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Thursday, January 7, 2010


I am not in blogging mood these few days..I just don't know why..but I think it's all about thing that I am thinking of all this while..When is the time to come as I am seems can't stay longer to wait for that..I am kinda menunggu buah yang tak jatuh-jatuh..So sad..

These two or three days I just stay at home, spending my most wonderful time with my little one..having fun entertaining the cheeky-ness of him at least make me sooooooo happy..

Apa nak blogging pon xtau dah..This 5 seconds message pun I juts jot while waiting for Isya' prayer..Skrg saya mintak diri dulu naaa..nak pi smyg and pasni hubby would like to have his dinner.. :-) see ya again kayh..! daaa


Lady of Leisure said...

blogging pun kadang2 ikut mood jugak kan.. ada masa lady pun jadi mcm ni jugak.. rasa tak tau nak blog pasal apa.. normally time mcm ni i akan cari tag untuk dibuat hehe.,,

Imma said...

hmm..tuu lah kan lady..blog ni dah mcm tempat meluahkan perasaan pun yer jugak..

tp skrg mmg tgh takde mood..sessi persekolahan dah seminggu hampir berakhir..tp nasib kami bakal2 cikgu nih ntah mcm mana..

who will not feel sad if the things that they really ambitious for does not come true..doa2kan laa Ima cepat dapat posting yer Lady..huhuhuuu...

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