..but after that I put myself calm and said "mungkin kaa eton tuu..ishkk".

After that, my index finger with no wait then click on the link at the pic with one pop up box shown the word that I really really really can't erase it from my mind that my dear friend Eton teally like with this word..ETONOLGY..And wne I clicked on the link, it brought me to this blog of hers.

And now I strongly believe that she is my dear friend ETON when looking at the blog address. I believe that you had been a silent reader to my blog all this while but I am so sorry if you don't but what I would like to exprres here is I am soooo happy to know that you still remember me..I miss u a lot my dear friend.. :-)


eToN said...

haah..aku la imma.utk mbuktikan aku eton yg sebenar meh aku habaq 1rahsie,hantu telekung tak wujudkan?hehehe...
lama dh aku dok baca blog hg ni
tp senyap2 je la.terer hg ckp omputih no...

Imma said...

reply nih buat aku ngan ila tergelak besaq depan skrin..depa pon taw laa eton cerita hantu telekung tuhhh...ahahaha..

Wei..rindu kat hang..mana hang pi menghilang nih..sampai ati tak jawab kol aku kan..huhuhuu... :-(

Well, english hang lagi laa power..aku nak jadi pembaca setia blog hang bermula dari hang jadi follower aku..~promise~ sbb hang punya english lagi laa beshh...seriously...

And Eton..betoi..antu telekong tak wujud dah..dia ada kat K4 amin jaa... =))

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