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Monday, January 4, 2010

Tooth Decay Among Toddler and Infant

I don't know whether this is normal to your toddler or how far it is affecting them with this matter. Toddlers nowadays could easily suffer from tooth decay and even an infant do as well.

This happened to my little boy even though it is not reaching the critical stage whereby he is suffering from the pain due to decay or cavity but still this was found serious as I could see on his front tooth there were something looks like plaque..I am just worried if this could day by day harmful his condition and furthermore could make him feel uncomfortable with it.

According to Dr Johnsen, this might happened due to the sugar reaction in his mouth especially during their sleeping time depending what they they took except water, and unless they are cleansed after taking it.

Boboy will usually take milk while go for sleeping at night and I think this might contribute to one of the reason why this problem happened to him. I should after this to give him plain water right after he finished his milk every night.

And one of the best habit of him is, at every time when he go to the washroom regardless for bath or diaper changes, he will definitely 'mengamuk' ask for his tooth brush. He had been trained since baby at the very first time he has 2 upper tooth erupted to brush his teeth. Peagon's brand tooth brush had been choosed and now he is at stage 3 tooth brush which is for toddler at age 12-18months old.

For all mamas out there, here are some info regarding the problem that I as facing now for our references. happy parenting to all and have a nice day with your love ones..Do care to leave your thoughts to share with me as sharing is caring.. :-)

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