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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Big Variety..Great Value

One place where Malaysian shops..Giant provides all households goods and fresh foodstuffs..As it offers rather cheaper prices than the normal shops, and the fact that it provides free huge parking facilities, the Giant Hypermarket is a very popular place as the shopping here can be done in one place for most household items, including electric and electronic goods, canned and bottled foodstuffs, clothing, stationeries, and definitely the wet and fresh provisions and groceries for home cooking.

I do shop almost all the time here for almost all the goods and stuffs including the need for my little one such like his disposable diapers, FM, cereal foods and etc.

(Ehh..!! cerita apakah ini..pomoting Giant hypermarket kahh..?? hihihii)

Actually I not kinda telling you about that hypermarket but what I wanna tell here is about my little boy. Since his mommy and dad were soooo frequently visit to Giant seeking for something to buy and therefore now Boboy could really recognize it, even though when he sees only the logo everywhere in the newspapers, mag, Tv ads, anywhere.

It happened last night, we went out for outing to QBay Mall after been quite some time we never hang out together for jalan-jalan. As usual, Boboy had his fun time a while at Wonders Park in Jusco and after that we head out from QBay to find our dinner outside right after performed Maghrib prayer there.

Boboy is driving his papa to nowhere leaving his mummy..tsk tsk tsk... (asal pi Wonders Park ni jaa mesti nak main mainan2 yang ada steering jaa..ahakss)

But before we went to Pak Husin Tom Yam for dinner, I asked hubby to drop by at Bayan Baru EON Bank as I would like to pay my car payment for this month. And while hubby was driving passing by the traffic light turning into Jalan Tengah, suddenly Boboy was shouting so loudly.."Nannaaaaa...!!!! Yayyaeennn..!!!! (=Mummy...!!! Giantttt..!!) yay yay yayy!!" and his finger was pointing to the Giant neon from it billboard tower..hahahahaa...
~ dia ingat papa nak bawak pi shopping kat Giant lah tuh..excited bukan main..kecik-kecik dah pandai..tuh belum lagi kenal segala Jusco lah, QueensBay lah, Sunshine lah..kekekekee (like parent like son :-P) ~


Lady of Leisure said...

u kat png ey... i ada abang n kakak in png..
my sis dekat permatang pauh.. my bro dekat teluk bahang..
hehe.. lama sudah tak ke sana..

Imma said...

owhh really..?? aa ahh..Imma asal Penang..and skrg tingggal pun kat Penang..InsyaAllah klu boleh nak terus tgl kat Penang..hehe..

Nanti at anytime Lady nak dtg Penang just let me know okey..boleh laa klu nak hang out.. ;-)

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