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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cha Cha Mer Baa..

Yesterday I got these..my teaching record book and my time table..Yeahh..jadi cikgu RC (Reka Cipta) and Visual Art and on top of that I had been assigned to teach Computer to Form 4 and Form 5 students..okay larr..

hehehe...teaching record book and earlier time table

And suddenly today there was some changes to my time table and there were some additional subjects had been top up to it. So starting from today onwards as long as there is no changes..aku akan jadi cikgu KH and cikgu PJ...!!!! yeayyy..!! I likee...!! boleh laa pakai t-shirt ngan treksuit.. :-D

jadualku yang agak cha cha merba..macam-macam subjek ada but still remaining with RC and PSV

And one more thing that make me more and more excited is...I am the one among the Police Cadet Facilitator..muahahahaa...can't wait to have the uniform of it...Nanti dah pakai uniform Imma post the entry about it kay..heheh.. ~wink~


Drama Mama said...

perghhhh...kurus la imma lepaih ni..ajaq PE. cadet lagi...cayalah!

Imma said...

ahahahahaaa...kut yaa laa boley kuwush.. :-P

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