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Saturday, January 2, 2010

1st Wedding Bell for 2010

I have nothing to do today. Hubby was out to QBay Mall meeting his old friend, they have their own agenda..Hubby's friend seeking for his help to format his laptop..No sweat dear, just go ahead. I am just having my time with my little one at home.

Suddenly mom ask me of I wanna go for our neighbor's wedding reception, and since I have nothing to do, I was just say yes, forgetting about my healthy diet of 2010 that was just about to start..hahaha..takpa, makan sikit jaa..walimatul'urus tuu kan wajib.. :-P alassann sgt..!! Actually I would like to say that I was soooo excited and satisfied to had nasi minyak after a loooong time been missed it due to so many unfortunate reason..So this time around I made it for real..yeahh..nice..


Lady of Leisure said...

hehe.. i sangat suka lauk kenduri esp ayam masak merah dengan daging hitam, kena pulak dengan nasi minyak..
mmg habis lupa diet.. akaka..

Imma said...

haa...itulaa pasal..mkn nasi minyak lauk ayam masak merah, daging masak kurma, acar buah + limau, sambal ikan kering talang, darca, orange sunkist..tu yg lupa diet tuh..nsb baik mkn sikit jer td..

Drama Mama said...

amboi sakan! haaa boboy awat muka kerut tu, panas ka? hiks

Imma said...

ahahahaa..dahi berkurut bila suruh senyum nak tgkap gmbq..

takdak laa sakan Bai..kenduri jiran ni jaa pon..hehehehh

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